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Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair

FFN_g_51007242 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair

On her new-ish hair:

“I feel like I had bun every day of my life,” the 20-year-old singer-actress said. “I hated the extensions hair–that’s sewn into your head. It’s creepy. You will never see me with long hair again! My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it…It’s so easy and [I] don’t need to wash it. It looks better grungy and not washing it.”

… says Miley.

Check out more pictures of her in this leggy outfit next!


FFN_g_51007214 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007215 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007217 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007218 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007219 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007230 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007233 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007234 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair FFN_g_51007235 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair  FFN_g_51007559 - Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy and Talks Hair

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  • natascha

    ewww miley please wash your hair!

  • Eva

    She has great legs but those shorts are not flattering.

  • Hazal

    “[I] don’t need to wash it.”
    Yeah, apparently you don’t do it.

  • cinnamon

    I wish she wouldnt have mentioned the unwashed hair. I’m not saying that you have to wash it everyday, but this quote combined with her style is just.. ew.

    Other than that i think she’s really pretty and she’a got a nice body and body-type.

  • Sarah-Jane

    Biggest wedgie EVER…. GROSS… Think I just threw up in my mouth a bit!

    • Kelly-Ann

      @ Sarah-Jane: LOL!!!

      It´s a shame. She´s got such a rocking body but always wears horrendous clothes. A real waste…

  • gsl

    I wash my hair once a week, its super thick and its in a bun monday to friday. Its great for the hair! Oh and she looks like she gained a lil weight.

    • MissMarilyn

      she actually looks a lot slimmer than the last time I’ve seen her

    • Meena

      I do the same thing! I wash my hair once and week and generally keep it in a bun unless I’m going somewhere fancy. It does wonders, health-wise, for your hair.

      • Kelly-Ann

        But gsl and Meena, can I just ask? I would love to be able to do this (wash my hair only once a week) because it kind of looks like a bale of hay at the moment… But I feel I HAVE to wash it every day because I work out every day and my scalp and my hair get totally sweaty! So, what to do?

        • Mia

          When I say I don’t wash my hair every day I mean I don’t shampoo every day, but I do get it wet in the shower and condition every single day. I guess not “washing” means different things to different people. When I read the quote I assumed she meant she doesn’t shampoo, but she still gets it wet.

          • gsl

            Alright, I work out almost everyday. I wear a headband. If it starts smelling I use dry shampoo. When I went to florida I washed my hair everyday because I spent a lot of time in the ocean and the only reason my hair is in a bun is because of the type of work I do. Hence the mon to friday lol.

    • Chelsea

      What’s the point of having great hair, if you don’t do anything with it–besides a bun.

      • Ria

        Yeah…that’s kind of what I was thinking.

      • hanan

        yeah , i was thinking the same too

  • Mia

    Depending on the type of hair you have you may not need to “wash” it every day. I have a curly hair, and I rarely shampoo, although I do condition every single day.

    Her shorts look like denim underwear.

  • Aafje

    I wash my hair like twice a week just to reset the curls when they get too frizzy. As long as she washes her body who cares lol.

    • Laura

      I wish I could do that! My hair is thick and gets really oily so I have to wash it at least every other day or it gets super disgusting.

  • silvy

    “I’ll never have long hair again!”

    ugh I hate immature comments like this. Like really? You’re whole life you will never have long hair again? When someone is mature they say something like ” l love the short hair right now but who knows for the future” Its the same when stars gain weight and they say, “I love my body like this, I will NEVER starve myself” ughhh

    Within 5 years she will have long hair again, she just is the type who gets bored easily, no way she wont change it up probably before than.

    • justme

      TONS of people say that when they cut their hair. A lot of people mean it too, though some get bored and grow it out (like I did… Short was so easy to style, but deeply annoying to keep trimmed). I don’t think its immature, just an intensely happy reaction to change.

  • Ophelie

    That hair looks much better on Pink.

