Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton’s Boobs Are Out

mischa-bartons-b~~~~-are-out - Mischa Barton's Boobs Are Out

Here is Mischa looking pretty hot in Nylon Magazine. Now you all know that since this the result of a photo shoot, the image we are seeing is not 100% accurate. Considering these, I’ll say that Mischa’s b~~~~ are looking close to perfection, as in round, pretty full and in the right place, even though I think that in the whole photoshopping process that probably went on, they must have deleted the right nipple that must have been (at least partially) out of the jacket.

mischa-bartons-b~~~~-are-out-2 - Mischa Barton's Boobs Are Out

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Photo credit: Nylon Magazine

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