Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie

miranda-kerr-020513-7 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie

Model Treat of the Day: VS Angel Miranda Kerr and her cute and sexy look in lots of promotional shots for Victoria’s Secret Bridal Lingerie 2013 collection.

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miranda-kerr-020513-1 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie miranda-kerr-020513-2 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie miranda-kerr-020513-3 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie miranda-kerr-020513-4 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie miranda-kerr-020513-5 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie miranda-kerr-020513-6 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie  miranda-kerr-020513-8 - Miranda Kerr Is Back in Lingerie

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • izzy

    cute pics

  • Lucy

    Well, she definitely has the most ‘virginal’ face out of all of them; I see why they chose her for bridal pics.

    The lingerie itself though is meh.

    • Stephanie

      Virginal face! Hahaha I loved your comment, made me laugh out loud!

  • violet

    Gee, that wide nose of hers is really obvious here! Yuk 🙁 She doesnt have a nice little button nose at all. They should have photoshopped her nose a bit. Lingerie is not very nice at all – I definately wouldnt wear it. Its not very pretty or sexy. She has clearly widened in the hips since giving birth. Her breasts dont match the rest of her body – they need to be bigger.

    • Liz

      “Her breasts dont match the rest of her body – they need to be bigger.” Match? The woman hardly has an ounce of body fat! Skinny women generally have smaller breasts, unless they win some sort of genetic lottery. She has a small frame. They look totally proportional to me.

      • violet

        Actually, if you were aware of photography and angles, she has wide hips, they’ve hid it by always getting her to push out her hip to one side. No, her breasts dont match her wide hips at all. If you think her frame is small, as in not wide, you are wrong, I’ve met her in person and due to her giraffe height she’s actually a little wide, being a petite woman myself (45kg, 165cm) I was shocked to see I had way smaller hips and thighs than her.

        • violet

          p.s Im also a 10DD in bras and so again I was shocked at how little cleavage she has!

          • violet

            im shocked when i see women with flat chests because i live in a farm with thousands of cows.Also,having some really big jugs for my frame gives me the right to criticize any woman with small breasts.If you will read my other comments you will see that this is the only thing im bitch*ng about : boobs.I have a perfect apple body shape,thats why my ass looks great!

          • violet

            the above comment is not me but obviously some very immature person that needs TO GROW UP. Perhaps, you are the one that was raised on a farm -removed*

        • serena

          “No, her breasts don’t match her wide hips at all”

          Her hip width is due to bone structure of the pelvic area (as you pointed out, her hips widened after pregnancy). But breast size has to do with body fat and distribution. So I don’t know why the 2 would match. Slim women like Miranda often have tiny breasts and wider hips, whereas Kate Upton has large breasts and slim hips, due to her bone structure.

          • Soph

            Good for you violent if you have DD boobs are are 45kg. I’m pretty cynical.

          • violet

            Whats your problem? All I simply stated was that her dimensions, because of her height, make her wider – grow up! Yes, I am petite and lean but I have big boobs (which run in my family) why attack me!!

          • serena

            hmm not sure if you’re responding to me but I’m not attacking you – just saying I don’t think her boobs need to be bigger. Bc if they were she would gain weight all over. You are lucky to be slim with big boobs, it is unattainable for most women lol.

          • violet

            Sorry, the comment was not aimed at you but Soph, no worries 🙂

          • Gemma

            Why do people think big boobs are closer to perfection? I think they’re a drag (pun!). I’ve got fairly large boobs (32D), and for a while I was considering a breast reduction because they seemed far too large to me. They’re heavy and awkward when you go running (I have to wear an underwire bra with a sports bra on top or the up and down motion really hurts). You look unintentionally skankish in a lot of clothing. If you don’t wear a fitted top, which makes you feel like a pair of walking boobs when guys’ eyes all go straight to your boobs, then you look fat – a loose top hanging over boobs that stick out several inches from your chest makes you look pregnant. When you don’t wear a bra, you can feel your boobs touching your rib cage, which is a feeling I really hate. I see no reason why large boobs should be considered the ideal, other than that horny men, who have been conditioned to be obsessed with them due to their proliferation in pornography and Hollywood, like them. And since I think, to hell with what pervy guys like, I really would personally prefer smaller boobs, which I actually think look more aesthetically pleasing than big ones.