  • Neri

    It’s totally fine not to wash one’s hair… In fact, we are not supposed to use soap/shampoo… It’s possible to get self-purifying hair.

    Horrible outfit though..! I don’t think I’ll ever understand this trend where the pockets from within are visible…

    • Aafje

      Ugh I hate that pocket thing too. Its been around for several years now and I just want to run up to everyone with scissors and cut their pockets off

      • MissMarilyn


      • Neri

        Me too!

    • solaxia

      self purifyng hair? How does that work? (I’m generally interested!) I have to wash my hair every, single. day because it gets so greasy so quickly! I don’t know why! It;s so gross…and such a pain in the bum to have to wash it all the time.

      • xcheshirecat

        actually, more you wash them more they are greasy. it’s hair self defense. you can use dry shampoo to make your hair go back to normal. you can use only conditionner when you have to wash them once or twice a week

        • Neri

          Exactly. And also Solaxia, sometimes it’s just nescessary to go ‘cold turkey’ and survive those 3-4 days with greasy hair… There is a transition you have to go through, in order to let your hair get back into a normal balance.

          Also, take a look at what you eat. I recommed buying organic foods – especially meat, dairy and egg products (yeah and if possible also fruit & vegetables). Because otherwise you’ll risk exposing your body to a lot of unnatural chemicals, toxins, hormones etc., which surely can make your body unbalanced.

          Oh, and same stuff goes with the shampoo you’re using… I recommend not buying from big commercial brands such as L’oreal, Dove, Sunsilk, Garnier, Schwartzkopf etc. Try something more naturally based that won’t mess up your scalp.

          Hope you’ll figure it out! 🙂

  • The hair is growing on me, but her style seems to get worse everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole grungy look, but the pants are such a no go, they are just too short. I also really dislike her earrings. And I also wanted to comment really sarcasticly on her remark she never wants long hair again, but I somehow feel she just means she doesn’t want the ridiculous long extensions anymore. Anyway, we’ll see.

  • Alana

    Her ass is eating those shorts. Yuck.

    • La la la la


  • touché to everyone that doesn’t have cellulite in that light!
    other than that i like her here. like the jacket and jewelery and she can pull off those shorts. im just never a big fan of her face…

  • solaxia

    I think she looks geat body wise, and I think the outfit looks cute on her (though the shorts could do with an extra inch.) I really don’t understand shorts that are supposed to be clothes, showing your bum cheeks! …except for at the beach. She lost me at the not washing your hair bit though.

  • Bellerina

    I like the short hair on her when she is in profile but not so much straight on. Its good to see she has settled into a more natural weight while maintaining some tone, she is still very thin but for a while she was way too skinny.

  • Eline

    Not a fan.. But Im glad the ‘short hair thing’ isnt just a fad!
    She seems happy and thats the most important thing.

  • Lauren

    Her body looks great here, slim toned and healthy, but those shorts are too short. I don’t like being able to see a woman’s butt when she’s not at the beach.

  • Pixie

    Great body, and too cute.

  • Jay

    her body is insane! her legs look a mile long even though shes only 5’5″ … not feelin her whole hipster vibe though.

  • Strawberryfields

    You can have long hair without extensions, Miley… Guess that’s not how it’s usually done in celeb-land.

    • Debbs

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • La la la la

      Exactly! Why is there no in between for her? As if the only options are extensions, bun, or super short? Medium length hair can be beautiful, so can a bob cut. You just have to care for your hair! Nice conditioner and leave in conditioner plus not overly drying it with flat irons and curling irons is the way to do it. I never thought I could wear my hair naturally but I just figured out how to style it eventually and now it’s finally healthy again after being destroyed by flat ironing in high school

    • jenna

      So true – my hair is as long as her hair used to be and it’s 100% natural. Extensions and weaves all seem too complicated. LOVE my long natural wavy hair!

      • Zoe

        The problem is that not all of us are lucky enough to be able to grow our hair that long unfortunately. 🙁

    • jenna

      forgot to say that she has a great fit body, but horrible fashion sense lately.

