Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado’s Got Hips in a Long Black Dress

FP_3622525_RIJ_MORE_ALMA_091709 - Nelly Furtado's Got Hips in a Long Black Dress

Nelly Furtado is definitely a curvy pear shape, with round hips, a plump booty and strong thighs – and this dress totally shows off her enviable waist-hip ratio.

Looking good!

How do you like Nelly in this dress?

See how you’ll like her make-up! There’s a close-up after the jump!

FP_3622528_RIJ_MORE_ALMA_091709 - Nelly Furtado's Got Hips in a Long Black Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • salma’ben

    she reminds me to Jlo in this dress wich is a good thing so yes I do envy her !

  • samba

    she looks sexy here! nice curvy hip-waist ratio…and she has pretty eyes and lovely bone structure in her face…very cute! have always liked her

  • georgette

    gorgeous face, beauuuuutiful eyes, and curvy rocking body! beautiful woman, plus! she’s sooooooooo tanlented… thing that you can’t see everyday lol

  • Clara

    nice dress…

    • Alyssa

      Gofugyourself says its a terrible dress… panels and lace?
      She could do better

  • cusi

    how can she have such a bony face and such a curvy body..

  • sammy

    SKINNY VS CURVY please explain how some women get curveir hips n slender faces

    • Juliette

      Disregarding actual weight (i.e. obviously someone who weights 500lbs will have larger hips than someone who weights 100 lbs) Some people born with wider breadth of hips, others have smaller hips.

      Think of that old phrase “she has child-bearing hips.”
      Some people are just naturally curvy (not to be confused with the “larger” size curvy.)

    • Versus

      It’s all about the body type. She’s clearly not overweight, so her face has a normal shape. Her hips are curvy because she is a pear shape, and she gains weight in her lower half – her legs are thicker and strong, too.

      Some pear shaped women can get gaunt faces and a very thin upper body, even bony, if they lose too much weight – yet their hips and thighs remain curvy even at that low weight.

      In general, apple shapes or inverted triangle shapes tend to gain weight on their face much easier, since they store their fat on their upper / middle body.

  • vienna

    great bod & love the i see why michael k always calls her wonky lol

    • amy

      yeah i see what u mean lol

  • Charlotte

    she is so goregous. i love that different shapes are gradually being embraced more. beautiful eyes, i’m envious 🙂

  • jess

    Yeah its really good to see that celebrities of different shapes and sizes are being praised these days

  • Rachel

    Nice shape. That dress is not good…

  • sammy

    THANKS SKINNY VS CURVY….for the explanantion….i think imight be apple shaped or with broad shoulders…….thats where i gain wieght in my upper body…but im working hard at it..changing up my diet and excercise…

    i used to be really really skinny….but alot of ppl made em so insecure about beign that skiny..and eventually put on about 40 pounds….but i wanna go bak to that skinniess ..not skinny..but a healty weight..and be comfortable in my own skin….

    this is one of my favourite websites…i love how u guys accept everyone for what they are,,,

    hey administrator…it would be fun to include once in a while a interview section with a star asking them about their body or eating habbits…

  • Vermillion

    Even With Curves , She is still in-Shape and Has a GREAT body .
    To Be Honest , With her Bone-Y Face , I Liked her Skinny body better on her .

  • brit

    she looks beautiful and sexy. hips are always hot!

  • jw_photography

    I loooooooove her curves

  • Ghjhj

    Nelly’s body really has ballooned over the past few years.