Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton in a Short Cream Dress

mischa-barton-in-a-short-cream-dress - Mischa Barton in a Short Cream Dress

Here’s a leggy Mischa Barton at Harrods Summer Sale held at London’s Harrods Knightsbridge, looking pretty and equally thin as the last time we saw her.

How do you like her look / legs / dress this time?

See 2 more plus some cute little dogs on the following page!

mischa-barton-in-a-short-cream-dress-3 - Mischa Barton in a Short Cream Dress

mischa-barton-in-a-short-cream-dress-2 - Mischa Barton in a Short Cream Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Noor

    What the hell happened to her?!? She used to be so pretty..

  • Kelli

    She had that drowned rat look. NIIIICE 😉

    • Martine

      Hmm. Lets see. Long perfect legs. Huge almond blue eyes. Perfect skin, full shapely lips. Pefect cheekbones, swanlike neck. Yes. Awful. Are you kidding me? Any of you look better? I doubt it.

  • anya

    I’m sorry but I find her just as disgusting as Lindsay. She looks dirty, unwashed and on drugs.

    • Elena

      I don’t know why but I can’t compare her to Lindsay. I really like this girl, I like her style, she doesn’t look so disgustingly thin as Linsday and doesn’t have the same pissed-off facial expressions every time. Even if she’s not such a good actress, I think she’s cute, natural, smiling everytime, has good tastes and she’s not afraid of experiments in fashion. Go, go Mischa! And I think she looks very cute and stylish here. 🙂

  • Nkeon

    See, pear shaped yet slim legs!
    Great body and outfit but they’ve caught her with some funny expressions on her face!

  • Kristy

    Slim, but so boring, and she looks so tired and old in the face. Shame.

  • sara

    she is sooooooooooooooo NOT attractive! wow.

  • She really has slim down again, skinny again. Her legs are awful, tree trunks, this is part of her morphology whether she’s skinny or fat (of course it gets worse when she pills on weight). Like the look though.

    • Nkeon

      pills on weight??? she can pile it on with food, no need for pills!

      tree trunks? i wouldn’t say so

  • I like the outfit but she looks tired and worn out. She has gained a bit too…It’s obvious in her face and legs.

  • skirmute

    Her legs are awful no matter skinny or fuller.
    I don’t like her face either, looks like she has been drinking for a week non stop.
    She is such a young girl but she’s losing her looks very quickly.

    • helena

      her legs are awful??do you have them????tall and thin?this is beautiful,not awful..

      • skirmute

        I have better legs. Obviously.

  • Kae

    She has a strange body, IMO. She doesn’t look bad in the first pic, probably because it’s a profile view of her. Her looks seem to change dramatically, going from pretty to awful quite easily. Maybe a sign of drug use? I never thought she was anything special but everyone is different.

  • sarah

    I just find her to be generally unattractive.

  • Uma

    I think she is unattractive, but i like her legs. I would really like someone to explain – and with arguments, cause i am curious – why they see them as tree trunks, ugly, fat etc? I really see some decent looking legs. They are skinnier than Beyonce’s, but shapier than Lindsay’s – to compare them to some recent posts. I know, i know, i’m the weird one…

  • Elizabeth

    IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT MISCHA BARTON HAS HORRIBLE SHAPELESS LEGS, beautiful girl, cursed the the canks. although, in this picture above it doesnt look that way heels plus standing a certain way reduces the look of the CANK> fellow cankled celebrities? MICHELLE TRACHTENBURG, SOPHIA BUSH, ALICIA KEYS.. horrible, horrible legs on these pretty girls : (

  • lisa

    I think the strong eye-make-up makes her look weird… but her eyes look a bit empty here – and they’re bulging out a bit – maybe she is doing drugs, that could be the reason for her eyes looking beautiful at some pics and horrible at others.

    but mabe it’s just the make-up..

  • K

    Her face looks haggard.

  • Sarah

    She’s been looking very messy and strung-out as of late. Which is a shame because the all-American, clean cut, girl next door thing looks great on her!

  • Annabelle

    WOW!! she looks amazing! thin and healthy!

  • dennise

    what is she famous for?

  • serena

    I like her body , even if I can’t stand her .

  • me

    “stefanie_walle” on google…..

  • ahsenugurlu

    she looks like goldie hawn on the last picture.. she seem to be confused about her style to me, and she always put her make up (especially the eyes!) in a strange way..
    am I the only one who thinks so??

  • Amy

    I think she looks great, I also like the other commenter above think it’s great how she experiments with fashion, has her own style and always tries new things. She is a beautiful girl whether curvy or thin.

  • David

    Great body, still skinny, but not attractive as used to be …. it’s sad

  • neonilla

    dammit she looks like s… ! What happened to her since the OC?

  • Martine

    I think she looks gorgeous. For heavens sake, you guys applauded Sophie Monk who is fat, with dimply legs, and a face only a mother could call cute. I would die to look like her, and there is nothing wrong with my looks now. But I don’t have enormous blue eyes, perfect skin, and legs a mile long. She does.