Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly – Hottie in Jeans

FFN_g_50994440 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans

32 year-old hottie Minka Kelly was spotted this weekend while out in the park with her dog – and as usual, Minka looked cute in a simple & casual outfit based on jeans that showed off her shapely figure.

More of Minka next!


FFN_g_50994421 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans FFN_g_50994423 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans FFN_g_50994424 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans FFN_g_50994427 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans FFN_g_50994435 - Minka Kelly - Hottie in Jeans

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  • kara

    nice booty!
    plus she’s so cute and fresh faced. Looks about 25.

    • Magda

      The same. I can’t believe she is 32.
      Looks beautiful to me

    • MissMarilyn


    • Naressa Khan

      Exactly! I’ve really nothing else to say about her other than the simple fact that she’s just… beautiful.

  • eva

    she is beautiful and looks like a really nice, smart and kind woman.

    • Inanna

      Looks smart? How does someone look smart?

      • serena

        People who are stupid often have goofy facial expressions or appear slow in some way. So the opposite can be true too. I think you can often tell just by looking into someones eyes that they’re witty or clever. But a picture can be deceiving.

  • pewpy

    she is so beautiful. what a young fresh face! She looks like she takes care of herself.

  • Tally

    Shes got a great bod, but im not liking the jeans and shoes it makes her legs look not so great

    • Sofia

      They make her look short

  • serena

    For some reason I’ve always liked her a lot – she seems like the kind of person you’d want to be friends with in real life. And I feel bad for her that she’s stalked while trying to play with her dog at the park like anyone else!

    • Agreed! She seems ‘normal’ and natural – and it must be so awful to have photographers snapping away when you are just wanting to have fun in the park with your dog! Celebs must be so tense in public because of this sort of thing – the feeling of being watched and scrutinised all the time would drive me nuts!

  • Clarence Beeks

    I think she is so pretty, and has a great body.

  • Inanna

    I think she’s so average.

  • Natalia

    Dear loord I don’t know why I would care about this woman……….

    • Mishael

      It’s a weird sentence.Sounds like someone is forcing you to care for her.

      • Natalia

        No….I just meant I don’t know why such an average outfit/average/woman is worth a post…that’s all. But I should have said ‘don’t know why I would care to look at this woman’, not, ‘don’t know why I would care about her’, that sounded mean, and not what I meant.

    • jamie

      oh great, you’re back *rolls eyes*

      • Natalia

        I’m not that bad, and I have a right to express my opinions just like everyone, and I have never insulted anyone here, just once to mscheeks which I regretted later, and I have never used words like ‘fatty’ or ‘cow’ or ‘bitch’ or never even been nasty in anyway honestly. I do encourage anybody that doesn’t like arguing, not to respond to my comments, b/c I hate to lose, and actually can’t stop myself from debating, like anything, any subject (studied logic and philosophy), so, that being said, I really hate long arguments that go on and on for hours and hours, that’s why I left before, I didn’t have TIME for that crap. Now, I just like to come, look, comment, maybe one or two comments back and that’s it. I can get sucked into internet addiction, like A LOT of people can. don’t want to. Plus, coming here, typing, REALLY helps my English (writing).

        • misscheeks

          I don’t even remember you insulting me Natalia (I vaguely remember a big butt comment…maybe that’s what you’re referring to? but everyone here knows I’m the resident bootyologist 😀 and I’ve even helped people with fitness and tips in that department) so it’s ok! 😉 That being said, I’m respectful of and tolerate your opinions even if I don’t agree with them…that goes for anyone I guess *shrugs* But let me offer you one piece of advice from the heart and i’m saying this without malice or bitchiness: please don’t suggest that just because someone doesn’t share your opinions that they’re lying or delusional as you’ve said before on this site. Such a comment is not only a slap in the face to that person (you may have never called names but you definitely have insulted people by essentially saying they’re incapable of being honest) but it’s also a lazy cop-out on your part cos that’s not in the spirit of debate at all (no great debater says “you don’t agree with me? then you’re just lying!” little kids maybe but not someone who wants to have an engaging debate). I hope you see where I’m coming from here, I’m not trying to be mean at all…I’m a bit sleepy anyway haha so I hope you can see past my ramblings ok?

          • Natalia

            hahaha, yeah, I’m actually sick as a dog, that’s why I’ve go too much time on my hands, and you’re right, I was i was an absolute stinker to say, ‘of course anybody would choose to look like a super model if they had their choice, you can’t be serious!’. It’s something, I realize NOW, that shouldn’t be uttered aloud, whether I think it or not. You are right about that.

