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Whitney and Mischa – Leggy in Brown Shorts

FP_5596124_Barton_Mischa_MOE_081810 - Whitney and Mischa - Leggy in Brown Shorts

Whitney Port and Mischa Barton were in the mood for brown shorts, comfy tops and shades these days – here are the two beauties, showing off their very different pairs of legs.

Whitney and Mischa – Leggy in Brown Shorts… Who looks best on this occasion?

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  • Mary

    removed by admin*
    Toooo thin, no shape!
    (Although she got fitter lately) Not well fitted and flabby!

    • Versus

      Mary, I keep removing parts from your comments because they are too harsh. This is the second comment I moderate today – kindly say your opinion in a nicer manner, or I will put you in permanent moderation.
      Thank you.

      • Mary

        Sorry! Will do.

    • thebestguest

      I think Whitney looks better. But, she’d look amazing with some thigh muscle definition, they’re a bit ‘spindly’ or whatever

  • Gigi

    Hideous outfits. I think Whitney has such a nice shape, but she would look fantastic if she gained like 10 pounds.

    • Sarah

      I think it’s the opposite… she doesn’t have a very nice shape (toothpick legs with bigger upper body)! and if she gained 10 pounds it would go streight to her stomach, her legs would be as thin as before!

      • Melanie

        I agree. I am not a fan of her shape. She definitely holds more of her weight in the upper body and i prefer a more even body composition. She has a lovely face though – can’t have it all 😉

  • alana

    mischa is starting to remind me of kirstie alley XD

    • Susan

      I totally thought the same thing

  • Chillwaves

    Whitney legs definitely does not do it for me. Mischa surprisingly is not too bad in this shot. Still rooting for her.

    • Leah

      haha sorry, this is the worst pun ever, but when you said rooting for her i couldn’t think of anything but her roots

      • Elle

        I thought the exact same thing!

        • Leah

          glad i’m not the only slightly immature one on here 😉

      • Chillwaves

        hahahaha yall r crazy! 🙂

  • Ukraine

    My legs are close to Whitney’s but more meaty,

  • mia

    While Whitney’s legs are too skinny (not defined) for my taste, she wins by a landslide. Mischa’s legs are flabby looking.

    • kate1st

      Whitney’s legs are not exactly ‘toned’ they are just basically bones with a thin layer of fat. Yuk.

      • mia

        They’re so oddly thin. Her thighs are smaller than her nearly non-visible calves.

        I still prefer them to Mischa’s legs.

  • amy

    wow, whitney’s rockin some ano chicken legs there.

    • artemis


  • Jay

    Whitney’s legs are a wonder of nature. I’m amazed that they can hold up the weight of her entire upper body. Mischa seems healthy, but she always looks sad and her fashion sense is terrible.

    • april

      very well said jay!

    • lisa

      Yeah she looks sad right? I wonder why..

  • jay

    how about shifting a little bit of Mischa’s meat onto Whitney’s bones.
    that would be a good balance.

    • Cathy

      Precisely ! Just what I thought.

  • Nina

    Mischa! Normal sized girl wearing shorts. Whitney is too thin. She should gain some weight.

  • jeez,sorry but Whitney’s thighs look sickly thin!Mischa’s legs are not good looking either..Whitney’s outfit and hairstlye is better..So I guess I am picking her..

  • kate1st

    Mischa looks 100 x better. Whitney is beyond skinny. Mischa looks slim and healthy, she’s got broad hips but that’s her natural build and cannot be changed.

    • bst

      agree with you-most people tend to forget that you nay can change your soze by losing weight but NOT your hips.I think Mischa looks better-healthier.If it is her selfconfidence that does not allow her to hire a stylist-o.k.But I think she could use one,or at least a counseling.Don t think her legs are flabby or so.
      Whitney is just too skinny (despite the fact that it looks natural.)or to be more correct unproportional.

