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Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter’s ‘The Edit’

M-Kerr-06202013-4 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit'

On no longer being a Victoria’s Secret model:

“Ed [Razek, who has been casting the models for 15 year] and I are really good friends, and we both decided it was impractical for me to continue. I have such fond memories of working with them. Now that I am a mother and have my own business, it is a good time. I am ready. And now here I am!”

… says Miranda while posing for Net-A-Porter’s ‘The Edit’.


M-Kerr-06202013-1 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' M-Kerr-06202013-2 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' M-Kerr-06202013-3 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit'  M-Kerr-06202013-5 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' M-Kerr-06202013-6 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' M-Kerr-06202013-7 - Miranda Kerr Does Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit'

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Nyn

    Her quote makes VS sound like a bad company to work for, though she says it in the most indirect way possible. I never liked her personally, but she does have a certain je ne sais quoi for high fashion. Her baby like face was very ill-suited to longerie and it made her vaguely pedophiliac which always put me off in the catalogues (therefore making her a bad commerical model when she made the clothes she’s trying to sell look bad). her body impoved imensely post-baby, but her quotes and lifestyle almost bring her to alba/giselle/gwyneth levels of stupidity.

    • kia

      you had exactly the same impressions I had. I can”t stand her husband either

    • Candy M.

      Somehow I really doubt her or Gisele are stupid, they’ve built huge brands and earned millions, Gisele in particular. The physiological term for this is “leveling”, in order to bring someone down they either have to be stupid or annoying or even not attractive. People call Gisele full of herself for posting a picture of her doing yoga, tell me thats rational.

      • wb

        i don’t believe that gisele is stupid, but miranda is beyond dumb. the same can be said about kate upton they’re successful because they have a team helping build their images not because they’re really that intelligent. maybe miranda is somewhat more intelligent but her cheeks are definitely bigger than her brains.

        • Candy M.

          I think Miranda is playing an image, i don’t think she’s really as much of an airhead as she leads on.

          • wb

            she’s definitely not as smart as she thinks always talking about how she’s a qualified nutritionist or some crap like that girl probably dropped out of middle school. i don’t have a problem with her having not gone to school to pursue modeling but she thinks she’s some how better than all of the other models around her for some nonexistent reasons. and her buddhist lifestyle is also a lie … i guess she’s more fake/delusional than actually dumber than rocks

        • Katheryn

          airhead or not, these girls work really hard and it pays off. they know how to play up their strengths.

        • serena

          “doubt her or Gisele are stupid, they’ve built huge brands and earned millions”

          So have the Kardashians! 😀 But I don’t think Gisele or Miranda are stupid, they’re business savvy women. Kate Upton however seems to be genuinely dull. But she’s heiress to the Whirlpool empire so I’m sure her parents and manager know what they’re doing and invest her profits wisely.

        • Cristina

          I feel pretty much the same. Miranda always comes off as a complete air head – every time I see or read an interview of hers, I think “Good thing she’s pretty.” And let’s be serious, these women aren’t building brands on their own.

  • Hazal

    The last picture is so tacky. Close your legs girl!

    • Jennie

      LOL, that’s exactly what I thought just now!! And the fact that she has such a young looking face, it makes that picture all the more icky!!!

    • snoops

      That’s actually my favourite shot I didn’t find it tacky at all! I thought the others were tacky just coz they are so typical and typical for miranda, but this one in the white swimsuit with her bright blue eyes looks refreshing to me.

    • anon

      So it’s alright for Jennifer Lopez to spread her legs and point her vulva to the camera along with Beyonce who does the same but Miranda’s pic( that isn’t anywhere near as full on) gets stupid comments about “keeping her legs closed”

      • Hazal

        I think the same about the women you’ve mentioned actually 😀 And about Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, and…

        • JN1976

          It is inapprop for Anyone to pose opened legged – thrusting the sexual organ to the camera in an intentional or somewhat intentional pose.
          While it’s different in a snapshot of a dance move or other moving shot, for a still-shot it’s quite unclassy
          (anon wtf…? hazel made NO ref to others)

          on another note…I have issues with other shots too:
          – Pic #4 would look a helava lot more beautiful less posed…ie Gisele would’av made it look like she was stretching…not just a pretty wannabe contortionist
          – Pic#5 come on now Miranda, you’ve been modelling for yearrrrs now…NUDE underwear under a white OR black outfit under bright lights…

  • Sophia

    Love it!

