Miranda Kerr Goes Blonde for V Magazine


Lots of lace, flowery head pieces, natural ‘ingredients’ and one ultra blonde Miranda Kerr with long locks – how do you like the change?

See 2 more pictures from this spread next!


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67 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Goes Blonde for V Magazine”

    • just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s awful, you must have some mousy brown hair and are afraid of change, i think blonde hair and dark thick eyebrows is beautiful. granted this wig is not the greatest, but to generalize like that is just sad.

      • nope,,i think that combo’s pretty awful too, as bad as lily collins and cara delevigne’s humungous caterpillar brows. I usually lighten my eyebrows slightly, not to blonde to match my hair, but to a lighter brown because it looks much better that way. Unfortunately there’s usually a crazy zebra stripe brow phase between lightenings, lol

      • I don’t see how voicing my opinions about Miranda Kerr’s wig- eyebrow combo warrants you to make assumptions about my looks. :/ I also don’t see why you’d make this personal or find this “sad”. I don’t like this combination and think it looks pretty damned bad and that’s my opinion. You can disagree but it doesn’t rock my world either way. 🙂

      • I’m very Fair and very blonde,but my eyebrows are naturally quite dark – like a brunette’s. So you can have that combo of blonde/dark brow naturally in nature

  1. Stunning. Any haircolour suits her. I think it’s her youthful facial features and complexion, that enables her to look good with any hair colour, or in this case, blonde wig.

  2. she is not a chameleon and thats her problem i think…It’s not that i see a model acting a role at this photoshoot, i always see MIRANDA dressed up….taking nice pictures because she is pretty…

    I love her body, though!

  3. good point..she’s actually not a great “model”. Not much intrigue or personality comes across in any of her photo shoots.

    Her face looks more alien with light blonde hair, which sort of falls into place with the alien faces of high fashion right now. Would be cool if she dyed her hair this color in real life…

    • She just isn’t versatile. They always have to dress her up in order to look different. A good model can change their appearance with just an expression.

  4. is she losing like that in the last shot because the hay bale was poking her butt? lol

    and no, I have no real comment about the shoot…

  5. Very beautiful woman. Looks great in the first pic…her body is fantastic! but in the close ups the blonde hair with the dark eyebrows is more evident and doesn’t look good. Prefer her with darker hair.

  6. Oh no. Normally I fimd her to be stunning, but she sometimes looks like a little girl, and those sexy outfits just makes it so wrong. At first glance I thought it was the human Barbie vadima or what her name is. Kind of reminds me of a w—- playing in a p—movie at the countryside, getting ready to f**k the farmer.. “Come, look at my eggs”…

    She certainly does not suit the blonde whig, but I guess it’s just for the shoot (or movie).

  7. she’s making exactly the same face in all those pics. I think she looks good as a blonde, better than I expected. she is not spectacular or intriguing to me. She’s pretty and that’s it.

  8. I like her in interviews where it is just her, but for some reason when she is with other models she seems cold to me. I don’t know why. Anyway visually I think she is gorgeous and I actually like her blonde here.

  9. I actually like it, other than the cut of the wig which really gives it away that it’s a wig. Miranda Kerr is definitely one of the models that gives me total body envy.

    • sorry but your weight guesses are always horribly off the mark. are you trolling or is your perception on body image really that skewed?

  10. I would like the look if it wasn’t so over-sexualized. I don’t get the point of it being in a fashion magazine targeted at women. I know she’s a grown up woman (and lucky to look so youthful), but the first association that comes to mind is child p—.

  11. i love Miranda’s face&body, and OMG her skin always looks soooo good in candids, i don’t know is it her genes&healthy lifestyle (though models’ faces/bodies/hair suffer a lot cos of constant make ups& traveling) or she’s just good with make up but she always looks so fresh&natural in the face, am totally wowed…i also think that if someone has average or not pretty features but their skin&hair are clean,shiny&”glowing” (or looks like that due to talent for applying natural&invisible make up) then it creates an illusion of prettyness, at least to me.

    If am not mistaken Miranda is supposed to embody an image of that italian p— star-turned-politician Cicciolina here, but am not sure she does the job, more like there is a beautiful model, great styling (love the hair/make-up) and just nice environment.I like the pics.

  12. She has such a pretty face and a great figure too – especially since having her baby she seems to be a bit curvier. I quite like the blond on her – though the wig is very obviously a wig! I like the shoot – risque-fairy-flower-child or something like that!

  13. this woman is perfection, and i know for a fact that she nourishes her body very well which is so inspiring! no starvation or any of that jazz right here.

  14. Am probably the only one,but i detest the blonde look on her.It’s quite trashy to me.
    I’ve always thought she’s cute but in this shoot the blonde hair makes her look plain.
    She is one of those women i can’t imagine with a blonde hair.Same goes with Angelina Jolie and kiera Knightley(who are natural blondes) ,Adriana lima,Megan Fox or Kim(she’d look even more ridic),to name a few.

  15. Was in awe of these photos when they came out a few days ago. Actually never got the hype with Miranda Kerr (well got it but just didnt think she was that beautiful) but for some reason these photos just made me see it, I think she looks absolutely amazing

  16. She looks like one of those real life doll-girls. Not a bad thing tho. Usually I find her face a bit odd looking, but in these shots she’s smoking hot from head to toe. Of course the wig is a bit whack but 😀

  17. Out of all the models, Miranda’s body is most like mine, except I have slightly more definition, and am an inch or so shorter, and I am an A cup/small B. Even though I think she could benefit from 2 or 3 pounds of muscle, I think her body is near perfection and I absolutely love her higher waist hip ratio and little chest and little hips. Gives her that coveted, beautiful model/ruler shape. Her body always looks at least very good.

      • By some people, yes. Everyones saying how beautiful Miranda is. Gisele, the top model of this century, is a ruler shape. I don’t think a ruler is better than a pear objectively, i and many others prefer ruler shapes though.

  18. I like this shoot, and I think she looks fantastic here. Really, though, her husband as Legolas was the most attractive blonde of all time.

  19. She actually looks good blonde, but I prefer her brunette! Her natural hair is glossy and chocolately. Really a lovely woman – you can tell she eats healthy.

  20. Wow her body has really changed over the years. I prefer her somewhere between her thinnest and here. She still looks great, and Miranda probably is healthy because she seems to be a very health conscious woman, although I’ve seen her smoking a few cigarettes.

    She doesn’t really pull off blonde.

  21. I think she should keep the blonde. It makes her more far more unique looking. I usually just find her really eh and overrated, but this seems to complement her look really awesomely.

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