Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – Tummy Peek in White

FFN_g_51120720 - Miley Cyrus - Tummy Peek in White

Miley Cyrus continues to show her love for tummy-revealing outfits – check her out this week, wearing a white ensemble that shows off her trim abs and slim figure.

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FFN_g_51120456 - Miley Cyrus - Tummy Peek in White FFN_g_51120465 - Miley Cyrus - Tummy Peek in White FFN_g_51120469 - Miley Cyrus - Tummy Peek in White FFN_g_51120715 - Miley Cyrus - Tummy Peek in White

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  • Tinkerbell

    awesome figure, disgusting outfit. I loooove leggings but the only colour I wouldn’t wear like ever ever ever is… WHITE!! of all the colors of the world who would actually choose white for leggings??! I won’t even list my problems with that choice..

    • alyssa

      What do you think her waist size is now? 23″? 24″? She looks tiny but I know her hips aren’t flat and boxy like most runway models, so maybe its small relative to her hips? 25″ or 26″?

  • She could look really good if she dressed like an adult – she has nice proportions. But her dress sense is terrible – especially since this whole (phony) ‘punk’ phase. I just don’t get her appeal – everything about her just seems forced, immature and bratty to me. And her nails are vile in that last photo!

    • truwordz

      thaankyou. The hair colour, the haircut , her clothes ughh everything bout her in this phase screams forced, fake,cheap and BORING. like how many people have done this before. It’s also obvious whats happened, she spent way too long as girly disney princess and now she is reacting to that. it’s just too bad we also have to suffer the consequences.

      • melina

        So true! But what concerns me the most is her attitude. She keeps posting photos of her self that are really provocative! And there are videos of her where she dances like a stripper! I know it is a way to promote her new album but it is the wrong way to do it. Doesn’ t she have any self respect?

        • serena

          No. She was brought up in a Hollywood family and taught from a young age that money is everything, she will do whatever it takes to get attention and stay in the spotlight. She is a product of the industry that created her, rather than her own person.

          • Debbs

            Agree 100%.

          • lc

            True that, serena.

        • Belsy

          I agreed with everything you said …up until you said ” doesn’t she have any self respect “….I don’t think you know what self respect means

    • JaneParker

      Agreed. I think she has a really good body. And she’s still very young, she could still get away with dressing in a more risqué way, but it’s so constant that it just screams attention-seeker. And I don’t really don’t like her recent style, worse comes to worst I prefer Rihanna’s style, even tho she has the same of blatant, provocative “look at me” attitude.

    • Plirr

      No way… she’s just having fun. She’s young and experimental and trying stuff out. Boring is the same-old, same-old hollywood pretty-girl. She rocks this look, even though she likes to show off her body (but it’s a great one!)… She looks like she’s facing the world without fear of being hollywood pretty. Refreshing.

    • Aimeej


  • She sure is desprerate these days, isn’t she.

  • callie

    Terrible outfits but I forgive her because her body is just phenomenal at the moment. If I were her I probably wouldn’t even bother with clothes. Perfection!

    • ayu

      Agree! Also agree about the nails, they’re the tackiest thing ever.

  • Nyn

    Seriously, her body’s almost completely perfect. IMO, she’s got a waaay better body than the current VS angels, none of whom i particularily like, rosie was the best body but she’s gone (never like RHW’s face anyhow). I sorta like Miley’s hair, but from the neck down she’s insane!

    • Pixie

      Agree!!! 🙂

    • artemis

      I agree! Tummy revealing tight outfits suit her so well because she has a nice tummy indeed and she isn’t curveless like most models. her hair is cool. never liked her face, not even when all young teen boys and girls were crazy about her in hanah :/

      • Aimeej

        Lol esSPECIALLY not in Hannah Montana lol. She was so awkward

  • ramona

    Her body is really amazing! I’d probably want to show off my tummy aswell if it looked like hers.
    I’m repeating myself but I think she has so much potential, which she is wasting. Nicer (normal) clothes, other hairstyle(or at least haircolor) and she’d be soo pretty.

    • Tiina

      Ramona, I was about to make that exact same comment about who wearing what. 😉

      Though I kinda like her punky phase. She has worn a lot of awful things, I freely admit that, but at least she’s recognizable and somewhat original. I’d choose her any time over the forgettable CW-clones with peachy make up, glossy locks, colourful mini dresses and sky-high heels. So here’s to hoping that her style evolves towards a more sophisticated edgy look! Even the short hair is way better than the ratty extensions she had before. It really brings out her eyes even if that bleached two-tone is horrendous.

      I don’t like all of her comments or all ofher outfits (or basically any of her movies..) but count me in for Team Miley anyways!

      • Aimeej

        Yeah I guess I agree. At least she’s not a trend. I’m kinda tomboyish n funky myself so I can appreciate it lol…BUT, I think she tries too hard. If ur gonna have that style it’s about just throwing on whatever in a spontaneous way.