          • Natalia

            I feel kind of warm inside now 🙂 maybe it’s my fever lol, but thanks for your nice comment

          • misscheeks

            Haha glad you could see where I was coming from! 🙂

      • Natalia

        I’m not that bad, and I do have a right to express my opinions just like everyone, right? Aand I have never insulted anyone here, just once to mscheeks which I regretted later, and I have never used derogatory words or never even been nasty in anyway honestly. I do encourage anybody that doesn’t like arguing, not to respond to my comments, b/c I hate to lose, and actually can’t stop myself from debating, like anything, any subject (studied logic and philosophy and I have been trained to disect arguments, debate, etc), so, that being said, I really hate long arguments that go on and on for hours and hours, that’s why I left before, I didn’t have time, one went on like all day – I GOT NOTHING DONE – Now, I just like to come, look, comment, maybe one or two comments back and that’s it. I can get sucked into internet addiction, like A LOT of people can. don’t want to. Plus, coming here, typing, REALLY helps my English (writing).

        • LauraCM

          you guys are way too into this.

  • jamie

    pretty face, average body

  • Candy

    gorgeous face

  • alina

    what’s so “hootie”?????…a normal girl, a little bit fat and a pair of jeans. nothing special …

    • Megan

      I see a healthy, confident, down-to-earth girl – comfortable, easy-going, nice hair, big smile with great teeth, having fun. HOT.

      • Indigo Lace

        That’s what I see as well.

    • jenn

      She might have an outfit on that’s non-complimentary, but in no way is she fat at all.

      • Natalia

        hope I don’t get beaten up here, what’s wrong w/ using adjectives, a person can have a little excess fat, they can have a lot of exess fat, they can have a moderate amount of excess fat – maybe it’s best to do what I do, say, ‘yeah, she has a little bit of excess fat, but she is not large, or in medical terms, she is not overweight or obese.
        Would that be so horrible? Mostly, I like to stick to medical terms b/c they are easily defined. In this case, yes, she has a little excess fat, but is not overweight or obese. Hard to say what her amount of muscle is, b/c of that layer, small layer, of excess fat.

        • misscheeks

          What do you mean by excess fat Natalia? Anything greater than around 12% (that’s the bare bare minimum to survive…at that point a woman would probably have stopped menstruating anyway) is excess no? Surely you mean too “soft” or something? To me excess has to be measured up against something else if you know what I mean.

          • Natalia

            I mean, you’re asking me this now, when we’re not talking about anyone in particular so…..it’s hard for me to answer you…bad timing I guess. But maybe we shouldn’t go on, I mean, I would really like to sometimes just comment, read, and move on – no offense to you at all – you were very nice in your question…but, oh god, just shoootmeeee

          • misscheeks

            Uh you are talking about Minka in particular- it says so in your last sentence where you talked about her having a small layer of excess fat. :/

            Even if you weren’t talking about a specific person, the term excess fat remains the same and I simply asked you to clarify what you mean since you were replying to another comment. You say it a lot and you like to throw around words like ‘medical terms’ and logic and debate but you can’t answer the very simple and logical question: what do you mean by excess fat? Really?

            You’ve clearly chickened out. No shame in that, just proves to everyone that you don’t know what you mean by excess fat but you’re too hard- headed to admit you’re wrong. No biggie! 🙂

          • Natalia

            Wow, that cattiness was really uncalled for, but I’m not falling over in shock…yeah, I found her so average I didn’t even remember her…she appears to have some excess fat on her.

            And I chickened out b/c I’m tired of responding. But now I have to it seems, since you’re demanding an answer. Excess fat, in aestethic terms, is just fat that obscures the muscles, hides definition, it may look jiggly, it may not, it may give a soft or squishy look……..since you were obviously looking to pick a fight, I hope I’ve given you ample amunition. Go ahead…btw, Bruce Lee is an example of someone who does NOT have any excess fat on them…so is Natasha Poly, Hillary Rhoda at some points in her career. You can see the muscle definition, the muscles, there is no soft covering or layer of fat.

            I am only saying what is excess fat in aesthetic terms, not medical terms in regard to what is healthy, or not healthy.

            Just bring down your defenses a little bit, you can ask me a question and be nice, I am not a mean person, and contrary to what some people here think, I actually do not like cattiness, or meanness or trolling, – though I do love debate, to a degree (where it doesn’t go on too long).

        • misscheeks

          Cool! Thanks for actually answering my question Natalia…I wasn’t meaning to be catty, I just felt like you were fobbing off my original question because you didn’t want to answer it.

          I suspected you were talking in terms of aesthetics but you yourself said you like to stick to ‘medical terms’ because they are easily defined so you can see where the confusion arose-i.e. appropriating a medical term in a non-medical context. At least saying someone’s “fat” or “soft” is subjective and vague but in a way safe too, but by logic, excess implies a strict sense of having “more than what is required” you know? I know you’ve said before that English isn’t your first language (mine neither! ;)) but you must see where people are coming from when they ask “well what do you mean by excess?” I totally get what you mean now (Lee, Rhoda etc) that you’ve explained it to me they’re very lean with low bf whereas Minka is softer with what seems to be a high bf%…wouldn’t say it’s ‘excess’ per se but she’s definitely soft.