      • alana

        exactly! in a bikini whitney looks slim but not emaciated. when she wears shorts/skirts she looks scary skinny. it’s just her proportions that are off i think

    • eik

      I agree! Whitney’s legs are scary thin. Her calves are as thick as her thighs, which is very scary considering that her calves are extremely thin. Doesn’t look healthy at all.

  • shell

    Whitney’s legs look scarily thin next to Mischa’s. Lots of people may disagree, but i actually prefer Mischa’s more rounded legs. She seems to have slimmed down.

  • maria

    well mischa’s thighs look ok and quite healthy. They might not be toned so much, but at least they are not skin and bones like whitney. Eat something girl! (yeah I know that she might be naturally skinny, but when you see someone this thin you can’t help but think they’re not eating. no offence to anyone out there intended!)

  • chechebelle

    sadly, my legs are shaped much like mischa’s (although i’m 5’4” and generally pretty teeny.) anyone have any advice on slimming down the insides of the knees? my knee-fat literally makes me nuts.

    • mia

      I used to personal train, and you can’t selectively lose weight, but you can tone up (leg exercises using your body weight/using weights high repo) which will help burn SOME fat around the area, but more importantly will tighten up the area which will get reduce the “fatty knee” look

      • chechebelle

        thank you!!

  • justme

    whitney’s legs are too skinny, she looks sick

  • kaila :)

    ewww how about neither 😛

  • Lindsay

    I love Whitney, I’m sorry but Mischa is gross.

  • Erin

    Never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad that when I gain weight it goes mainly to my legs. Thanks Whitney. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I have to say neither. I prefer toned and shapely legs. Whitney’s are really thin and her thighs have no muscle, maybe muscle wasting? I don’t know. Mischa has heavy and shapeless legs, but I don’t think she can help it. A friend of mine has the same type of legs and she’s a trainer. There’s not much she can do about it.

  • Wonderwoman21

    Ok so I’m gonna burn in hell after I say this buuut..they both have terrible legs. Mischa’s are thick and stumpy looking, while Whitney’s are just gross, especially the knee area. Yeah mean I know.

    • Kimberly

      No, you won’t burn in hell. I think most people would probably share you opinion. Neither girl was genetically blessed with beautiful legs.

  • Candy

    Whitney is way too Mischa.

  • Cynthia

    i like Whitney, i think thats her natural shape, she cant change it.. she´s naturally that thin, and also shes really tall so.. maybe thats why she looks thinner. sorry my english is bad i speak spanish but i just wanted to say my opinion.

  • kelli

    whitney looks better. mischa isn’t great picking flattering clothes for her figure. whitney has crazy thin legs, but i don’t think it’s on purpose…she looks naturally thin.

  • Dr. Truth

    Misha can’t help the fact that she has cankles. She can, however, focus on weights and cardio which can not only lean out her legs, but add some muscle definition (especially where she needs it- the calves).

    Whitney? Ugh. Poor thing needs to stop starving herself. Her lack of muscle is beginning to make her look like she has an eating disorder. Then again, maybe she’s just naturally thin. Still, she is probably underweight at this point and could use some extra calories…

  • Mischa looks great, her legs even seem a bit toned here. I don’t like whitney’s figure. Too skinny, but she is so proud of her legs, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

  • Jemima

    omg Whitney.
    Her legs are disappearing 0_0

  • Joy

    Cannot believe Whitney’s legs…I know she has delicate frame but I’m starting to think she is getting close to anorexia (if she isn’t there already). Pity,she’s so pretty. She shouldn’t starve herself!
    Mischa kind of looks like an old maid! She’s pretty too, she should just take better care of herself!

    • Casey

      I don’t think Whitney Port is anorexic, I think that is just her body shape. I’ve known women with DD’s on top, and legs skinnier than mine (mine are pretty slim) on the bottom.

      However, it goes to show you that genes and small weight isn’t always enough. Some people work out to lose weight and look thinner…then there’s people like her and Cameron Diaz who work out to make themselves look more shapely.

