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Makeup-Free Mila Kunis Out and About

FFN_g_50969146 - Makeup-Free Mila Kunis Out and About

Lots of visitors request posts on Mila Kunis – but not on her polished red-carpet-ready, flawless self, but on her makeup-free face and casual daily looks. Well, here she is this week in a very comfy outfit on an early morning walk.

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  • Aafje

    Love the pic of the dog pooping. LOL.

    She looks very tired. Or hungover. Something.

    • bri

      i dont understand why celebrities wear ugly clothes if they have shitloads of money.. i mean if i had that much money i would even pick up dogs poo in louboutinis

  • seijidan

    Thats not mila kunis. i dont believe!!

  • berty

    Where’s the doggie bag? >:|

  • gsl

    hot damn! its amazing what make up can do. i think that we all now we a lot better about ourselves and hey, technically we could all be the worlds sexiest woman alive 🙂

  • berty

    oh, duh! see it now. her hideous face made me miss a shot.

  • Em

    She’s never looked very pretty makeup free. Just another celeb who’s plain as can be without makeup, which is quite common. Many celebrities aren’t attractive without all of that paint. I find many people pander to celebrities, raving about how “beautiful” they are, when in actuality, it’s only the makeup creating the illusion that they are attractive.

    • Aafje

      I think she is still attractive, just not at the same level as she is in good lighting/ with makeup

      • Em

        To be honest, I think she looks rather, um, not so cute. It sounds mean…but she has no cheekbone definition and old looking, sunken in eyes. I’m not talking about the dark circles, but the shape of her eyes – they slope downward, like Britney’s. Her facial shape is just so unfortunate – very round and pudgy, and weight loss wouldn’t help because that won’t give her higher cheekbones.

        • aline

          I have to with you usually Mila doesn’t stun me but I found her hot,but in these photos,well I wouldn’t call this chick really beautiful.Tough,I can see this is one of her bad days.
          ps:I have never noticed she has such droopy(big?)eyelids.

          • aline

            agree with you*

    • Tea

      I don’t think of her as plain at all…I think of Anne V as plain. I think Mila has a face that can look very right or very wrong (cute and cherubic vs puffy). It may not be my favourite kind of beauty but I certainly don’t see Mila lookalikes everywhere. Anyway, I think the ‘puppet lines’ around her mouth are her main problem. She’s an example of how someone with a round chipmunk face might not age as well as people expect.

      • artemis

        bleh, anne v is indeed so plain. i don’t ever remember her face correctly.
        you’re right about the puffy cheeks 🙁 it’s also her weight gain that makes them puffier.

    • Emilie

      Agreed. I almost always find celebrities “not that good looking” when they are make up free. There is only a few exceptions

    • Nobsnob

      Well it’s a whole package that celebrities have access to:
      a fitness trainer, have their teeth or other part all corrected, access to cosmetic surgery, and someone to make their face and hair up and choose flattering dresses. Add to that the lightning etc etc.

      • Nobsnob

        And photoshop for editorials or course.

    • Raquel

      You are still beautiful even if it takes make-up to enhance & bring out those features – the bone structure, etc, are all still there.

  • mary

    she looks like a 40 year old woman going through menopause with that puffy face and smile lines…woooof

    • aalyceh

      I agree, there is something very very wrong here. And i disagree, I dont have some amazing bone structure but nor do i look like i just went on a drug binge without it. She’s either on medication, is very sick and hiding it, or on drugs. Hera few years ago without makeup did not look this awful. Look at that black under her eye area, she’s not well somehow.

      • Em

        Some people just have very dark circles or suffer occasional facial edema. It’s silly to speculate that she’s unhealthy or drug-addicted just because her face is puffy and she has dark circles.

        • kateuk

          True. Loads of people suffer from dark circles — it’s very common. I get them regularly. I think it’s either nasal congestion or allergies in my case. I’m not dying of any horrible disease nor am I addicted to crack, thank you!

          • kateuk

            As for the puffy face, she may have just woken up, she might have a high sodium diet, or again, it could be allergies or something like that.

