Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Looks Pretty for Venice Magazine

Mila Kunis Looks Pretty for Venice Magazine

Mila Kunis looks super pretty in Venice Magazine, in a special-effects-free photo-shoot that showcases Mila’s natural beauty and gorgeous smile.

Check out these pictures, then share your thoughts!

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  • ciillss

    I always find her incredibly stunning.

    • mmmmm

      so agree-she has an elusive something…STUNNING… love the lighting!

      • Adelaide

        I agree too! She’s beautiful

  • bee

    she has that special face. beautiful.

  • Breath taking. She has grown up so much since That 70’s Show. I always found her to be quite a pretty teenager on the show but now she has really come into her own and is a stunning woman.

    • Leah

      i agree. she was only 15 when it started, it really is the difference between teenager and woman

  • salma’ben

    such a beautiful girl… I don’t care if she is petite or skinny,when I look at her I have the same reaction that I could’ve if I saw a picture of J’LO or Hally berry or Bar rafaili or Cindy crowford … the point is beauty isn’t about a size 🙂

  • Ida

    hmm. i don’t really get the hype. sure, she is pretty, nice body, and she has a special something about her, a very energetic gaze and all. but i wouldn’t think of her as beautiful.

    • Chrissy

      was that sarcasm?

    • Victoria

      I think the hype that is focused on her is because she doesn’t look for the media and you don’t see her on all the tabloids even though she is a young actress. Like most people don’t even know that she has been dating Macaulay Culkin for years. ( sry if I spelled his name wrong) It’s nice that such a pretty actress with talent isn’t all over every single magazine, and because of that people are also not sick of her =).

    • Casey

      Beautiful eyes. You can tell she has the kind of eyes that are striking and noticeable even with no makeup.

      • katy

        she is wearing makeup..just not very much.

    • sara

      i agree! but i actually think she is beautiful, just not striking, such as for ex. angelina or marion, i don’t know she is really pretty but to me quite ‘forgettable’

  • Stephers

    Mila Kunis is beautiful. She has that extra something. I’m glad she’s moved onto other things since That 70s Show.

  • someChick

    This is the next Angelina 🙂

    • solaxia

      I agree. BUT she has a nice personality, and is happy and cheerful and mysterious (without TRYING to be!) and she just seems like such a lovely, sweet, warm person

  • ali

    Shes way hotter than Angelina

  • cus

    extra pretty!!!

  • She is really something special. She still has a cuteness to her, but she’s grown into a striking woman.

    I like the photography here. It’s nice to see a celeb spread that is classy and interesting – not just sexy!

    • AMAcuaviva

      totally agree with Ur opinion!!;D

  • Rowen

    I think the shots are just beautiful, but the first shot captured Mila’s eyes unevenly lidded. It’s a little scary!

    Other than that, Mila looks amazinggggg

    • mmmmm

      the light is coming from that side…it’s just the lighting. check it out.

      • gaby

        it’s not from the lighting.

        • heynow

          actually it is the lighting…look at the shadows….

  • stunning.

  • AnonyChick

    I. LOVE. HER. SO beautiful!

  • siennagold


  • Laura

    In the first pic, her right eye is way much bigger then the left eye.. ? And that’s not or little in the other pictures … photoshop? or am I looking at it wrong ;p

    • mmmmm

      the light is coming from that side. it’s just the light. check it out.

    • Casey

      It’s possible. Most people’s eyes are not the same size, nor the same position. I don’t see in the first picture but I’ve seen it in some of her candids, so I don’t think you’re looking at it wrong. 🙂

    • I see it too. I think the lighting of the first picture emphasises it.
      Most people don’t have completely even faces so it’s perfectly possible that her left eye is slightly larger than her right. If you look at other pics of her that seems to be the case. Doesn’t make her any less beautiful – just human!