  • Addie

    Haha she looks ridiculous but happy! And I guess that’s all that matters. Also I love that she doesn’t wash her hair! I haven’t washed mine in about six months (meaning no shampoo I have used conditioner sparingly) and the results are great. I even have waist length hair and it works wonderfully. I recommend it!

  • MissMarilyn

    What an awesome body!!! Those legs!

    The people freaking out about not washing her hair should calm down. I have to wash my hair every day because its thin as heck and gets pretty greasy if I want to wear it down (which I usually do). But miley’s hair is short and probably thicker, which means she can wash it less.

    When I was in Mexico I only washed my hair once a week and just kept it in a braid for the rest of the time. Even with me really thin hair that was okay.

    • Tally

      My hair is thin to begin with, and when i had a surprise surgery & had 2 get off the BC i was on 4 10 yrs it all fell out 🙁 my hair is sooo long and i cry when i look at it. I know i should cut it to make it look thicker but i just cant let it go. I too have to wash it daily because it gets so greasy, i just make sure all my shampoos are organic. But n e ways i agree about those legs LIKE DAM.

  • Debbs

    Can those shorts be any further up her butt? She has the worst style.

  • Heather

    I understand her comment about short hair looking more funky when it is not freshly washed and flat. It needs that dirty hair grit to look good…not in a gross way 🙂 I think body wise…she looks good. Her style….meh…not a fan, but I do appreciate the different look from the typical long (sometimes extension) hair….as in Guiliana Rancic, Lauren Conrad…the same boring hair…I’m sure Miley will have long hair again…she’s speaking from a child’s point of view..immature. Lol.

  • La la la la

    @versus if you could post the pics of her doing yoga in costa rica, I think ppl would love to see how toned she is in a bathing suit! Anyway she looks amazing besides that awful style. My big problem with her style is she always looks uncomfortable. It always looks like her pants are up her butt and sitting down in those would be a nightmare! Everything always seems to be way too tight on her, especially her pants. If she looked comfortable I’d say more power to her! I actually like the combination of feminine and not so feminine things (the flower top plus black boots) but it looks much better when she’s not wearing something that looks horribly uncomfortable!

  • La la la la

    Any weight guesses? 115lbs? 120?

    • natascha

      I think more like 120-125. I think that when she was at her skinniest she was about 115

    • serena

      If Miley is 5’6 I’d guess 115 – 118 lbs. My body shape is really similar except my legs are not as long, and I’m 5’4 116 lbs. I really doubt she is over 120. Last summer she was too skinny, but she has gained, in a good way.

  • CK

    good for her trying smth new and completely diff from the usual, i wouldn’t dare, am a creature of habit, i envy people who can easily go from one makeover to another, i wish!
    however not washing you hair once in a while (its individual) is not good, the hair is like skin every shit that’s in the air surrounding you will settle in there. in terms of bun if she means the hair always got in her way and she got sick of scrunchies etc then yeah, short is more comfortable, but i used to have hair that short and was also “no long hair, EVER!” now am happily settled at medium-length,so to Miley:” that too shall pass”))))
    also don’t get H-wood’s obsession with unnecessary extensions, if you take good care of your own and use suitable products for styling that its not hard to get volume, shine, straightness or whatever they want.i think extensions are great for someone with health issues leading to serious hair problems or acting/modelling purpose only, i.e, for fast and TEMPORARY change its an awesome option.
    Miley and her hair is like Aguilera with her current weight – not the 1st time talking bout it and throwing “my bf loves it”, i get that its important and good for your self-esteem but it make em sound soo defensive to the point of me doubting they really mean what they say, and maybe there is more to it…

  • Michi

    How can’t you wash your hair?? that’s disgusting… I wash my hair every single day (I work out from monday to friday) I can’t imagine my hair looking dirty and gross…. ewww

  • shed

    The girl does try…………trying hard that is. I will say I love her hair but I will not compliment her sudden change of style when all the girls on tumblr started that style.