        • moomuhmuh

          Hahaha, I agree. Jeez that is a big statement. She is probably tired and just woke up. Or hungover. I don’t think she looks like a meth addict. People have off days

    • rachwestnz

      menopause is more like 50 +. 40 if ur vvvvvvery unlucky. google it

      • Tally

        Im 23 and get hot flashes lol

  • Pandora

    Looking at these pictures make me feel like such a creeper o_O I don’t even feel like I can objectively comment on them. Hope they chucked the poop at the paps.

    • Aafje


  • Meg

    Wow! Just went and googled her to remind myself what she looks like with make-up because I can’t even imagine/remember after looking at these candids.

    • Em

      It’s called the illusion known as “made-up pretty” – someone who only looks attractive with 3 inches of paint on their face, fake teeth, and professionally-styled hair.

  • Em

    I just noticed she and I are wearing similar outfits! I love her style. 😉 It’s probably not a compliment to identify with her choice in clothing though haha.

    • MissMarilyn


      • Em

        I think her jacket might actually be from Target. Target sells those plain jackets without any logos on them in different colors. My brother has a black one that looks like the one she is wearing haha.

  • Em

    I’m not going to mince words – Mila needs makeup to appear attractive. In other words, she’s not attractive (IMO). If you can’t look decent without being made-up, then your attractiveness is only an illusion.

  • 22franzs

    She looks like she might be sick & bloated, they just didn’t catch her on her best day :/

    • Aafje

      Or her best week, she has looked like this in all the recent paparazzi pictures I have seen. Maybe she is stressed out or tired.

    • Em

      There are no good/bad days – we all look the same every day, save for tiny imperceptible changes (that only we ourselves notice). Faces don’t change week to week. She’s only 29 – stress shouldn’t affect your face that much at a young age. I get sick all the time but my face is never bloated to this degree.

      • Mishael

        No, we have good and bad days. Depending on how much I slept, how healthy my skin color is and how my lips (they may be dried up and pale on my worst days) and brows look, I may be a completely different person. Even though I wear the same amount of make up almost all the time when I live house: a bit of concealer when I am not tanned and a bit of mascara to darken my light lashes.

        • Em

          Well, my personal experience is I look the same day to day. I would know…I have a bunch of self-photography on my ipod (because I’m paranoid I look bad, and it’s my way of checking) and I look the same in every picture. Even when I’m sick, my face doesn’t “bloat” or look paler than usual. I take a lot of vitamins and don’t get sick often though.

          • Aafje

            My skin changes every week because it hates me and my face gets puffy if I don’t watch how much sugar i eat

          • Lala

            Well, your personal experience doesn’t make the it a rule of thumb. Clearly Kunis can look different when she bloated or tired or whatever. Your body reacts to external and internal factors. And by the way, in your first post you said you get sick all the time. Soo, which one is it? A mirror is also good for checking how you look.

          • Em

            NOPE, a mirror is no good, sweetie. People look different in pictures than in mirrors. A picture shows how you look better. A mirror shows nothing – bathrooms have good lighting so you look completely different than you really look in the mirror. @sweetie

          • victoria

            @Em – you couldn’t be more wrong. a picture is in no way more accurate than a mirror. i would agree that they were the same if human beings were 2D (like in a picture) and if we only had one eye (like a camera), but that’s not the case. you talk about different lighting in a room, that makes me think that the pictures you’re talking about are taken with the flash on. that makes you look even more different that the way you actually look in real life since very rarely do you have light coming from one angle in real life (and even in places where you do it still wouldn’t be as accurate as looking at yourself in a mirror)… i know loadssss of people who look absolutely nothing like themselves in pictures, some look better others worse, and it’s all because some people have a face that flattens out well while others don’t. and since people have two eyes, a persons face won’t be nearly as flattened out as it would be in a picture even in the flash was off.

            if you want to see what you actually look like, you should look in a mirror. a portable one would be best since all areas have different lighting. if we’re talking about cameras, then even a video of a person moving around would be much more accurate than a picture.

            bottom line, pictures are in NO way a completely accurate depiction of what a person actually looks like, mirrors are the closest you will ever get to seeing how others see you

            (i know you commented a long time about but maybe you’ll get an email abut this instead of me typing all this for no reason)

      • kateuk

        @ Em,

        That may be true for you, but everyone is different. My face can look very different from day-to-day and I’m only 31. Stress, sleep patterns, diet, allergies, mood, etc. can all affect how people look from day-to-day or week-to-week.

