Miley Cyrus: “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you”

mileyfashion1 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you"

On how she’s ‘a sexy baby’:

“I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you. When I’m dressed in that teddy bear thing, I think that’s funny. I was saying yesterday, I had this obsession about this character that’s like an adult baby. Like if you see a baby do something like that it’s so warped and weird, but there’s something creepily hot about it. So when I’m in that teddy bear suit, I’m like a creepy, sexy baby. But I forget that it’s, like, people in Kansas watching the show. That people that sit their kid in front of the TV and are like, ‘Oh, an awards show! Let’s watch.’”

On how Terry Richardson makes women look strong:

“Terry Richardson shot my video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and he’s about capturing strength versus beauty. His women look so strong in his images.”

… says Miley.


FFN_er_51193417 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you" FFN_er_51204623 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you" FFN_er_51204743 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you" FFN_er_51214342 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you"  mileyfashion3 - Miley Cyrus: "I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you"

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98 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you””

    • I actually think she doesn’t go THAT route. She’s crazy and whatnot, but it’s very much a calculated act. She’d be going the typical child star she was acting perfectly normal upfront and suddenly have a breakdown.
      Tbh with Melissa Joan Hart’s recent confessions I can rather see selena go down that road, having to be goody goody in front ofthe world, but i wouldn’t wonder if she got caught up with drinking, parties etc to counterbalance that. Miley’s already living that life, she’s kind of having a controlled rebellious phase imo.

      • I agree with you both…
        While I DO think she is intending a lot of what she’s doing, a la “calculated act”, I don’t think she’s consistently garnering the attention always intended. The VMA’s thing…YUP she fully intended all of that…and the LEVEL of att’n she received…yet it was quite negative, consistently from fans and non fans. As well, didn’t Liam break off their engagement? I don’t think that was intended.
        Truthfully intentional or not she spiraling out of control and I think she’s headed for disaster, really.
        The media industry is abt competition for attention heavily these days and for now the negative publicity is working for her but really…I think like others (esp Lindsay) she is becoming obsessed with the att’n, and it being mostly neg will affect her music career…and then, ladies and gents I expect an Attention Burst (a great increase of attention seeking behaviours – likely inappropriate – bc other prior forms of attention seeking no longer work.
        Truthfully my 6 yr. old niece (who’s a nudist in her own right, lol) called “Wrecking Ball” inappropriate and is upset bc it makes her feels unconf to watch tho she likes the song.
        And an 18yr. old friends son, said candidly to me, “ya it’s sexy, but not in the good way. I stopped looking abt 6 mo’s ago.” Asked abt the VMA’s thing, he said “it was weird and creepy, not sexy…and kids what that show. It wasn’t cool”

        • I meant “a friends’ 18 yr. old son”
          (and to ensure no biases to my opinion, I acted mildly like I didn’t think what M was doing was much of a big deal…loved it that this cool, handsome, intelligent young man thought I was wrong…good news for the future I hope)

  1. ok, so now she’s a sexy baby.. where does she come up with these things?? bodywise imo she should work on her arms and butt and maybe gain 6-8 lbs, careerwise she really reeeally doesn’t seem like someone who knows what they’re doing

    • maybe she has the daddy issues.. i mean she is after all her daddys golden goose.. he was back to the celebrity map trough her hanna montana role and nobody would even remember him if its not for her lol..

  2. really, what’s so great about massified popularity that you don’t even care about your own dignity? Sex creepy baby? Really? It’s not a wealth issue anymore… it’s just scary brainwash from her co-workers. So, so scary that some humans actually become manipulated monkeys because of others!!

  3. Im convinced she was really high when she did that performance. Lol.
    I believe this is a phase, she will either grow out of it or slip further.

  4. i wish so hard that she would just disappear for the next 3 years, everyone is sick of her, she could come back totally reinvented. But really thats not going to happen. I see a crash and burn coming up quick.

  5. There’s really nothing ‘shocking’ about her – she’s so totally generic for a female popstar/celeb! Going through the ‘rebellious’ stage and acting like an oversexed pre-teen is just what many before her have done. Not original or provocative. She seems really out of touch and quite stupid to me – and also a bit disturbed with the whole ‘creepily hot’ baby thing!

