Miranda Kerr Looks Different for Jalouse Magazine


Barbie-like long legs, 60’s make-up, wavy locks and a thin and lean figure – check out Miranda’s black and white spread on the February 2013 issue of Jalouse Magazine!

See 2 more shots from the magazine next!




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37 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Looks Different for Jalouse Magazine”

    • do you really see a haunted doll in these pictures? is something wrong with me because all i see is miranda kerr in a photo shoot. I feel like i am at a museam surrounded by art critics who have found some special meaning in a blank canvas.

      • Yeah – she does look different than usual thanks to the make-up, vacant expression and monochromatic shoot. It gives her an unreal, slightly eerie look to me. Doesn’t mean everyone is going to see it that way though!

        • I usually can’t stand her but I really like this shoot. Especially the first shot. Not sure if she was meant to look vacant and haunted…somehow I think knowing what Miranda seems like…she wasn’t trying to do that. But it works and I like it.

  1. I like this shoot. I think she stands out when she does ‘fashion’ shoots because she has such a pretty face. I find a lot of high fashion models, lately, are not very pretty, just stick thin to fit the clothes.

  2. different shoots.I am not a fan of first one it’s kinda scary.Second one remnids me of ukrainian human doll and the thirth one makes me love her body.Her body is simply flawless..

  3. love her and the makeup and style, BUT her legs are s much better than this in real life!!! These seem like photoshop, a bad one!

  4. yeah it’s ok, yes she’s pretty. But like Guru says, this is well, i dunno. Boring ? In these pics she doesn’t even look like herself. Too photoshopped, her nose in the second pic doesn’t even look like Miranda’s.And her expressions are pretty lifeless. But like I said she’s pretty and I guess a lot of people really like her.

  5. She looks a little bit like Emma Rigby in the first picture!
    On a different note i find this shoot a bit blah nothing special but god do I envy her legs! Being 4ft11 myself it’s hard not to get jealous of anyone who has longer legs than me!

  6. Looking good but to me this is no “shoot” and has no longer anything to do with taking pictures of a real person. The pictures have been altered so much that you could just as well look at a computer drawn artificial girl.

  7. Her body is still perfect, even w/ the extra weight after child. Love this look instead of the commercial, ordinary styling of VS.

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