      • Mishael

        @Em, I want to add, that stress does affect my appearance tremendously, and I am only 18 years. My skin becomes dull, I get pimples and blackheads.
        Though I am not sure about puffiness. My face is never bloated.

      • Gen

        I can’t believe nobody else has pointed this out, but facial expressions and your underlying mood also affects your appearance a lot.

        When I’m in a good mood, smiling to myself, men turn and smile at me and say ‘hi’ randomly on the streets. When I’m being pouty, not only to I seem closed off, but I am physically less attractive. I’ve seen pictures of myself being pissy, and it’s not pretty.

        Mila is making weird and annoyed faces here, which detracts from her beauty.

      • Casey

        “There are no good/bad days – we all look the same every day, save for tiny imperceptible changes (that only we ourselves notice). Faces don’t change week to week.”

        Maybe this is true for you but it is definetly not true for me.

        My face can look drastically (and perceptibly) different.

        When I bloat, it really shows in my face. It changes my lip shape and my nose, not just my cheeks. Some days my skin is more oily than other days. Some days my eye hollows look more pronounced than other days.

        There are some women who don’t seem to change much, but others of us do, and I can recognize it in other people, not just myself.

  • KC

    That’s my kind of outfit! Mila looks like she has a cold.

    • Em

      No, she always has dark circles/bloated face, at least in every candid I’ve ever seen.

  • MissMarilyn

    We’re all being pretty rough on her. Does she look attractive in these photos? No.

    My one main thing that no one else has mentioned is that these are candids and all of these candids are taken when Mila is making horribly unflattering faces (excluding maybe the last one).

    I’m sure we’ve ALL seen a picture where we are in the background or simply unaware that we’re being photographed candidly and we look equally unattractive. It doesn’t mean we’re all ugly; most candid pictures generally come out ugly!!! Especially if you’re mid-conversation, which is what seems to be the case (it looks like she’s talking with Ashton). The same thing also happens when you pause your tv or a youtube video while someone is speaking; it looks horribly unattractive!

    She may be not very attractive without makeup but I personally would need to see more candids before I make that decision because in these even in the ones where she’s not talking she is either pushing on her face or making awkward facial expressions. it happens.

  • serena

    She met Ashton at like age 14 so she must be pretty damn comfortable around him; they’re both dressed like slobs but it’s good they’re not image-obsessed. I have to say I would never leave my house dressed like this and I dress very casually, like jeans all the time.

    • Gen

      They are both pretty casual, but can you believe how pretty Ashton constantly is?

      Sometimes I get frustrated when I realize that good-looking guys look great all the time while even the most beautiful of women look pretty beat when they aren’t taking care of their skin or are making a weird face.

      • Zoe

        I think it’s because (most) guys are make-up free 100% of the time, so even if they are unnattractive, as bad as it sounds, people are used to seeing how they look in their natural state. A lot of women on the other hand wear makeup so when one day they decide not to, it can be a bit of a shock as there’s a stark contrast between the level of attractiveness with makeup, as opposed to without it. If more women went make-up free daily, I think there’d be less negative reactions to seeing them in their natural state, since there’d be no comparison to make. This is one the reasons I usually wear as little makeup as possible; I don’t like peoples’ reactions to be “Woah! Wtf has happened to your face???” when I decide not to wear makeup- I’d rather have the “Oh- you look nice!” if once in a while, I can be bothered to get all ‘dolled up.’ 🙂

        • Raquel

          lol – your reply is SOO true!! I also find it very frustrating that a gorgeous guy pretty much always looks gorgeous!

  • neutra

    Absolutely! I also think Mila is one of those people that looks better in motion – never got her in stills, but in films she looks beautiful. Not my favourite kind of beauty but give the girl a break, haven’t we all woken up after a big night or stressful week or a bad nights sleep? I have very big blue eyes but on some mornings when my allergies are playing up i can barely open them!

  • Megan


    That’s not aimed at the actual dog.

  • Hazal

    I haven’t expected this. Well, I’m really surprised.