  • She’s striking in a very cute sort of way – and her figure has actually gotten better since having a baby, which is rare – I don’t find her very likeable or engaging though. This shoot is nice – nothing stunning, but she looks lean, natural and suitably ‘high fashion beach-babe’!

  • Pixie

    Luv these photos!! Miranda is perfection!! And great tan!! 🙂

  • dutchie

    off topic, but Versus, how about some posts on short models? I know they’re relatively rare, but how about Cara Delevignge (who admitted she’s only 5’7″) or Lydia Hearst (who admitted she’s only 5’6″)? I find it super interesting when these more average-height models manage to photograph quite tall.

    • sophie

      actually miranda is about 5’7 – possibly 5’8 at most. her agency lies about her height. i’ve seen her in real life and she’s not tall at all.

      • dutchie

        whhhhhat?!? I find that totally shocking. she photographs so tall and long! I love hearing people’s anecdotes about bumping into famous people in real life.

      • ebby

        i find that hard to believe. online sources say she’s 5’9 which sounds believable

        • sophie

          nearly all models heights are misleading, so she doesn’t look super short next to the others because they’re really about 5’9 when they say they’re 5’11. plus she is very thin, with proportionately long limbs so she looks taller than she is. she’s also generally photographed in heels, and at good angles, helping to make her look taller.
          i’m 5’9, and when we were both in flats, i was noticeably taller than her.

          • dutchie

            I do think that agencies lie like crazy about their models’ stats, so I’m willing to believe they could be lying about her height..

      • Winnie

        Miranda is definitely not 5’7″. she is taller than Candice, who is reportedly 5’8″. 5’9″ seems more plausible for her

        • serena

          I think Candice and Miranda are the same height, maybe 5’8. Depending on the pic/angle Miranda or Candice will look taller, and Adriana has a good 2 inches on them at 5’10.

  • wb

    i never thought she was insanely beautiful, but i used to think she was good looking, the thing is she is so ugly on the inside it’s not even funny.

    never got her appeal or success. her face is actually weird looking she has chipmunk cheeks and dimples aren’t so rare. she just has nice style and always looks put together, there was a pic of her dressed down in basketball shorts and everyone was commenting on how bad she looked.

    • solaxia

      I agree about her personality. I dont find her that stunning, but I have to say I love the first picture and think it’s cute. I hate the last picture! It’s just so tacky! I don’t get why models (besides the ones in pornos) have to pose like this. Its different of her crutch is showing while her legs are crossed, but that way of posing is so ‘come here boys!’

  • Helen

    In my eyes she is just perfect. I find her so attractive it is not even funny, haha. I can stare at pictures of her for a very long time. Sucks that she quits VS.. I loved her on the runway.. VS for me is Miranda, Candice, Adriana and Rosie. Too bad Rosie and Miranda is no longer no see there.. My new favorite is Elska hosk though!(But NOBODY beats Candice, she is the best thing that ever happened to VS)

  • mary

    apparently VS ousts every model come the ripe age of 30…Anyways, she’s adorable. Cute, not gorgeous face, and nice lean body…fantastic legs. Though her personality is lacking as she seems to have this “holier than thou” attitude.

    • asdf

      lol I noticed that too. As soon as they are 29 and 364 days old, it’s time to leave.
      Funny cause back in the day they used to take models who were over 30 (i.e. Daniela Pestova). Thought they were more classier and sexier then. Now it’s just over the top forced sexiness.

      • BB

        Isn’t Adriana 32 and still working for VS, though?

        • Fai

          Actually I had the exact opposite impression about VS. Alessandra and Andriana are 32. Tyra and Heidi left VS at 35 and it was their choice. VS are delinately not agists.

  • Mera

    A recent study just showed that pre-pubescent looking girls such as Miranda Kerr are not good for sales – they make women feel bad about herself.

    That is why she got fired – she doesn’t move product.

    • Candy M.

      Once again, more support for my point. Women are jealous of her, not relatable enough. So they have to call her stupid or a bad person when we hardly know anything about her. Its getting predictable.