      • Aimeej

        Yeah I guess I agree. At least she’s not a trend. I’m kinda tomboyish n funky myself so I can appreciate it lol…BUT, I think she tries too hard. If ur gonna have that style it’s about just throwing on whatever in a spontaneous way, not planning what looks the funkiest

  • Pixie

    Amazing body!!! I could care less how she dresses.

    • cameron baum

      could or couldn’t care less? 😉

      She has an awesome body and how she dresses now bothered me at first but now I’m like “eh.” Not what I’d wear but if she wants to work it, that’s up to her.

  • solaxia

    She has a great body!

  • swissmiss

    Although I find her need to constantly show off her tummy really ridiculous, her body is just banging hot. Perfect proportions and body fat percentage. Nothing more to add.

  • Hazal

    Great body -yes- but her dress sense is horrendous and she’s probably one of the tackiest celebs out there (next to Rihanna).

  • Daniella

    yuck! what a terrible body….. said no one ever

  • artemis

    i can almost see her boob, lol. not my fav body but it’s ok. her tummy is perfeeect

  • Emilia

    she has a perfect body-im impresses….BUT she was so cute when she had that bob and now whats taht hair? seriously and she was wearing like nice dresses and basic stuff and looked sooo pretty and hot . and now shes trying to be like gwen stefani or what.pfffff she could be so much more!!

  • Heather

    Those shoes are hideous.

    Change the white leggings (!!!!!!) to some distressed slim jeans and the shoes to regular chucks and it might be sorta cute.

    Also, VS I think you mean tummy peek, as in peek-a-boo, not tummy peak, as in the peak of a mountain. I think I have a tummy peak, hahahahaha.

  • HB

    Her body is fantastic, which I guess I wasn’t really expecting from her as she grew up, I don’t know why. I can’t explain that.

    I actually don’t have a problem with the white leggings.

  • mary

    cannot stand her personality or style, but credit where credit is due, shes got a smokin bod

  • lillaliket

    for me, she is the definiton of a butterface, and that whole “rebellious” schtick is getting really old.

  • Sophia

    I want that tummy!

  • Sandwich

    I think it’s funny that she goes to hide her face, but in the process flashes her boob…

    I like her though and think her body is sick. Who can wear white like that and still look fantastic.

    • Sidney

      i think the flashing of her boobs is partly intentional. she herself decided not to wear anything under that loose crop hoodie.

  • MerryHappy

    She is so tacky/trashy, i don’t even know how to process it anymore.

  • annemarie

    Terrible outfits and styling can’t be saved by a great body – her overall look is not nice.

  • wb

    white leggings are just unflattering and is she trying to show her side boob with her arm up?

  • Nene

    Perfect tummy.
    Looks like she is hiding her face from the camera…

  • JC

    The bod is smokin. The fashion, hair, and face is not. If Miley could only get herself together…

  • Emeline

    Her style is horrible

  • Natascha

    height and weight guesses?

    • Nyn

      I’d guess 5″5 and 110-115. she’s got a body similar to this girl’s:

      maybe 115 if miley’s more muscular

      • Natascha

        I think she is taller! more like 5’7 but I agree about the 115 pounds! I’m 5’7 and 116 pounds and we kinda look a like ! although her body is a bit more desirable 😀

        • siennagold

          No Miley is 5’4 to 5’5. I’ve read several different fitness articles about her height. I’ll guess her weight is 5’5 at around 115. She doesn’t really look to skinny to me. In fact she’s slim with curves.

    • Veronique

      Hmm I’d say she’s lighter, I’m 5’4 and 100 lbs and I look waaaay fatter than her, lulz. Then again I have like zero muscle tone whereas Miley looks quite toned. I’d say she’s 5’5 and 100lbs with low body fat.

      • Natascha

        no I don’t believe that at all.. not 100 pounds! someone like Zoe Saldana claims to be 115 lbs. I think Miley is 5’7 and between 110-115.. more likely 115.. I’m 116 lbs and I look like her.. maybe a tad thinner. She is not really skinny at all!

  • binks

    Miley does have a great body overall but I don’t get her persona lately. Though the short haircut grew on me.

  • liss

    I really don´t like that hair, but I like her attitude since she got it..her style tho´not so much

  • Nene

    Whenever i see a pix of her am reminded of Rihanna.It’s kinda weird cos both have same ‘issues’,in every way.
    …now she has broken up with Liam,wonder what next she’s gonna do for attention.

  • snugglepup

    Her figure is amazing, apart from her butt… i thought she had a nice bum some time ago! what happened

  • I was just about taking an ice from fridge when I saw her and thought:”whoa, whoa! do you REALLY want that piece of body distructive thing before you go to bed?!” 😀

  • La la la la

    i think she has one of the best bodies out there. i love how she got in shape and is all healthy now. but the buzz cut on the back of her head has got to go. that haircut was popular in the mid-90s (mushroom cut) and has never flattered anyone! i like platinum blonde and short hair on her, but i agree with an above poster, i think she looked best with a cute pixie cut. and i think her hair looks nice any color, not just bleach blonde. this outfit is actually closer to cute than the ridiculously tight stuff she’s been wearing that looks like it cuts off circulation. at least she looks comfortable. she seems to be super into fashion, and it just comes off as a little vapid sometimes. she goes with trends that aren’t necessarily flattering or cute, i think to be relevant. i don’t see her as a trendsetter as much as a follower. but who knows, if her new album is great and she marries Liam, she could become a trendsetter.