  • Mishael

    LOL, people. She is pretty naturally. Even though I am not fan of her type of beauty, I see it. Clearly it’s just not her day, perhaps she caught cold or, as someone pointed out above, is hangover, or may be she hasn’t sleep enough for some time. Even Ad Lima doesn’t look her best on some of her makeup-less photos, and she is gorgeous naturally.
    And what a laughable thing to believe that make up can transform anyone into a beauty. Oh, come on. Don’t lye to yourselves to make you feel better.

    • Em

      And what a laughable thing to believe that make up can transform anyone into a beauty. Oh, come on. Don’t lye to yourselves to make you feel better.

      Sure it can. Makeup can do wonders for average looking women. My Dad met a Playboy model in the 60s who at the time was very popular for her beauty and said that she was below average in the flesh. She wasn’t wearing any makeup when he met her.

      Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don’t find Mila pretty with or without makeup. In my eyes Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, name any of the “top most beautiful women” and strip them of their makeup and they are average. Although personally even with it they are not my cup of tea.

      • artemis

        it can make one look better to a certain degree. the main it it does is it hides skin discolorations like pimple marks, dark circles, which as a result, let’s the actual features stand out. most people stick to that and mascara. that’s still them entirely. some contour their faces a lot and change their eye and lip shape a bit through make-up. yeah, that makes a difference, take penelope cruz for example. she’s not that bad looking without make-up BUT her eyelids are very wide(i really don’t like that). they don’t look wide with the make-up she usually has. same with those that overdo their cheeks till they look fake(and not even desirable)-kim k and those that overdraw their lips(more or less gross). if you don’t have those ‘pretty’ features naturally w/o the make-up then that does indeed make a difference imo. mila’s two things i don’t like about her are: her cheeks are bigger than in all the stuff i’ve saw her in but then again, she WAS SKINNIER in those and the fact that her eyes are bulgy. they always are, even with make-up, BUT less. very big eyes come with that whole package but some still like them, some like smaller eyes. it’s all preference.
        what a rant :)))

        • Kate

          Make up won’t make you beautiful but it will change your look DRAMATICALLY.

          You have to have the right features in order to look good with or without makeup.

          You can only contour a big nose to a certain degree, but it will still look and be a big nose in theory. Foundation covers acne scars, redness, and hyperpigmentation not bumps/pimples. Mascara will open up your eyes, but someone with small eyes will always have small eyes compared to someone with big eyes with or without makeup. (Small eyes are attractive BTW, its just a comparison thing).

          Mila from these pictures only needs a light coverage foundation, concealer and corrector for her dark circles, and some eyeliner.

          It’s the same with the obnoxious Kim Kardashian–even without all the contouring, fake lashes, and bronzer, she still is 6+.

          Please don’t try telling me that makeup can make anyone look attractive because if that were the case many people like Kelly Osborne, her mom, Rumer Willis, etc would be 10’s w/ makeup when they are clearly not. The makeup enhances and betters their appearance but it doesn’t turn them into Jessica Alba or any random “hot”/attractive person

          • Em

            Please don’t try telling me that makeup can make anyone look attractive.

            Makeup can make anyone average or plain look attractive. Not someone like Rumer, though, obviously…but it’s rare to be that unfortunate looking.

            Also, skin quality is a large part of beauty, which can be entirely rectified with makeup. So, yes, in that respect, it can transform someone unattractive into someone better looking.

            Mila would still look bad with “light coverage foundation” because her face is so round and chubby. The only thing she can do to help her face is lose weight.

        • Mishael

          I agree with you. If one doesn’t have pretty features to begin with, no make up can fix it. And I know plenty of people who will never look even as pretty as Mila.

    • Lala

      Totally agree. Make up just accentuates what you have. If you’re not good looking to begin with, make up can only do so much. Kunis is attractive. Is she more attractive with make up? Sure, but only because the make up brings out her features.

      • Mishael

        Lol, Lala. I haven’t seen your comment. And wrote exactly the same idea.

      • Nobsnob

        Wouldn’t have said it better.
        In fact even with all the makeup and hair done I still find Jen Aniston very plain because I don’t like her features.