          I love debate too and to be fair, I *did* ask you a question in a polite, neutral manner originally because I wanted to understand where you are coming from…like I said in my other comment, I do respect what other people have to say even if I don’t agree with them…that’s what life is all about imo showing tolerance and wanting to see things from a different pov.

          Anyway, sorry for the essay! And I’m sorry to hear you’re sick too, get plenty of rest and get better soon! 😉

          • Natalia

            Ah thank you, I am weak but the worst is over (flu like), but yeah, I do think excess is not the right word to describe people that have normal amounts of fat it can give ppl impression that it is unhealthy in cases where it is not, I actually don’t think it’s correct of me to use that word, I think I should be more careful b/c who is reading, but yeah, old Gemma, Bruce Lee, just an example of someone who came to mind, I like him b/c he’s awesome bu he reminds me of me, same height, same lean muscular form, just 30 lbs more of muscle, well he’s dead now, but youknow

  • wonderwoman21

    I’ve always thought that Minka was pretty; but I saw these before & after plastic surgery pix of her and was shocked. Has anyone else ever seen those?

    • Kay

      I haven’t–got any links for sharing? ^_^

      • wonderwoman21

        Here’s the link that I saw:


        I see a subtle difference and can’t tell exactly what, but the ‘after’ picture definitely looks better. Maybe better makeup? Either way I think she looks great now, very natural and I would never look at her and think plastic surgery.

        • Casey

          Could be mild fillers (not Botox) under the eyes to remove the undereye. I don’t know, it’s always hard to make judgements off of one picture. She could have just been particularly dehydrated that day or weighed less.

          Either way, if she does use fillers it is a very moderate amount.

          • wonderwoman21

            The under eye is definitely the most noticeable change; the puffiness is gone. Is that possible from fillers?

          • hownowbrowncow

            Not sure how you could miss the incredibly obvious rhinoplasty. Her nose looks about eight times thinner than it used to.

    • Magda

      I had to google her because she is not famous in France and OHMYGOD I was not expecting this : http://famousplastic.net/2012/02/10/photos-of-minka-kelly-before-and-after-botox-is-shocking/

      She looks way better to me though, so well done to her.

  • jamie

    Not a fan of her figure but she’s cute, and does look younger than 32 – but as wonderwoman21 mentioned she has had plastic surgery, or at the very least a good deal of botox. It is well done though, in fairness to her. I wouldn’t have realised she had so much work done without the before and after pics.

    • artemis

      i wanna have what she had done when i’ll be older 😀

  • God, I love her!

    But those pants tend to make legs look shorter/stumpy and since she is a pear it’s not the most flattering choice..
    But she has such a nice smile, body and face.

    • JaneParker

      Yes, those jeans are not flattering at all, they make her look shorter. I feel her legs would be really amazing if she lost a little weight, but her midsection is great the way it is so it would probably be too skinny if she did, wich I guess is the problem with being a pear, for your legs to be slim to rest of you has to be too slim. But she’s not fat by any means and her face looks great.

  • Chelsea

    She’s pretty, but she looks average. On a side note, I always wondered what I would look like with a team of hair stylist and make-up artists like these celebrities/models have…lol

  • Casey

    I don’t think this outfit is the most flattering…she has a fantastic hourglassy figure. But not everyone dresses just to impress people with their body all the time; she obviously wanted to go to the park to play with her dog, so she wore something comfortable. But

    I think that’s what makes her likeable to people. She’s a gorgeous girl who never seems like she is trying hard. She seems down-to-Earth and casual.

    Also, with a face like that, her body can look like whatever and she’d still be attractive. She has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood at the moment, in my opinion.

    • neutra

      100 % concurred, like usual 🙂

    • Kimberly

      I agree Casey. She has a cute and curvy figure with a perfect face.

  • annemarie

    Her face looks cute but I don’t like her body.

  • Emeline

    I don’t like her body shape but she has a pretty face

  • Olivia

    Definitely not my body shape preference but also that outfit is very unflattering on her. she looks younger than her age.

  • lc

    Pretty girl, no great, unique beauty, but she is pretty. Not a fan of her body at all though.

  • Marta

    she looks short and chubby in this outfit.Although we all know she looks much better than this.

  • Indigo Lace

    We have very similar shapes and proportions. I wonder how much she weighs.

  • Indigo Lace

    Except I don’t have the cankles .

  • Debbs

    Very pretty. I love the jeans and white t shirt look..I don’t know why.

  • retrobanana

    i like her body …and she has a cute face…dont think shes much of an actress

  • FrankieLiz

    she is definitely cute. I don’t really know who she is. She does look like she could use a bra or a better one, though.

  • siennagold

    It’s nice to see a celeb with an average body.