Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly in a Bikini

FP_4338272_Jeter_Kelly_Engaged_TRB_BARM_010910 - Minka Kelly in a Bikini

Monday bikini treat!

Here we have actress Minka Kelly (plus her boyfriend Derek Jeter) in St. Barts.

Minka looks great! She is 29, in case you’re curious.

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FP_4338269_Jeter_Kelly_Engaged_TRB_BARM_0109101 - Minka Kelly in a Bikini

FP_4338270_Jeter_Kelly_Engaged_TRB_BARM_010910 - Minka Kelly in a Bikini

FP_4338275_Jeter_Kelly_Engaged_TRB_BARM_010910 - Minka Kelly in a Bikini

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  • yeaitsme

    wow! little stunner! fab figure! so toned and athletic, yet curvy! also she makes me feel better about aging =o)

    • londongirl

      Is 29 classed as ‘aging’ these days?? Yes, she indeed looks enviably great, but at 39, I still look this hot in a bikini (tho admittedly skinnier), and I have friends who’re older than me who are just as va-va-voom in beachwear … aaargh! I think a lot of us are looking from the other side of the age gap … and hopefully feeling ‘hey, I still look pretty good for my advancing years compared with these pictures’.

      Or did I misunderstand your comment?! Which side of 29 are you?!

      • Kae

        29 is classified as aging these days, especially if you are a young girl or an alpha male. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s all about fitness, health and attitude. I’m sure you look fabulous, so rock the bikini!

        • yeaitsme

          kae- i didnt mean it offensively. i meant that i am getting down about it, and i am glad that you are still in great shape and that it all comes down to health and fitness- because i am prepared to work hard…i am just sick of people telling me my prime was when i was 18

          • Kae

            I wasn’t really offended, I just felt the need to make the clarify. We as women are under a lot of pressure to appear young, especially as we mature into our 30’s and early 40’s. I’ve been feeling it a lot lately but I also know that my attitude and fitness will help me through it. As long as I take care of myself and remain really active, I’m doing great!

            But thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it.

          • Kae

            I meant “clarification”, not “clarify”.

      • kitty

        “va va voom” LOL! why do ppl say that? it sounds so cheesy and dorky idk maybe its just me who thinks that 😐

        • yeaitsme

          i didnt mean i think that 29 is aging…but i am 23 and i feel pressure already. people talk about me not being so young anymore. models are generally in their teens. sex symbols are generally really young, and getting younger. I didnt mean it offensively. And i am really glad at 39 that you are still hot as ever! it makes me feel better! i feel like at 23 i am classed as getting on, and that i am wasting my youth and wont ever get a partner because they all want teens! so i am happy you commented…thank you

          • yeaitsme

            oh and whats more- my bf is 27…and this would be old and chubby to him…maybe thats what got me so down about being 23 and a similar size to her. if he could have this or a teen…one guess who he would chose!

          • londongirl

            Nooooooooo sweetie you have an awfully long time until you hit your prime. My father (a true connoisseur of women) said that good women are like good wine – they simply improve with age. Yes, it really is true, Kae – I too have been in the best shape throughout my thirties and you are so right that it’s about health, fitness and ATTITUDE so enjoy flaunting that bikini and great body! OK – skin tone changes as we get older (oh for the peachy, elasticky skin of an 18 year old, yesssssss please), but there is absolutely no reason for anything else physical to fall apart, sag, bloat, jellify etc simply as a result of just AGING.

            So yeaitsme, please, please just enjoy being the age you are now, look after yourself, and have confidence in who you are … we could tell you that looks aren’t everything (most of the time it feels like they are however ‘balanced’ one might claim to be!) but every age has its great points, and confidence does have a huge role to play in looking good at any of those ages – tho I reckon that the thirties are SIMPLY THE BEST DECADE of a woman’s life so far, and all my rapidly aging friends will attest to that. So if life begins at 40, bring it on.

            Sadly – most guys look at perky 18 year old butts, that’s just what they do … but looking at and loving/lusting after for more than one fumble/whatever are two completely different things and most of them, the guys who are worth the effort, also love us imperfections and all. I never met even an 18 year old who was without imperfection, so there – youth is no guarantee of flawlessness. In fact men seem to love the imperfections more (f they even see them), if my (under 30) long term BF is to be believed 😉

    • padme

      Aging? lol you must be under 14 if you think 29 is old.