    • April

      I agree with you, and disagree with the many comments that Em left… 1. LOTS of women I know look fine with no or very little make-up. Mila looks bad in these pics more because of her facial expressions, the hair is kinda sloppy, and she looks tired or moody.

      2. And 2, even if a women is just average rather than butt-ugly, some STILL don’t
      t look good with make-up. Like say you have very thin lips, bad teeth, or a big honker. It doesn’t take much to detract from more desirable features.

      • EllaLaLa

        If anyone thinks make-up cannot transform someone’s appearance, they should go on youtube and look up Promise Phan (dope2111). She makes herself up to look like various celebrities. Some are better than others, but she really looks VERY different with all that make-up.

        • Em

          You are exactly right, I’ve seen her videos before and she looks like a different person after applying the makeup. She looked like freakin’ Michael Jackson after applying makeup! It didn’t even look like the same person.

        • April

          I’ve seen her videos and that’s definitely an extreme example of how make-up can change your looks…realistically hardly any woman would cake it on quite so much. And she looks good whether or not she’s wearing it.

  • Em

    Also, I don’t need to make myself feel better – I feel fine and dandy about my appearance, thanks! I have eyes, a nose, and lips – hey, it’s all in tact, so I feel pretty content! I hate when people like to treat us as if we’re all just so insecure.

  • girl21

    She is sick, I agree she doesn’t looks that good sans makeup, but she also doesn’t usually look that bad!

  • sarah

    She’s not ugly,but she’s not the stunning girl who appears on the red carpet.
    Make up does wonders

  • sarah

    She’s not ugly,but she’s not the stunning girl we see on the red carpet.
    Make up does wonders!

  • sarah

    She’s not ugly,but she’s not the stunning girl we see on the red carpet. Make up does wonders!

  • Sienna

    She looks bad… I mean, where I live most women go out wearing only tinted moisturizer or something and mascara and they don’t look this awful.
    Proof that some make up artists are extremely skilled… What contouring and eye make up can do to her: from plain and ugly to bombshell..
    I wish someone could do my makeup like a professional once! I’d love to see myself done up like celebs and then compare.

    • Em

      Yes, that’s what I was saying. Even on an “off”, makeup-free day, most women look a damn sight better than Mila. Hate to say it.

  • Em

    Mmmkay, I’ll give Mila the BOTD. She can look cute in candids.

    Here’s a tip, Mila…not going to mince words: lose weight! Your face really looks a 1,000 times better when you are thinner.

    • Polly

      I do believe she’s wearing makeup in that picture. Here she looks like she just woke up.
      I find these sad, their dog’s taking a dump, why do there have to be pictures?! Paparazzi are desperate.

      • Em

        Yeah, a little makeup, she’s also much thinner there which greatly helped her facial appearance.

        I guess it’s sad (regarding paps) but I don’t feel sorry for Mila/Ashton. They’re rich, they can can buy an island if they don’t want paps around.

    • callie

      She’s wearing make up in those candids though. I’m not sure what’s going on with her face because it looks very puffy and bloated, but I think her body looks fine and she doesn’t need to lose weight. I wonder if she’s sick or on medication.

    • Nobsnob

      Yep as much as I don’t like to say it, she looked better thinner face-wise because she took a lot of the fat to the face.

  • Em

    Oooh Mila
    Take it high-a
    Loss the weight
    Then you’ll look great.

    • Em

      Lose, d’oh.

  • Gabriela

    I like Mila and all, but I think she looks really PLAIN. I don’t why people think she’s so beautiful

  • Stace

    If this is what the “sexiest woman in the world” looks like without make-up, then I suddenly feel a lot better about myself.

    • Em

      I found a better candid pic of her when she was thinner…she looked much better then. She also wore her hair styled in candids a few years ago and light makeup occasionally which helped bring out her eyes. Nowadays she always wears hair in a greasy bun and no makeup. Gee, Ashton really has brought out the worst in her…

  • ary

    never found her pretty, maked up or not.

  • Em

    I only just noticed now the dog is, um, going potty in the first pic…and Mila looks away in disgust. Haha.

    • Mathilde

      Hey Em, I was wondering:is dissing Mila kunis appearance your obsession of the day?
      Some of your (many) comments make you look quite pathetic you know.Get a life!