      • amazon

        no one has a symmetrical face or body. but in some it is quite obvious in others not so much. Stood in a queue behind a girl telling her friend about how her optometrist( right spelling???) told her her eyes were uneven and he could correct it with glasses, which sparked this huge conversation where everyone was pointing out the bits of themselves that are uneven!! everyone had something. but to be honest I’ve only ever noticed it on others when scrutinising photos up close.

        • solaxia

          yea my boobies are uneven! By almost a cupsize ha ha! You can’t tell until you see photos! for some reason the photos REALLY emphasize it and look about 3 cup sizes different! Same with my eyes! Claudia Schiffer had the same thing with her boobs and eyes (when they werent photo shopped out) amd Alyssa Milano with her boobies! ha ha!

  • Polly

    I hate Angelina comparisons, but Mila looks just like a younger version of her in picture 3! She is stunning.

  • lc

    LOVE her. Just gorgeous.

  • bea_x

    How come no one compares her with marion cotillard? i think mila resembles her,like they where sisters or’s just me or..?

    • sara

      i agree. she looks much more similar to her than to angelina imo

  • wonderwoman21

    She’s one of my faves, a very pretty young woman

  • ya mila played the young angelina in GIA and it definitely worked. i just saw it for the first time and was so surprised to see her in it!
    i must say, i like mila better with the smoky make up, but she is clearly beautiful with anything!

  • Cars808

    My God, this woman is beautiful.
    Always loved her, always will!
    I just adore her features!

  • bronzedbela

    Her eyelids look so Italian, like Sophia Loren…I love them…and she is beautiful without any effort!

  • she is so gorgeous. it really shows that she has an ukrainian heritage. i love the eastern-european look.

  • forgiveme

    she has child predatoreyes

    im sorry i just am not cool with bulge, i like her better not so upclose and personal!

  • Cleopatra

    She is beautiful.

  • she is beautiful

  • Katy

    She looks gorgeous and yes she is petite and skinny, but it works on her and looks natural.

  • O_o

    She is very beautiful but a tad overrated IMHO.

  • sooooo beautiful.

  • vazyjuly

    beautiful beautiful girl and great pictures
    the type of pic i live to see in mags!

    those eyes!!

  • Kimberly

    Beautiful beautiful girl!

  • Dr. Truth

    Gorgeous. Nothing else to say but gorgeous.
    She should have been a model…

  • ladyb0sss

    although i do like her. there are more times i find her not pretty than pretty .. maybe its the face shape. but i loove her eyes. its mesmerizing. and when shes smiling . 🙂

  • ellentjie

    She has perfect skin!

  • mel

    I’m in love with the second picture. And the third one … wow, she is incredibly beautiful.

  • Alex

    She has a lazy eye and weird crease between her lips and nose.

    • padme

      So what? I’m glad they didn’t photoshop that out. Imperfections are what make people beautiful & unique.

  • Saz

    I’m actually blown away by these shots. I’ve always thought she was stunning, but wow. Now i understand why my Bf loves her, and i may have developed a little crush myself 😛

  • Jenna

    I don’t see the beauty myself, Her eyes look very googly and hooded. She has nice lips though. I would say she is more the ‘cute’ kind of attractive as opposed to Angelina or Grace Kelly kind of beautiful but I can see why guys like her.

  • Hazal

    She is very very beautiful -that’s for sure! Actually, I’m not a fan of her figure in general but on her it looks pretty nice.

  • Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. She’s gorgeous. I just didn’t see the big deal at first, but had to change my mind after I saw actual close-ups of her.

  • Nessa

    I’ve said this before, she is one of the prettiest people in hollywood.

  • Girl

    Love everything about MILA, she is amazing.

  • Lisa

    Stunning. I love that she has one eye that is slightly bigger, like me!

  • Leraresje

    Not only is one eye bigger then the other, she has one brown and one green eye. You can’t really see it on these pictures but on others you can. Still, she’s gorgeous. 🙂

  • shes freaaaaakin beautiful!

  • c

    i have never hear anyone bag on her. like really i dont think she has any haters i meen how can she? shes naturally beautiful, educated, and has a really good personality. i love you milaaa!

  • Raquel100


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