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Male Mondays: Chris Pratt

chris-pratt-weight-5 - Male Mondays: Chris Pratt

Male Mondays: actor Chris Pratt!

Age: 37

Height: 188 cm / 6’2”

Spouse: Anna Faris

Chris has definitely had his ups and downs in terms of weight – the actor, who once weighed close to 300 pounds bulked up for his roles multiple times. In 2011, the actor lost 30 pounds for the drama “Moneyball” and then, shortly afterward, regained 50 to 60 pounds for the comedy “Ten Year.”

“I went from 220 pounds that I cut down for ‘Moneyball’ to almost 270-280 pounds for ‘Ten Year'”

… says Chris.

chris-pratt-fat-to-fit - Male Mondays: Chris Pratt

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  • angry_bird

    Well he looked really good as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Agatha

    It’s incredible how much his roles changed once he lost the weight. I saw he said he got fat intentionally because he kept been casted as a “douche”. Once he was fat they were able to see his comedic talent, got comedic roles and Parks and Rec. I think I liked him more when he was chubby. He actually joked more around. Now he’s more serious but it probably is because of his non-comedic roles and more responsibility over his shoulders.

    And Jennifer and him have a weird chemistry, at first I thought they OBVIOUSLY had sexual tension going on but in recent interviews it seems like they’re tired of being together… Either way it’s super awkward to watch.

    BTW, I think his makeup is always on point.

    • Lifeisgood20131234

      They seem pretty similar so they’re probably annoyed with each other now.

      • Kia

        Aha hah that’s true!

  • CarrieD

    Maybe I’m wrong here but just by looking at his build/face I don’t think he’s naturally slim or fit (in the sense that it takes some people very little work to get and remain fit). He seems to be that guy who will always go back to being chubby if he isn’t really careful all the time. Anyway, I love him, I had a crush on him watching Parks and Rec. He’s handsome and funny, what’s not to like?

    • Calia

      I’m pretty sure he’s a mesomorph. Gains muscle easy, gains fat easy. So many men would kill for his build.

  • Sheri

    So damn hot! Funny too… 10/10

  • Leighton

    Can I just say what a vision JLaw is in that white dress: her hair up like that with the red lipstick mmhmmh I approve!

    I never really thought of Chris Pratt as handsome, but his talent and personality get me weak at the knees….

    • Agatha

      I know! How did she get this attractive? I used to think she was bleh when she first started. Like a bit bloated on the face.

  • Kia

    He’s an idiot(I don’t like his personality) but he’s h o t.
    The meaty man..mum. I don’t care about his definition but the shape and mass and face yaa

  • Naomi

    His nose looks contoured in pic 3, lol 😀 Love him, he is so funny.

  • sharlane

    Seems like a nice dude. Never found him hot, but he’s presentable

  • cheeze.wiz

    he’s very handsome. But I did think too much so… love him

  • Naomi

    I find her personality extremely pretentious and annoying but I must say that she’s been looking very good lately. But I think her weird smile is due to botox..

    • Naomi

      And she most definitely had a nose job

  • a

    I think it’s just aging and makeup. She wasn’t wearing any in the before pics you posted. I lost a lot of fat in my cheeks and my face got more defined from age 17-24, about the same difference as her.

  • a

    not my type

  • liss

    I like him slim