      On the main subject,I think there’s nothing shocking here.Mila Kunis is obviously tired hence the dark circles and accentuated nasolabials folds.

      • Em

        Yep, I am pathetic! Thank you for noticing! It’s about damn time somebody noticed me, because the reason I go around being pathetic all day is to get attention! Mission accomplished – wooooooohoooooo!

        Have a great day, sunshine!

        • killerqueen

          I agree with the other ladies here Em. While I don’t do the bashing of others thing, your comments are too much and too many. I would suggest toning it down a bit.

      • serena

        I agree, Em, you literally wrote like 25 comments on this entry bashing Mila. You also wrote that you take pics of yourself on your iphone everyday because you’re paranoid you may look bad….both of those things make you seem very insecure. Of course I don’t know you IRL so you could be the most confident woman ever, but you’re not acting like it here.

        • Em

          I doesn’t matter whether I’m insecure or not. This is about MILA, not ME, [email protected] This website is to distract people from their troubles, so @ssholes like you go around trying to give STRANGERS a hard time. For all you know, I have cancer and my cat just got ran over by a truck.

          Now, off with you pests who have no lives outside of harassing strangers! Now that IS pathetic!

          • serena

            LOL you literally sound mentally unstable. You have written 30 comments on this page, many responding to yourself attacking strangers or babbling about your cat and cancer. Clearly it isn’t about Mila, it’s about you being a nutcase….and yeah, I’m the one with no life because I made 1 comment lol 😀 Turn off the computer and get air some sweetie.

        • Em

          Hey, guys, can I have some of that pious pie y’all are eating? Tasty!

  • I dont’t get it. Everybody says she need to lose weight ¿Where is the fat? i just can’t see it. She has a thin body or my glasses are playing tricks on me?

    • Em

      She needs to lose weight for her *face*, not her body. You see, when Mila is at a lower weight, her face doesn’t look swollen and weird. That’s why she should lose weight…

      • Lala

        She’s fine.Her face is puffy. Happens when you get too little/too much sleep, or overdrink or whatever. Chick is like 120lbs.

  • Em

    Goodbye, everyone! This is my dramatic exit from skinnyvscurvy! A fond farewell to all!

    I’ll be back next week to post on this website, pathetically as ever! MUAH!

  • Elise Whiteley

    Her eyes are very droopy!

  • Winnie

    they’re BOTH looking rough! not aging well at all!

  • Erica

    I really don’t think make-up is as magical as some on here seem to imply. Mila looks really tired, possibly a bit under-the-weather and like she just wants to walk and talk with her BF. She certainly isn’t camera-ready, but I don’t think this is a true reflection of how she always looks sans makeup.
    The photos are just horribly unflattering and she’s either talking or making faces in most of them – not the best look for anyone. I’ve seen photos of myself when I’m talking or just unaware of the camera and I can look horrid with or without make-up – but I’ve seen some photos of myself mid-word or laugh and I look quite good! It’s just the luck of the draw. Mila (or the photographer, really) didn’t have any luck this day!

  • melissa

    has anyone thought that she might be bulimic thats a weird puffy face!!!! and a small body something doesnt seem right

  • Casey

    She obviously doesn’t look great here but I don’t think it’s JUST a lack of makeup.

    She looks ill and/or tired. Maybe she has a cold and decided to go for a walk to clear her nasal passages.

    To be honest I’ve never found her particularly stunning, makeup or not, but I don’t think she is unattractive. I think she is above average.

    And in these photos she is below average, but like I said, I think she is ill or tired. No one looks great ill or tired.

  • kate

    So? She is not a model or a beauty queen.She is an ACTRESS, and these are just bad photos on a bad day. So what? She is hella cute and sexy anyways.

  • killerqueen

    I really do think Mila has a cold or something here, she looks kind of miserable in that way. My sister has a face similar to Mila’s and I can tell you that being ill really makes a difference, especially when compounded with the “having a bad day” facial expressions (hard to blame her though with the paps around) and the casual hair and garb.