  • lc

    Sorry, I rarely say this, but yuck. And gross. She is repulsive; her style, her attitude/personality, her hair, everything…never have long hair again? Well, that’s a shame because her chubby chipmunk face looks terrible with that cut. She doesn’t have the features to pull it off. Hot mess.

  • CrackRocks

    Lol, it’s funny ’cause before I read the quote I was thinking, ‘She looks great, but she needs to wash her hair.’

  • I think she looks terrible here – goofy! She has a good figure, but it’s not as good as it used to be – somehow she looks sort of skinny-fat now where she used to look fitter when she was heavier. I personally don’t think the hair suits her – she’s just too cutesy for it.

    • MissMarilyn

      i actually disagree; to me her stomach and legs both look toned!! I can see muscle definition on both

      • Well, I guess skinny-fat is a bit of an overstatement – basically I just don’t think she’s looks overall as healthy/fit as she did when she was a bit heavier. I can see the tone, it just doesn’t seem very ‘firm’ for some reason – like her skin is a bit less firm than before – but maybe it’s the horrid outfit that is putting me off! I used to find her figure quite enviable – but I don’t at all with this new look.

  • Nicole

    Looking at her makes me feel I need to take a shower. I semi understand the hair thing, I have naturally very curly hair and I shampoo probably once every two weeks while co-washing once a week which is great for dry hair.
    Anyway, I think she looked best when her hair was shoulder length. I’m sorry but she doesn’t have nice feminine features to pull off this hair.

  • binks

    I get what she is saying; a lot of women don’t experiment with their hair but play it safe and think that because it is long then they are good. But something long hair gets boring. However, I don’t think the color or cut is very flattering on her facial shape. I think she needs to grow it out a little bit more and get a full pixie cut instead of the buzz cut she has going on. But Miley needs to stop wearing her little sister’s clothes!

    • binks

      oops *is not very flattering

  • roonie

    I don’t think she has a ‘pretty’ face but I feel like some people are way too harsh about her looks. I love her top and her boots, hate her earrings. She has a great body and even though I don’t think she has great style, I almost always like at least one thing she is wearing. I like that she says Liam Hemsworth likes her hair, it should shut some people up.. its so annoying when people assume he hates they way she looks now. They seem to be in love and happy which is really sweet 🙂 🙂

  • Joanna

    I don`t think her hair suits her face very well. For first I always notice her lack of neck, it isn`t so obvious with longer hair. That kind of do requires graceful and swan-like features, in my opinion. Of course she can do whatever feels best for her, obviously.

    I don`t know if this is just one of these “reporters ask hair questions only”-things, but Miley seems to have a big need to convince everyone about her new style.

    • amber

      I would be inclined to agree, until I saw Ginnifer Goodwin (and, I suppose to a lesser extent, Michelle Williams) — she has a very round face, cute (but not particularly swan-like or graceful) features, and a neck that’s no longer than Miley’s and she looks FABULOUS with short hair. I think much of it depends on the style and cut. I don’t think Miley’s short hair is unattractive on her, but I do think the bleached blonde color makes it less attractive — it’s too monochromatic with her skin. Contrast would make her face seem slimmer, I think.

      I will say that she always seems happy, or at least polite, when interacting with the paparazzi. Sort of a nice change from the scowling, cursing, throwing, angry tantrums we see frequently from celebs her age.

      • lc

        Haha I have seen her curse and throw tantrums at paps before. I think she is insanely immature, I can’t stand her.

  • clara

    I love her style sometimes(love this outfit!) and I’m starting to find her quite lovely but having short hair doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash it O_O in fact what you have to wash the most are the roots of your hair! so you still have to wash it at least regurlaly!!

  • jamie

    the hair is unnatractive to me…i will always prefer women with long hair, even halle berry 😉
    miley is crazy and her fashion sense is lacking, but damn her body is on POINT!