  • Ashley

    Strange how I used to aspire to have legs like Whitney has (in this photo). Thank God I got my head on right. They don’t look pretty or healthy or toned. 7-10 lbs of muscle would do wonders for her.

  • Minnie

    Leggy leggy leggy leggy…
    Blondie blondie blondie blondie….

    I like this post.They’re both similar (around the same age, tall, blonde, wearing similar outfits, a similar pose, etc.), but have opposite body types.

    Mischa actually looks better here, but I still like Whitney better overall.

  • madeleine

    welll all i can say is that at least mischa is losing weight….still has poor fashion sense but that wont matter as much when she goes back to her old super skinny frame….
    whitneys legs are aweeeeesome

  • natalie

    neither of them have particularly great legs, to be honest. mischa had a fantastic figure on the OC even if she was a bit too thin then. they are both beautiful girls though.

  • Whitney’s legs freaks me out. They are overly thin, have no muscle definition and are completely shapeless. She’d look sooo much better with some weight on her… But I guess she’s naturally thin so eating more probably won’t help. But regular work outs could improve her body, IMO.
    Mischa looks thinner here, however I can’t say she looks better. Her body type is just weird, doesn’t look particularly good neither thin, nor heavier.

  • Casey

    I don’t prefer either set of legs. Both would benefit from a little muscle building on their legs.

    If I had to choose, then I choose the top half of Whitney.

  • serena

    whitney has seriously lost some weight…..I always thought she was normal and healthy with naturally thin legs – well her legs are naturally thinner than the rest of her – but nope. Guess she’s just the same as the rest of them. I am in love with those legs. And Mischa’s legs look different in every damn shot. I don’t know what she looks like anymore.

  • alx

    Mischa should lose a couple pounds. She’d look better. She’s flabby and out of shape. Whitney is really thin from her legs but if u look at her arms and collar bone she’s not too thin.. she’s not skeletal. She retains more fat in her upper body. She’s quite unproportioned actually.

  • Lauren

    Mischa legs look normal to me. Why are people suggesting they are fat? What the hell..

    and I do prefer whitneys outfit, however, her legs scare me.. they are freakishly thin

  • Sure Whitney’s legs are very thin, but i still think she looks better. She always looks clean and put together. Whereas (i feel mean here ,but gonna say it anyway) Mischa always looks dirty and a mess to me. I think she gets dressed in the dark.

  • nannou

    Misha looks better but those shorts are hideous. Whitney looks like she ran out of the house in oversized knickers wft are those?

  • Roos from holland

    OMG, also whitney legs are going to be super skinny, and that while she was my favorite of the hills. But besides that, I think she is looking better in that short!

  • birdistheword10

    whitney really needs to gain a bit of weight on her legs, particularly around the knees…she’s a little concerning, and I’d hate to guess her weight

  • maggie

    hmm..mischa. she looks healthier than whitney. at least we can definitely say that she eats something, whereas whitney, is a recipe for disaster for a young girl who decides she wants her figure and it all ends in anorexia nervosa.
    ….just saying

  • Jade

    skinny vs curvy-are you serious???IMO it looks more like skinny vs ultra skinny.
    Whitney looks better and is tanned BUT her thighs are way too thin-nearly ugly.
    so I vote for Mischa

  • Nameless

    They both look terrible.

  • I prefer mischa’s outfit, although it doesn’t really flatter her. Whitney’s legs scare me.

  • Caitlin

    This website is messed up. Do you think that this is healthy? Some of these girls are waaaay underweight. Do you think this is what guys want? Do you think this is what beauty is? This is disgusting.

  • Amelia

    The comments on here are disgusting! Both girls look fine albeit (Whitney is a bit thin) but whatever! Saying things like

  • Amelia

    Saying things like Mischa has cankles and Whitney looks like a toothpick are pointless. It wouldn’t kill you to be a bit nicer..

  • Jessica

    Can’t believe people think Mischa’s legs look fat. They’re totally normal, if not kind of slim especially compared to the average woman’s legs today. Just shows how skewed society’s view of healthy is.