  • Stephanie

    I don’t believe it. o.0 Oh my god. Poor Mila. :/

    Ah well, I’m really no beauty without makeup either. We’re all humans, no? 😀

  • Chris

    No she is not having a shitty day, cause she always looks like this. Sorry, she is just not an attractive person without make up.
    But that’s how it is. Some people do look good naturally and some don’t

  • Anna

    You know who looks freaking amazing without makeup? Minka Kelly…I mean just disgustingly beautiful. We’d all look like trolls next to her!

    • alex

      well, speak for yourself ..

    • Josephinee

      You’re totally right. Minka Kelly looks amazing without make-up.

  • Anna

    You know who looks freakin amazing without makeup? Minka Kelly…I mean just disgustingly beautiful. We’d all look li trolls next to her!

  • Em

    Riiiiight, makeup can’t transform you….LOL!!!

  • LaLaLaura

    Surprisingly, she looks like Stewie.

  • Em

    If you don’t believe makeup can make unattractive people attractive go to makeupalley “Face of the day” board.

  • ellen

    Oh my…. I hate to say this, but the dog looks way better than Mila does.. What a shame!!

    But… I’ve seen pictures of Mila – make up free – where she did look OK (still not as the sexiest woman of the world though) ! Maybe she’s ill? Had a rough night?

    Obviously she didn’t put much effort in looking good haha, but that’s her choice!

  • bo

    She’s ugly…. even when she’s wearing make up she’s not ”that” attractive… i mean she has the money to buy the best products for skin & hair & she still looks like this? No… she’s ugly

  • Layla Bach

    OMGosh! lol This reminds of that episode on That’s 70’s Show where Jackie is sick and wearing no make-up. Then Kelso comes in with a stuffed bear and he just starts screaming. lol
    I don’t think she looks that bad. She needs some rest and looks a bit bloated. We all have those days.
    It’s so unfair that guys always look cute. lol

  • lizzy

    ROUGH NIGHT lol… not a big deal, one bad morning doesnt make me not think she’s beautiful

  • natalia

    dog pooping is my favorite, she is mediocre with or without makeup

  • grace

    epic party they had…

  • ana

    She could at least put some tinted moisturizer on or something….

  • anonymous

    Everyone looks better with makeup on. We’re used to seeing celebrities with professional makeup and styling – which makes them look better than they naturally do (obviously). Even when we see photos of celebrities looking “natural” and “makeup-free,” they still have a little bit of makeup on… That’s why people find it shocking when they truly see a photo of a celebrity or model with zero makeup on (like Mila Kuni pictured above). The truth is that without the makeup and styling, most celebrities are average or would blend in with the public. No one is flawless or perfect, perfection is just an illusion that people achieve through makeup, airbrushing, styling, etc…

    I think Mila is a pretty woman, but without makeup she is very average. Most celebrities are average without makeup… You could pick any celebrity like Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Mila Kunis, etc – and to me they all look average without makeup. Average doesn’t necessarily mean bad, it just means they look like a lot of other people and its just the makeup that enhances their features. There are a few celebrities who still look very much above average even without makeup – eg. Hilary Duff, Doutzen Kroes….

    • anonymous

      Oh and while most celebrities are average without makeup, I still think its refreshing when they are not afraid to be themselves and go makeup free. Its silly to expect them to be perfect. We should all know by now that underneath the makeup, most people don’t look like that.

  • clara

    i’ve never found her that pretty even when she’s all dolled up. but here she looks awful 🙁 her face looks so bloated

  • Agnes

    Milla’s face looked AH-MAAAZING when she was really thin, back in the black swan days.
    Her body might be curvier now, but her face looks like one of those angry birds green piggy! 😛
    It’s a bittersweet thing for her, she has to choose between have a stunning body or a stunning face.

  • Raquel

    I feel A LOT better about my passport picture about now! That being said, Milla a absolutely GORGEOUS – 1 of the true beauties of Hollywood who is seen here having an extremely bad face day caught by a stupid pap at a very unfortunate angle. It’s nice to see we’re all human and not air-brushed perfect beings!

  • veeeeev

    Personally I don’t even care about her face without makeup – almost everyone looks like that. I’m more concerned about the fashion. I have no issue with comfy sweats and hoodies but DAMN girl, you could still look cute in those if you picked the right ones!

  • the reality of it all

    fake nose. fake boobs. disgusting face without makeup.