    And Terry Richardson is an absolute slime ball – all his shoots just drip with sleaze to me, not ’empowerment’ or whatever. That wrecking ball video is narcissistic filth really – nothing interesting or ‘strong’ about it – she looks like a deluded young woman playing up to some sleazeball daddy figure who just wants to get her naked while telling her she’s a ‘strong woman who is owning her sexuality’ or some other nonsense.

    • She spoke about how she was naked in the wrecking ball video. Apparently cause she was broken and hurt.

      What I did not understand was the concept of licking a hammer. Infact her expressions in the video looked sexualised and quite simply ridiculous when put beside the song. It was revolting.
      Boring and typical. Especially become she is trying to sell it off as ” top class art “.
      She is such a talent. If only she would utilize it. I think shell grow out of it though, shes still quite young.

      • Exactly Anushka – the video didn’t go with the song at all, it was very sexual and that doesn’t say ‘heartbroken and vulnerable’ to me!

        I do think she has some talent, but like so many others in the industry the ego-driven vanity of having a sexy image has overshadowed anything real about her. That’s why I find it quite ludicrous that she thinks she’s original or shocking in any way – if she wanted to be original or shocking she’d dress and act less like a str•pper and focus more on her voice and message. Now that would shock me because those type of popstars are rare these days!

    • Exactly! She isn’t shocking, she’s tiring and her idea of sexy is very old hat. Lolita has been done before. By pretty much every female pool star. Her comment sexualizing babies is just sick. I have many nieces and nephews, they never do ‘sexy’ things, they can, however, scream, yell, smear makeup on themselves, strip down to their diaper, and exhaust me to a point I didn’t know existed. Kind of like Miley.

      And TR just LOOKS like a man would sexualy abuse women. I think my sister and I called him a ‘Chester the molester.’ He looks like he drives a windowless van and offers rides home that don’t end well. He and Dov Charney make me grossly uncomfortable. I’m not surprised to hear he abuses models.

    • Totally agree Erica! Especially about Terry Richardson, ugh…he’s just trying waaaaay too hard to be controversial at this point, and just churns out filth with famous people as subjects.

  6. Terry Richardson makes women look strong? I couldn’t think of anything stupider anyone’s ever said. It’s the exact opposite actually. He makes them look like submissive s—s and actually had a teenage model perform oral sex on him during a photoshoot and used his “power” many times to abuse others; his staff also makes girls feel like they have to do these things and most of them are too young to understand what’s going on. This guy should be in jail. He’s one of the most disgusting celebrities I’ve ever heard of.

    • Exactly. His shoots are tasteless and the women look degraded as though they are hookers. Its their choice of course to be a part of this trash of course, but for anyone to say he makes women look “strong” is asinine, then again this is Miley Cyrus speaking. And supposedly the prerequisite to be in a TR shoot is to sleep with him. Gross.

      • Yeah!

        ”Like if you see a baby do something like that it’s so warped and weird, but there’s something creepily hot about it.”

        Wtf?!?! She has serious mental issues.

        • Finally! Thank you for calling out just how insane this specific quote is. “WTF??” was all I could think when I read this. She has serious issues if she looks at babies and thinks that they are hot or sexy. And even more of serious issue if, as a grown woman, she is trying emulate that. I’m not shocked by Miley’s, I’m just totally disgusted by it. Nobody should be looking at babies and thinking anything but about how pure & innocent they are. Miley needs help.

        • Agree sooooo much with everything. She really has mental issues if she thinks moves by babies are creepily hot. I have heard of men that likes to dress like babies, with diapers and everything. Maybe she has the same fetisch?

  7. “Terry Richardson is about capturing strength versus beauty. His women look so STRONG in his images.” – bwahhahahahahahahahahahaha, ahahahahah, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!%OD
    I think i understand Miley’s vision of sexy&strong women much better now, she’s just one of tons of teen/young adult women that unfortunately think being sexy is the same as vulgar and its all about appearance (esp. enhanced(or changed to extremes) by layers of make up&other stuff that makes you look fake or as different from ur real self as possible)…hope she grows out of this kind of view, its very sad, especially cos its the view women are brainwashed to believe to be the right one, cos you know who cares bout the fact that you’re not a doll but a human being therefore need personal&emotional growth, and as for outside- taking basic care of yourself is enough, cos if you THINK u’re ugly no make up, surgery, etc will help you, that’s why to some people plastic surgery, for example, truly helps to others it doesn’t.
    Also the more she says that she’s being stupid&ridiculous on purpose the more i think her reasons may be some issues with parents or problems she faced being in spotlight from very young age, its like she’d doing this stuff to sort of “show them” how low she can fall and what they (parents, friends,boyfriend,industry(particularly Disney- who knows?) did to her , what they pushed her to become. Its quite sad and desperately self-destructive, but maybe am wrong.