      • kitty

        i’m 22 and i feel old!! LOL

        • yeaitsme

          its not that i think other people who are older than me are ‘old’. i was more reflecting how i feel. gosh i wish people would chill! im not someone that is out to offend people! i didnt mean it in a bad way, i just didnt spend ages trying to make my comment as perfect as possible so that it couldnt be taken the wrong way! IM SORRY!
          anyway, im glad everyone shared their success stories. makes me feel better.
          just look at the ppl who are ‘sex symbols’- most VS models are under 22. sure, there is marissa and heidi and allessandra…but c’mon…when most of them are so young, and then you have the few that arent, you begin to lose hope for yourself and think they are freaks of nature

          • Sophie

            I think most sex symbols in the media are older than 22.

            By the way – I don’t want to sound cruel but if you think you’re boyfriend would ditch you for a teenager than you should probably find another one.

          • padme

            I think you need a new boyfriend. Yours sounds like a dick. What kind of 27 year old man would rather be with a teenager than a 29 year old? He obviously is making you insecure so you should dump the loser and find someone who makes you feel good about yourself. I’m 27 and I don’t feel even close to old. I think women are usually the sexiest in their 30s (not always) but I look forward to that.

          • Kae

            Our society is obsessed with youth, that’s for sure. I’m noticing that models are getting younger and younger too. It’s tough but it’s the industry and people like to look at young women. That’s what sells.

            So, the group of men that I hang out with are also in their 30’s and this is what they have to say about women and aging: yes, they like to look at younger women, they’re programmed to do that. It’s the way they are. But when it comes to finding a wife, they want a woman who takes care of herself so the aging process isn’t quite so dramatic. They appreciate a fit and healthy women who works with what she was naturally given.

        • sara

          i totally understand you, i turned 20 three months ago and i feel old..that’s sad!XD
          btw i agree with many sex symbols being young, e.g. scarlett became one when she was 18/19, like britney, megan fox was 21 when the first transformer came out, keira was 18 too, lindsay same

  • Ana

    For Christ sake!! I can’t take any more of this “fun in the sun” pictures while I’m freezing my a** out and studying for my exams!That sucks big time
    Oh and Minka looks younger, nice body all in all

    • Just Me

      No kidding!

      • b


  • Just Me

    Love the bikini, both cut and color. She also has a great body. Very toned.

  • Suji

    I really dislike Jeter, but I like her figure 🙂

  • Barbie

    I wish I was there. Hate the bikini.

  • she looks very hot 😀

  • s

    So pretty. How much do you all think she weighs? She look s great!

    • anadeau07

      It says minka kelly is 5’6″ and those are some big boobs, but she is little otherwise… hmmm, prob around 125lbs.

  • cj

    she loookssss good
    avreage, why cant the model industry put this body type on the market? instead of the deadly skinny vs chubby?

    • Ally

      Because this is also as unattainable as being 5’9″ and 105 pounds. If you aren’t born with a certain body type, you just WON’T have it. It’s a healthier body shape to look at, but it’s still not reasonable to think that I’ll be able to have a full bust and flat stomach and athletic thighs. Just not gonna happen!!

  • suzushii

    She has GREAT genes. I wish I had such a full bust with a flat stomach.

  • CAM

    She’s sooo pretty! Great body too! And I’m very gutted that Friday Night Lights doesn’t get shown in the UK 🙁

  • I only like this post for Derek Jeter. She’s pretty too but I am in love with Jeter. haha

    • Mizzy

      well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but they just got engaged.

    • that guy? :O yuck

  • Very cute:) Good bod.

  • xo

    I think this girl is so hot!!

  • Sanzida

    Versus, what shape would you say she is?

  • anadeau07

    well I dunno why she’s with this guy… she could do better.

    She defently has a more plush-soft body than most I’ve seen on the beach. She is of decent height too so she looks good. Her thighs look really toned for the most part… but is it just me or do her boobs look really saggy? They seem really low on her.

    • Uma

      I think it’s rather a case of bad bra than saggy boobs; her body looks great imo.

  • Jeanie

    Wow, she has my exact body type – rulerish, but with boobs and hips, just not the curved in waist – this is totally inspiring me to look like that again… I agree that she must be around 130, now I must lose 20 pounds to look like that and get fit.