  • TonyFae

    Love the bag, like the sweater.

    Thats it.

  • lc

    Desperate…come on Miley give it up now. She is a butterface.

  • Candy M.

    Her new song should be called, Please Stop!!! Her music is bad, her personality is bad. All these child stars/ disney stars like miley, demi, are bugging me.

  • Hanna

    Her body is Amazing

  • retrobanana

    meh…not impressed…i think that girl from the mybodygallery link nyn posted has a better body…miley has a 20 year olds body big surprise..

  • Nana

    Wearing a shirt that says “dimepiece.” She has a great body but she is no ten. Her facial structure is horrible.

  • JennM

    I don’t get everyone saying her body is so great. Yes, her tummy is nice, but so are a lot of 20 year olds, and her butt in that second picture looks really gross and oddly droopy to me.

    The flattest tummy in the world doesn’t make up for that face, either.

  • Winnie

    body’s looking good. outfit–not so much. face…no comment.

  • Mara

    Always remember, kids:
    “A star is someone who doesn’t have to take her clothes off to be sexy because you naturally have star power. Sex does sell, but you have to find a way that’s not just showing your body. I don’t want to be a glorified model. They just walk on stage and it’s all about their clothes – or lack of clothes.”

  • domeeM

    She is hiding her face from the camera but showing everything else (especially her boobs) ^^
    I used to like her grunge style but now this mix of rapper/punk look is just terrible.

  • Fai

    Her body is amazing. If anyone can wear white leggings, it’s her. She should do something more feminine to her hair.

  • siennagold

    I’m not a fan but she has a fantastic bod.

  • Carrie

    I think she is more like 5’5 and maybe 100 lbs. 115 sounds high because she is not too tall

    • Natascha

      don’t believe she is only 100 pounds! she is at least 110 and I think she is 5’6 or 5’7 and 115 pounds. Zoe saldana is 5’6 and 115 and I think she is way skinnier than miley.. and also more smallboned!

      • Carrie

        Zoe Saldana is not 115 lbs. I know she claims that but she can say whatever she wants she is probably 105 lbs

        • Natascha

          yea I think you are right actually! but I do think Miley is 115 pounds then, because she is “larger” than Zoe Saldana is!

  • sunshine

    I’m in love with the bag !!
    I think her boob is exposed in the 4th pic!!

  • Bo

    You know you’re fit when you can pull off white leggings!

  • sofie kittie

    Not really a fan of Miley, but wow… her body is bangin!

  • kim

    there she goes again trying to “accidentally” flash her boobs and the fact that she’s not wearing a bra…over it!

  • Miryem

    Ehh I don’t see what’s so good about her figure. She’s not overweight so that’s good, but she doesn’t have any sexy curves. She looks still like a young teenager, no hips or ass or thighs.

    • serena

      As a young teenager she was curvier than she is now – last summer she lost weight, at least 2-3 dress sizes. She does have curves, a Vase shape (stretched out hourglass) but on a very lean frame. She’s got a good WHR.

  • Chinkabelle

    I’m not trying to be funny, but really, what exactly do people mean when they say that Miley (or anyone else, really) is “trying too hard”? Trying too hard to do what? How can anyone tell? What’s the difference between her & other celebrities who have had similar looks, like Pink? People say she’s “faux-rebellious”, but I don’t think any of it is fake – I think this is who she is right now, whether we like it or not. She’s 20; she might settle into another more “conventional” identity somewhere down the road, but for right now, she’s just being young & doing what she probably genuinely likes, & I don’t see the problem with that. And just because other people have tried this look before doesn’t mean she’s a shameless imitator (most young celebrities wear the same ole heels & structured mini-dresses to every event. Are they imitators of each other?). Idk, it might just be me, but when I hear the phrase “try-hard” it brings me back to high school when everyone was throwing around the word “poser” at each other like crazy, & it just makes me inwardly cringe.

    …And obviously, I’m somewhat of a Miley fan, lol. Not necessarily for what she’s done career-wise, but for her doing & wearing what she wants even when she has to know that people are hating on it. Sorry for the rant!

  • RachelGat53

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    • JessMcGuire28

      really nice thank you! 🙂

  • ellentjie

    Literally white trash.

  • Mickey

    Hate her style, personality, singing, but LOVE LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE her body! I just don’t get why her style switched AFTER she worked for this incredible body. She could look so amazing in all sorts of outfits.

    When is she going to start dressing well? When she gains weight? Is it like a trade-off thing?