  8. She seems very unintelligent when she talks. I always end up frowning at the screen like “..what?”
    Is she uneducated? (not making fun, honestly wondering)

    • I totally agree, Ale. That was my first thought. She has a very limited vocabulary, like she is still a preteen. She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of being a celebrity. And I don’t believe for one second that she is in control of her own image like Madonna or Lady Gaga.

      She just seems dumb.

        • Madonna is probably old and wise enough now to have more control.

          As for Gaga, who knows, but both she and Madonna are master manipulators.

          Miley, not so much. She’s just a dumbass.

  9. You can say what you want about her but in that pic from behind the sun is shining directly at her thighs and there is NO cellulite at all! ENVY!!

  10. love her sunglasses and her boots, but not her personality and style at all. She is just trying too hard to attract attention. Somehow annoys me a lot

  11. she is not shocking thats the point..she is shocking only to kinderkarteners to 12y.olds, she is like on willow smiths level mentally, just willow has parents to advise her. to majority of us older than 15 she is just tacky. i get what she is trying to do but she is not doing it right, mostly bc she dont have the credibility as an artist what so ever. i feel kinda sorry for her shes not a very bright girl.

  12. Oh my. She needs an education. NOW! I don’t know what crap her manager/ publicist has been feeding her tiny brain with but this needs to stop before even the media gets tired of her. And I don’t find her body envious any more- at least not in any of the above pictures.

  13. A sex baby? What the hell is she talking about? I think she now realizes she looked completely stupid and everyone was laughing at her. So now, she tries to make it like her performance was purposely ridiculous to save face.

  14. ‘Creepy, sexy baby’ actually is pretty accurate for me! She has a great body, and I can’t tell why her face isn’t at all pretty to me (she has small even features, great skin, etc) or why I find her off-putting in 90% of her photos. I think it’s because there’s something awkwardly infantile about her… including every statement she has made like, ever. Girl has some communication issues.

  15. Women in Terry Richardson’s work are not portrayed as empowered nor strong. They are hyper-sexualized and objectified. Terry Richardson is a misogynistic creep.

  16. She’s not shocking at all. She’s exactly the same as all the other young female celebrities that think they are transitioning into sexy women. It’s the same boring, contrived BS we see time and time again. The only thing that would ever shock me is a girl in Hollywood NEVER trying to be sexy, which would never ever happen.

  17. Lmfao. She is so stupid and deluded, really. She isn’t shocking. If she REALLY wanted to shock me, she’d come onstage wearing a ball gown, minimal makeup, and sing a lovely a Capella ballad. This girl sounds so uneducated, ridiculous, and downright pathetic. I actually feel for her.

    • Exactly – her ‘rebellious’ shtick has gotten old in a desperate attempt to stay relevant after her Hannah Montana days. The only way she could shock America now would be to wear cable-knit J.Crew clothes and volunteer for the community. Tiresome girl.

      • I agree with you guys, as usual haha. I’d only be surprised if she conducted herself with some semblance of class and education while dressed modestly. She thinks she’s shocking but she’s really just an exhausting, half naked child who abuses vocal fry and the word ‘like.’

  18. I’m sorry but I don’t find ANYTHING sexy about Miley. There are plenty of beautiful women who act, sing or model and she isn’t one of them.


  19. ““Terry Richardson shot my video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and he’s about capturing strength versus beauty. His women look so strong in his images.””


    I’ve never seen ANYTHING by Terry Richardson that made the woman in his “art” appear strong or empowered.

    Degraded and trashed up, sure.

  20. She should’ve gone to college. I know many would argue otherwise but a college degree is invaluable. She has the money to pay for it as well.

    • LOL, that’s a nice thought but you think she has the brains to make it through college? Based on the stuff that comes out of her mouth, I’m skeptical…

  21. I find her quotes utterly obtuse.
    She sounds like someone who loses her train of thoughts easily while speaking cos most times i can’t string her sentences together.

    On Terry Richardson portraying ‘strong’ women…
    To be blunt, in the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video Miley Cyrus portrayed an obscene image of a submissive w***e in frustrated need of sexual gratification.

    And IMHO,Terry Richardson is the perfect image of the creepy,homeless old nerd on the street who likes to wave his wonker at women.

