Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Goes Nude for V Magazine

article-0-20E7403A00000578-325_634x999 - Miley Cyrus Goes Nude for V Magazine

V Magazine’s 91st issue – also called the ‘Rebel Issue’ features no other than Miley Cyrus sans clothes (see inside), in fur coats paired with weird shoes and fur leotards. How do you all like it?

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  • Eve


  • ar

    She tends to be as shocking as possible in a lot of her pictures , she really isn’t one to shy away from boundaries , is she? Lol
    If you keep the shock value aside for a second , she really does have a beautiful body (always did, even when she was a little heavier), and she has very beautiful eyes and lips ….its kind of sad that not too many people notice any of that, all because of how she presents herself
    In a way that shows that she wants to be more than just her beauty, which is great, but on the flip side some will say she’s totally using her body for fame.
    I don’t understand her, but I think she’s beautiful nonetheless.

    • lc

      Well, to be “more than just her beauty”, she would have to beautiful first…and imo she has no natural beauty at all. And she makes it worse by doing this to herself.

  • Her body is absolutely perfect – my dream body wah!
    I’d be on top of the world if I looked like her but shes a waste of looks 🙁

  • vibes

    god, it’s all shock value. except it’s not shocking anymore because shes been doing this now for a year and half. we get it with the teddy bears and the holding innuendo’ed objects in front of your vadge and the nudity and the haircut. get a new gimmick now, please.

  • jen

    very uninteresting shoot…she goes nude on instagram nothing new here

  • L

    I like the giant pink sweater shot.

  • hjdshjkad

    i think she’s a pretty girl with a hot body…but she’s really really annoying.

  • Agatha

    Body wise: great.
    Anything else: tacky.

  • Winnie

    I hope those shoes were burned immediately following this…

  • Briana

    I’m kind of loving that blue fur leotard. I just want to touch it!

  • Robyn R

    Anyone that willingly wears 40 dead animals, enough said! Trashy

  • DaniH

    I legitimately feel sorry for people like her who have to try so hard to be/prove something.

  • lilone

    it looks like she is wearing cookie monster as a bathing suit.

  • Tias

    The sleepy look may be from bright lighting, especially in the last pic you can see how much the lights have overexposed the contrast. My eyes are unusually sensitive to bright lights and a lot of my pics end up all squinty.

  • Veronique

    For me it’s her awful hair. When her hair was long I thought she was stunning! This cut/color just doesn’t work on her, IMO.

    • Yeah, I don’t like the cut either, although it is getting better now that it is starting to grow longer.

      And I really really wish she would just dye her hair already (brunette-the color she had in lol-….), I think it would already make a major change!

  • Flora

    I very very very very very strongly dislike her. But she’s got a great body.

  • ayu

    I also think her looks are getting better with age. When she isn’t trying super hard to make vulgar facial expressions or trying to reach her bellybutton with her tongue. I quite like her recent hairstyling.

  • Great body and her face is actually pretty but the hair, her outfits and the behaviour are tacky.

  • Liv

    Yes.. it’s called Teeth.. and it is awesome!

  • Zoe.

    The shots are ok, but to me she’s so boring and predicable. It’s like everytime I see an article or post saying “Here’s Miley for … magazine”, I can immediately imagine what the shots will look like- I can almost always guarantee that they’ll feature at least one, if not all of the following: 1) bare boobs 2) bare bum 3) baring it ALL.

    I get that when she initially changed her ‘image’, she was going for shock value; however over a year later, it’s no longer shocking- the thing that would shock me would be to see a spread of her fully-clothed, depicted in a way that actually made her look attractive as opposed to just plain weird and rather desperate.

    I think she’s better known for being naked than for actually singing, which is rather worrying considering she identifies herself as a ‘music artist’, as opposed to a model or stripper. I personally can’t name a single song she’s released since wrecking ball and I think if she wants longevity in her career, she might want to consider working on her singing/song-writing skills and let all the crazy antics take a back seat.

  • Snugglepup

    Things that should’ve never been done: 1. this shoot 2.the conceiving of Miley Cyrus

  • Morvren

    What´s up with her eyes? They look dead. Is she drugged out of her skull? Or are the lashes bothering her?

  • lc

    This girl is not interesting, attractive, NOTHING. She is like Lady Gag, burnt out already, headed to has-been land. Why are we still seeing her everywhere? These pics are airbrushed like crazy also.

  • lc

    I honestly do find her well, ugly, to be brutally honest. Her facial features come together very weirdly to me, and she has no definable bone structure, which is a must-have for me. They have given her one here, but it’s all PS, of course.

    • CSL

      I agree. If you’ve seen her side profile, you would know how strange her features are. Her nose almost melts into her face…it’s very flat and odd looking. It looks like it has been broken a few times and healed poorly, though that isn’t the case. Also, you can tell by looking at her lips that she smokes; they’re very wrinkled and aged looking. Besides that, she overall is just very funny looking. And her eyes are small and beady…