        • Liz

          She flat out objectively doesn’t have wide hips. She’s 5’9″ with 34 inch hips for crying out loud, which would make her a size 00 at The Gap (not that she’d ever shop there). She’s probably like a 34 B in their bras. Are you saying she needs breast implants or are you just criticizing nature, because a woman can lose weight but she can’t change her body fat distribution (without plastic surgery) or bone structure. ….Maybe I’m a little touchy about this because you would find me hideously disproportional by these standards ….take Miranda, add 2 inches of height and four inches to the hips . Some of us are blessed with being naturally curvy on top, some of us are blessed with being naturally curvy on the bottom, some of us are blessed with being naturally curvy on both ends, some of us are blessed with not having to bother with curves and getting to rock a more streamlined/athletic look. What matters more is that you do the best with what you’re given. It took me a long time to love my Keira Knightly boney bird chest and Beyonce-esque 50s pin-up hips and thighs. Now I rock it. I love having the ability to look either waify and delicate or like JLo depending on what I choose to emphasize/cover up. I’m sure you rock your thing too. Even if there are people who look at you and think ….she would look more proportional with smaller boobs or bigger hips.

        • Liz

          I understand angles. Those are also waist creating angles. It seems like they fudge her stats a bit for that. There is no way there’s a 10 inch difference there.

        • IY

          Well, obviously you don’t know much about photography and angles either, because pushing your hips to the side makes them look wider by creating an exaggerated curve that you wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s exactly why they make most models pose like that – to make it look like they have curves, when they really don’t.

    • Ella

      I usually don’t comment on her, but your comment actually quite shocked me, violet. What’s “yuck” about a person’s nose? Unless it’s running maybe. I don’t want to see another face with all those stereotypically “beautiful” features. She doesn’t have a button nose, so what? Her nose looks right with the rest of her features. And about her breasts, she’s a slim and toned woman, there’s absolutely no need for them to be any bigger. I don’t understand why nowadays breasts can’t be big enough, waists not small enough, legs not long enough and lips not full enough. It’s a very, very mad world lol

      • Violet

        sorry, your points are valid, I’m being too picky 🙁

        • Neri

          Cudos to you for being open to constructive criticism 🙂

      • Ali

        Completely agree with you Ella

    • Nicole

      Wide nose?? Seriously? I don’t think so lol

    • alaska

      violet how old are you? i’m not trying to imply anything i’m just curious

      in my opinion miranda actually has pretty big boobs for someone so thin. especially in her candids where she looks tiiiny. she could be an AA cup and still have good proportions, but she seems to be at least a B so i think she’s really blessed bodywise.

  • violet

    She is naturally quite flat though, so clearly her breasts have been photoshopped here. I’d have to say its hard to believe she makes so much money as a model – there are way sexier and prettier B grade models than her! Adriana Lima blows her out of the water 🙂

    • lexy

      actually she filled out during her pregnancy…
      and I do understand why she is so popular, it is because of her innocent looking face..

      • Liz

        She has a really unique and striking face. Even if you don’t like the innocent/childlike/living doll thing, it does make her stand out among the more chiseled featured women. I’ve always found it adorable, pretty, and refreshingly feminine (not that I don’t also love me pretty but androgynous look).

        • Ludivine

          I agree. She has a unique face. Although she is more a commercial model, her face does stand out. I think its the symmetry of her face, her nose and dimples in her cheeks.
          I think the actraction is her cuteness. She is the girl next door, and super hotness at the same time.
          Some people say she is to thin, she must be a size 2, others say she is not curvy enough.
          I don’t care, I like her the way she is. She has great legs and a cute full butt.
          She also is very healthy and has a beautiful skin.
          If you look at all the VS models, almost none of them are totally perfect. None of the models have AND an hourglass/pear shape AND full breasts AND a full butt AND are 6 feet AND are size 2 AND have the best haute couture look of the century. They all have features that make them together as the most perfect woman, although they are very near to perfection themselves.
          I think its VIctoria Secret is on the one hand making money and vulgarity, and making all the models look like the same. On the other hand its about appreciating the sexiness of each and every model.

  • Veronique

    She’s stunning with a great body, as always. NEXT.

    Also, this lingerie is weird…don’t like. Except those panties that say Bride, which I might have to get, since I’m getting married in the fall. 😀

    • Ale

      Congrats!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Polska Blondynka

      Yay Congrats! 🙂

  • serena

    Miranda is cute as usual. The lingerie is just blah. For some reason Miranda has always been my least favorite VS angel. Adriana, Ale, Candice, Doutzen, Behati are much more attractive to me…even the non-angels like Barbara and Elsa are quite pretty.

  • lc

    Well, I think she looks better than Jessica Alba from the post below, that’s for sure.

  • Pixie

    She looks good in the ‘I do’ tank top, otherwise, not liking the shoot. 🙁

  • Aafje

    Those are some tacky underthings

  • Jessica M

    She’s beautiful. Don’t get the distaste. I quite like her facial features.

  • Tinkerbell

    stunning! about her nose… I have a similar one, wide at the top & I just hate it more than anything on my body. on her it looks cute though..