      • mary

        Her body is great imo. I agree she isn’t relatable hence the jealousy…but none of the VS girls are relatable to the vast majority, so why didn’t they get fired?(is that what happened?). Maybe they got sick of her attitude, who knows..there are tons of replacements out there for her, as her face isn’t stunning. And, if you listen to her speak or read quotes from interviews, she IS stupid and arrogant as hell…so obvi that “sexy and I know it” attitude gets squashed by others, women especially. she’s a model, not some genius doing great work for humanity.

        • wb

          completely disagree about the relatableness and jealousy. candice is by far the least relatable VS model with her insane WHR ratio and most people generally have positive comments about her. most negativity towards miranda is because of terrible personality. i don’t know her, and i would hate to know her actually, and seems like the other victorias secret models dislike her too ….

          • mary

            in terms of ratios yes. what I meant was her thin, tall figure is not relatable (like the rest of ths VS models and models in general who are >5’9″), but candice is the most non relatable by far with her ratios by far. Nevertheless, I do think a lot of women are jealous of miranda.

          • serena

            I disagree Mary, Miranda is the most “relateable” of the famous VS angels. She has a cute face, not beautiful like Adriana or Doutzen, and her body is straight up-and-down, not awesome proportions like Candice or Elsa Hosk, or athletic like Doutzen. Miranda was always the weak link in the chain for me.

          • wb

            miranda is only 5 7. while i agree that there are many women who are probably jealous of her like there are many women who are jealous of other beautiful women, the negativity directed towards miranda is not due to her being beautiful, successful etc etc but simply because she’s not likable. that’s why adriana and candice don’t get such negative comments and i think they are way way more beautiful inside and out than miranda will ever be.

        • Candy M.

          I mean to be fair, she’s had a longer career than just about all the angels other than Adriana and Alessandra. Chanel was hired then fired in the same week practically, they were saying goodbye to Rosie as she walked in the door, Selita walked away right of the runway, even Gisele wasn’t there so long. Most models just don’t have a very long career in their peak. In fact if you’re 25 your considered a veteran with a long career in this world. I don’t expect Adriana to stay more than 2 years, and only because her names instantly recognizable as the face of the brand.

        • anon

          The hate for Miranda is ridiculous, I have seen interviews of her and she is NOT anywhere near arrogant. Salma Hayek is arrogant but everyone on here loves her, probably because she is short and curvy, making women feel better about their own bodies.

          • wb

            well i don’t like her because i know for a FACT that she’s not a nice person. at all.

          • wb

            plus it doesn’t help that we share some physical resemblance i guess and was once mistaken for her by some idiot. i just don’t find people with round faces tiny eyes etc etc (or myself) particularly striking physically not to say people with those features are ugly or anything. yeah so i really don’t get those relatable comments. i’m more interested by faces with exotic, striking etc features and miranda does not really interest me so you might find the “hate” for her ridic but i actually find people trying to defend her ridiculous …

          • serena

            honestly there is no hate for Miranda, sure some people don’t like her, boo hoo. The most hated women by far on this site are the Kardashians, Beyonce, and other ‘curvy’ stars so your theory is bs. Miranda often gets complimented on her great skin, youthful face, long legs…she’s a model after all, not chewbacca lol

      • ****

        Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but I am sincerely curious. Mera said “A recent study” – there was no slanderous wording of hatred, or calling her stupid. She wasn’t calling Miranda out as a bad person because people react with jealousy. How does this further prove your point?

        • Candy M.

          I said the study supported my point, I was criticizing Mera.

          • Candy M.

            wasnt criticsizing Mera,

        • Mera

          I actually like Miranda Kerr

          So all the people with their undies in a bunch can calm the F down

          Just pointing out that women don’t find the super skinny super young look to be all that relatable

          Yes, Candace is perfect too…however, Candace looks more like a woman…and not a little girl.

    • wb

      and what study is this??? seriously people need to stop making up facts on here.

      you might not like her but she does not look pre pubescent. she has curves and a developed body especially in these pictures, and her face clearly looks her age in candids.

      btw in no way defending mirandas existence or career …

      • snoops

        Wait, this ‘study’ says that pre-pubescent looking women don’t shift product, so she got fired. And the reason for this is because other women are jealous of pre-pubescent looks? I’m confused…

        Miranda does not look pre-pubescent for one, and women do not want to look like they have not hit puberty, the exact opposite (hence all the pushup bras). Makes no sense.

    • Candy M.