  22. She’s not shocking anyone….it’s more like grossing us out.

    But seriously, there’s nothing shocking about her antics to the average person who has been exposed to tv/Internet/movies/music for the last 20 years. And teens are much less innocent than adults would like to think…

    Everything she does is just so tasteless and embarrassing. That’s the problem. She’s making a fool of herself. Plus she doesn’t have the talent to back up the strange behavior. Horrible voice and no charisma.

  23. is she shocking us? i thought she was just annoying us

    and that quote about terry richardson I CAN’T

    im starting to think there is no hope for this girl

  24. She is delusional.
    And I am sure her thinking is based on the lies people around her say while making the bucks. Is nothing positive there.
    Hope she will grow up and see how much she needs some self-respect, is not bravery or art, is perversity and pure business.Just like Old-Madonna, Gaga etc..

    • Um, no not at all. Disgusted and annoyed are different from shock. We say we are not shocked because we aren’t. The only way she could shock me is to conduct herself with some class and act educated. Lol.

        • Well, I’ll you right now then that I am not shocked.
          This is all quite predictable.

          As I said earlier, she could display some pretty shocking behavior for me, but it would be the exact OPPOSITE of what she’s doing here. Then I’d be truly shocked.

          Just because it’s all “been there done that” doesn’t mean that it isn’t disturbing or disgusting.

  25. wow. Sorry, but the more she talks the more immature she sounds. I used to defend her silly quotes when she was gaining and losing weight all the time etc. However, now she is just sounding way too immature. I am usually not one to say that everything that happens is equal between men and women (i,e, people saying DV is equal, when really it is predominately a female issue). However, this quote is disturbing! If a man talked about a teddy bear outfit being a sexy baby he would be shot down straight away! And rightfully so. She seems very deluded and confused, like she has some serious daddy issues going on. To be fair, I think a lot of girls do these days anyway, what with all the media exposure to this kind of male attention, as well as home problems.

    Also, Terry is gross. Sorry, but the female ’empowerment’ rarely works and is so over used. So many young models baring themselves (whatever floats their boats) in very provocative ways saying that they are ’empowered’. They actually believe that they are in control. However, many times they aren’t. I’m not condemning them, and I understand why they do what they do. However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m all for female sexuality and empowerment, but there is a fine line bewteen this and exploitation.

  26. No, Miley. Terry Richardson is a molester and an abuser. Any woman who poses with this vile monster (and yes, this even includes Oprah!) is weak and gave in to industry to promote a known predator of women to BRING DOWN to image of women in the media.
    There is documented proof of this available on the internet.

    That being said, I hope Miley gets help soon. It’s a shame her parents are low lives who support this new image of hers. I blame them & the entertainment industry for her demise. I personally have sympathy for her and wish her well.

  27. Also, I wanted to add this – I don’t believe for 1 second it’s Miley who decides she wants to bring big teddy bears into her performance. I bet it’s some pervy guy with some power who made that decision & Miley has to say whatever she is told to say. Don’t think that her new image is all her idea – she’s a puppet of the music industry.

  28. Her remarks about Terry Richardson couldn’t be more wrong… ugh, his shoots make girls look like cheap strippers, his photography is nothing to marvel at, and he not only looks like a molester, but also is notorious for molesting and abusing models as well! *shudder*

    Miley, what the actual f**k is going through that head of yours?

  29. Miley Cyrus: “Embarrassing is what I’m good at!”

    And what the hell, how does Terry Richardson make women look strong? If anything he makes them look like brainless objects!

  30. Terry Richardson is a p—ographer and a molester. Why is he still working & why in the world are celebs giving him the time of day?!!!

    Miley’s obviously just saying what’s she’s told to say. It’s so obvious.

  31. OH God if that’s` the case what Is wrong with Her? This has 2 be a lie! Because Babies are not suppose 2 be sexy.They are innocent and cute!! It really makes m mad because I love Her music so much!! I haven’t` decided on the person!! Im` Questioning That Liam had a right 2 Leave Her!! Its` Ok 2 be crazy But 2 make comments like that its` like wtf what are u thinking!!!

  32. Im` picking the Mag. up!! They have a way of Twisting words!! She isn’t` crazy! Fun crazy but She hasn’t` completely lost Her mind!! Has She? lol! I will buy Her cds and stuff but Ive` never heard someone say something that Crazy.

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