    • Nicole

      If you’re nose is like hers, you are blessed! I always wanted a cute small nose but we work with what we have. As long as it’s proportional to the rest of the face, it’s all good.

  • annemarie

    She’s beautiful. And it’s great to finally see a VS photoshoot where the model’s boobs aren’t photoshopped 3 sizes bigger than they really are.

  • Pid

    I want to find her beautiful but I cannot get used to her face, it’s soooo weird looking : her nose, cheeks, even her teeth, they are so big :/

    But she seems nice…

  • Sasha

    Photoshop fail in picture 7.. The cleavage appears at the top but wheres the underboob?
    She looks the same as usual. Her stomach is quite nice.

    • Ale

      Photoshop fail on all the pictures. Pay attention to her armpits in the first pics especially

      • Adele

        Haha, you’re right, that’s some really bad photoshopping…

  • D

    Not her best set of pics – I actually am not a fan of how she looks here body or face wise.

  • cinnamon

    Am I the only one who hates the typical VS-posing?
    Even tough I’m not a fan of Miranda, she does have quite a nice body. So why do they always have to pose so strangely to add more curves/waist to the body. Same with the extreme push-up bras and photoshop. Either take curvier models, or leave them as they are.

  • Jacky Daniels

    that cuttie pie look..

  • Nicole

    Always thought she was a very beautiful and unique looking woman. Her body isn’t my top favorite but I’d still double take…maybe triple take if I saw her on the street.

  • qwerty

    Victoria’s Secret is so unbelivably overrated when it comes to underwear. All they’re really doing now is just selling pictures of half naked women.

    • Polska Blondynka

      I agree. And the models are getting thinner and thinner, Don’t get me wrong, I think fashion models should be thin but if you’re a lingerie model, you should be a bit more curvy.

      Although I do like the quality of the bras. They last me a very long time and I love the soft material. It’s not itchy like your typical JcPenney bra.

    • Gen

      Yea, I don’t know what their strategy is. I mean, I guess I know where to go if I need a terrible bra that only works if you’re an ectomorph with B cups…

  • Polska Blondynka

    I’d like to also mention how uninterested she is in VS the past 2 years. She just wants to get out haha!

  • jenna

    Only VS could make a photoshoot of bridal lingerie look so dull and blah. Not a fan of VS. Not really a fan of Miranda at all either. Overrated. She might be cute/pretty but I’m not sure being cute warrants being a model.

  • clara

    she’s cute but so overrated… boring

  • CK

    i love only the 3d pic though what she’s wearing i wouldn’t put even in category “bridal lingerie”, its a totally usual tank top and lacy panties, assuming bridal collection is done with the same purpose as other gorgeous but um, racy(?) (and uncomfortable for long wear) lingerie i.e. “to turn on a special someone on a special night”. and though her face looks great in that pic that happy-go-lucky expression+childish face+pose+tiara+the fact it’s a BRIDAL collection is creepy cos her expression, pose, styling reminds of a lil’ girl playing princess!!!
    i also like her face in pic 7, but in general-cute model in a very underwhelming lingerie.

  • Ana


  • La la la la

    love her! the lingerie is really boring, but then again i only know/like Fauve lingerie, really. i think she’s a natural beauty. these pics are boring but she most definitely is not!

  • HB


  • vanessa

    wonder what she looks like in real life? how skinny is she actually is. her face is so cute though. she has chubby cheeks like me.

    • Loos

      See my comment below. She’s nothing special to look out in real life.

      • violet

        yes, I’ve seen her in person too and i completely agree with you loos, good style but definately not wirthy of all the praise she receives, she’s so out of her league beside Adriana LIma!

  • Junior

    Never found her to be attractive; kinda-pretty face, and her body’s too skinny & on top of that, too “ruler-shaped” for me. These VS ads use too much photoshop…

  • Mish

    photoshopped cleavage much

  • Loos

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think her body is anything special. She’s too lanky and straight up and down for my liking. The fact that she has to stick her hips out like that to give her some curvature proves my point. Although, I will say that her body has improved after having a baby.
    I actually saw her in person yesterday and all I saw were big chubby cheeks and a very short round face. Maybe it was the makeup and hair but I didn’t think she was anything special to look at. Certainly not deserving of all the praise she receives. I think she definitely looks better in photographs. She has great style though.

  • megs362

    I used to really, really love Miranda… and I still do! But, for some reason, something’s changed?! I don’t rate her figure quite as highly these days. Since she had her baby, if I’m honest. It’s kind of like her ribs have expanded? And her belly button looks weird.

    And yes, that is totally me just being ridiculously picky as she is still 12 times the stunner I will ever be. She’s just… not my favourite body any more.