      And the study wasn’t that “pre pubescent” models didn’t sell, it was that thin models make women feel bad about themselves. There was more to it but I can’t remember.

      • Winnie

        if that’s what this “study” found then why the hell are the majority of models still skinny? do you read your own comments before you post or…? seriously.

      • jenna

        Candy, you’re always trying so hard to prove that all women are jealous of models. Not everyone thinks that being extra tall and extra skinny is something to be envious of.

        Is it so hard to believe that maybe not every single woman in this world aims to be 6 feet tall and 115 lbs?!?!?!? Give it a rest already! I’m super petite but I can look at someone like Miranda or Gisele and think “Nice!”, even though I will never obviously look like them. There is no jealousy there, because I LIKE my body, all 5’4″, 118 lbs of it 🙂

        • Sophie

          Thank you Jenna! I feel the same… girls on here are always subtly implying that everyone wants to be tall and super thin. Actually, no thanks? I love my height, I love my body, and I don’t feel the need to slavishly appologize or beat myself up for the fact that I’m not 120 lbs at 5’11 because I choose what I think is beautiful, it isn’t chosen for me.

          • serena

            I agree Sophie – I admire many models and specific attractive features they may have but as far as height/weight I do not envy them. I’m medium height for a woman and have no desire to tower over everyone including my boyfriend. I’m happy to be slim but I would not want to be very skinny with flat chest. I 100% understand why models need to look like this, to show off clothes best, but I don’t think those are the ideal traits in a woman. However many models have beautiful faces I envy, I wish I could pick-and-choose features I like, like Candice’s whr and Barbara Palvin’s eyes, lol 🙂

          • Mera

            Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel both had extremely curvy and womanly features – and they were smoking hot.

            No, not everyone wants to look like a model.

      • Mera


        A model that’s too skinny can make women feel bad about themselves — or about your product, according to research from a U of M marketing professor.

        The key to the inconsistent relationship, professor Fang Wan has found, is whether the image is subtly or blatantly idealized.

        Subtle images can make women feel bad about themselves, but more likely to buy the product because they accept the ad’s premise that it will make them more attractive. If the targeted customer notices what the marketer is trying to do, though, Wan found she’s likely to feel defensive about it and react negatively, a coping mechanism to deal with feeling bad about herself in comparison.

        Now that the marketing paradox has been solved, Wan and her team suggest policy-makers should consider whether to intervene and regulate this type of ad campaign.

  • karla

    She will miss on VS runaway, she’s beautiful and looks nice and sweet mom

    • wb

      lol poor fin

  • lc

    Looking great.

  • Cathia

    About who is ‘relatable’ or ‘not relatable’… most people have more going on in their lives than to look at magazine photos and feel bad or good about themselves because beautiful ‘so & so’ or ugly ‘so & so’ is on the cover. Trust me, most people do not care. Or let me rephrase that, people who are self confident about their looks(& in general) or have happy lives, do not care. I have never looked at an actress, model, singer, etc. (no matter how attractive or unattractive I think she is) in a magazine or on this site & thought about how this relates/doesn’t relate to me, how good or bad this makes me feel or how much I love or hate ‘so & so’ because of said feelings. What strange thinking that is.
    This is becoming as common as calling others jealous because their opinions differ from their own.

    • Candy M.

      Thats very simplistic thinking, a lot of our decisions and words are influenced by subconscious thoughts. Thats where most advertisers market to and study. Just because so and so isn’t consciously saying ” she’s not relatable ill say she’s this and that” doesnt mean it isn’t happening. And honestly most people aren’t too confident about their looks, even those like Kim Kardashian are just covering up their insecurity.

      • Cathia

        Perhaps it happens to people who have a very simplistic way of thinking- comparing yourselves to others & basing your self esteem/self worth on what others look like, what’s popular at the moment, what others like/don’t like, believing someone is beautiful because we are told so, etc. I am talking about being jealous of others because you find them unrelatable, or feeling better about yourself because someone who has your bodyshape is on the cover of a magazine. Some people do not think like that, try as you might argue otherwise. Ex: I take care of myself, workout to make my body look a certain way, am happy with my appearance-how or why would that change/be affected if Gwyneth Paltrow is named the most beautiful, if Miranda Carr is on a magazine cover, if Candice Swanepoel is considered a goddess, if Helen Hunt is considered unattractive, if Oprah is overweight, if Hilary Duff gained weight, etc. It is actually quite simple. Whether most people are or are not confident about their looks, why assume people who have differing opinions aren’t?