  • Chelsea

    She looks better with longer hair.

  • D

    Not saying she needs extensions, they arent fot everyone as they are high maintenence, but she doesnt have to settle on the most unflattering cut/color imaginable…

  • Junior

    She’s got an excellent body & great legs. Can’t say much about the hair. If she and her fiancé love it, she’s got no one else to impress so I don’t care.

  • serena

    Her hair will be really unhealthy if she keeps bleaching it to this platinum-blonde all her life. Plus never washing your hair is gross. But over-shampooing can make it greasy though. To keep my hair thick and shiny, I wash it 2 times a week, condition 3-4 times, and never use chemicals or heat. Once a month I spray my hair with virgin olive oil and leave it in for a few hours (wash it out with shampoo). This is really nourishing and encourages hair growth.

  • retrobanana

    well she did have that bun hairdo everyday, im just not fond of her, i liked her on disney but thats because she seemed cutesy and sweet, but everything about her is average, shes a nice girl sweetand all, but average voice average body average face…yeah just kind of blah

  • Nobsnob

    Bad outfit, bad posture, and hmm bad hygiene habits.
    Good thing she doesn’t wash it everyday, no one needs it unless they have very greasy hair or get dirty every day, but I hope she stills wash it twice a week.

  • Polska Blondynka

    Hey, if it makes her happy, whatever! She’s not hurting me. Sometimes if you love something on yourself and you’re happy then why change and conform because your audience hates it.

  • Anastasia.

    “My boyfriend loves it”. Hmmmm, sure he does… You don’t need to have super long hair to look feminine, but I think only a very few people can pull off a hairstyle like that and still look good. imo, most guys aren’t attracted to such a butch hairstyle on a woman. Plus, why does she think that the only alternative to her current hairstyle is super long extensions? It is possible to have longer/longish hair without them.

  • Miff

    Does Liam also like camel toe??

  • Miff

    Does Liam also like camel toe?

    • Miff

      Haha, posted twice.

      • ladyfrommars


  • Bee

    Hmmm…it’s called personal hygiene girl! I’m sure there’s hair care products out there to get that not-showered-in-two-weeks look.

  • ladyfrommars

    I just really can’t stomach her personal style. her ‘grunge’ is an excuse to show off skin in really unflattering ways -_-

  • Natalie

    I personally think she is the definition of a butter face.

  • Observer

    turkey in the straw hee hee haw
    turkey in the hay hee hee hay

    ..somehow those words came to mind when looking at these pics.

  • hanne

    why does she have to have ‘long’ hair ? The way she had it just before she cut it off, shoulder length and a highlighted was absolutely perfect. And then, this

  • Beckers

    I actually like a lot of her clothes, and she definitely has the figure to wear them but not sure about that hair it makes her look older.

  • Adriana

    She looks like an old, hippy grandma.
    IMO that hair looks horrible on her because it’s white with dark regrowth, the worst combo in my books.
    Also IMO her face is too round to pull off a pixie cut.
    The floral print crop top looks like a print that my GMA wears, no joke and those shorts look like my brothers jeans except that they got hacked off and boy did they ever, nice a$$ cheeks Miley.
    I can’t stand seeing front flaps, the pockets I mean, then she turns around and more flaps, her a$$ cheeks I mean. Ehh!

  • Dana

    She has no neck

  • Megan

    lmfao she’s styled like total trash!

  • Loos

    I think it’s great that she doesn’t want to be another cookie cutter hollywood blonde. But I don’t think that hair style suits her face. She looks better with longer hair because of her round face. Having said that, if she feels more like herself with short hair, then to hell with what looks more attractive.

  • ellentjie

    I just can’t like this hair cut! I preferred the short do she had in between the long and this! She looked great like that and also with a more natural brown colour.

  • steph

    For a girl who probably has a lot of money, she looks like she shops thrift stores. Bad ones.

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