        • Britt

          Lol you know an awful lot about these celebrities you “don’t care about”. Sike, you work out so yu can look as good as the Victoria’s Secret models wearing your favorite bra and underwear you’ve just ordered. Get real, we all do it

          • Cathia

            You must be one of those ‘simplistic’ people I was referring to, with no way of understanding. Gosh, really sorry about that.
            Unless you live in a cave, you know who these people are, it doesn’t mean you care. Understand that?

    • Sheza

      THANK YOU. That’s exactly what I think. Personally, I’d MUCH rather see someone drop dead gorgeous on a mag cover than somebody ordinary looking I can “relate” too. I’m super short and have tree trunk legs. If I saw some1 like that on a mag cover Id criticise the hell outta them. Id much rather look at pics of Emily DiDonato say…

  • JojolZz

    She looks very thin,I liked her body more after she gave birth

  • serena

    I’m tired of certain misconceptions that get repeated here. First – Miranda does not look pubescent! I’m 22 and she looks similar to many college kids to me, nothing like my 12 sister and her friends. Second, not everything is about “relateable”, Candice S. with her amazing figure is gushed over here while Miranda with her lanky up-and-down figure isn’t and Miranda’s body type (ruler) is very common. In my opinion Miranda is very cute but not beautiful and I suspect many people feel the same. Annoying how if you don’t gush over someone you must be jealous and insecure, this applies to every woman featured on this site…

    • Cathia

      Your last sentence- some people just won’t get it. I noticed some people always have a ‘justification'(not sure if that’s the right English word) or ‘reason’ why other people find someone attractive or unattractive, as a way to invalidate other opinions. Of course, it’s only when said opinions differ from their own.

      • Winnie

        certain people on this site seem to think that if someone dismisses a straight-sized model as unattractive or regards them with any sort of criticism, they are “jealous”. and that if they find other people such as actresses or singers attractive instead it MUST be because they’re “relateable” lol. what bull. so what about the pear-shaped girls who find Miranda gorgeous? or overweight ruler-shaped women who praise Candice? they’re only doing that because they find her “relateable” right? as a 5’3″ 112 pound vase shaped black girl i hardly find any woman featured on this site relateable, but i do find some attractive and some not. so there goes that logic.

        • Sheza

          @Winnie Cathia and Serena… Excellently put! I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

        • serena

          Yep exactly Winnie…some people can’t handle that you don’t like their favorite model and play the jealousy card. Using that logic I must have the face of Emily D, torso of Candice S, and legs of Hilary Rhoda because I find those women gorgeous and therefore “relateable”…

    • Mera

      Miranda has childlike features and a skinny, 15 year old looking body.

      Deal with it.

      • serena

        Miranda has a youthful face that makes her look 10 years younger than she is and a svelte body that earns her millions just for prancing about in her underwear…deal with it 😀

        • Mera

          Yeah, and that’s not a bad thing either.

          kate moss also has very childlike featueres

          The thing is, people act as if, as soon as you say ‘her features are childlike’ that you are mortally insulting her instead of simply making a figging OBSERVATION

  • Winnie

    i usually don’t find eyebrows with such little arch attractive, but i must admit they work well for her. she looks gorgeous here, her body has a little more shape to it than usual which i like. not really sure what to make of her quote though. it seems a little silly to deem it “impractical” to continue with one of your most lucrative contracts, but that’s just me *shrugs*

  • MildaNee18

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  • Sheri

    She looks amazing. Although I also find the last pic a bit off

  • laila

    ewww first pic weiiiiiird toeee or bad photoshop ? shes soooooooo prettttty , weiiiird toe, such a pretty lady tho, toe!

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    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem
    still exists.

  • Truthhh


  • Super Saiyan

    Bad comments here about Miranda’s attitude and personality are all so lame! Read this!

    In 2010, a banker at Macquarie Bank named David Kiely in Sydney, Australia was filmed in the background of his colleague’s live interview looking at provocative pictures of Miranda, and was suspended from his job. Miranda signed a petition to help him get his job back, saying “I am told there is a petition to save his job, and of course I would sign it.” The bank later announced that Kiely could keep his job. Due to the incident, google searches for “Miranda Kerr” doubled.