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Male Mondays: Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky-Blue-Smith-Selected-Summer-2015-002-960x1180 - Male Mondays: Lucky Blue Smith

At high request for our Male Mondays session, we’ve got a trending young model that has worked for the biggest names in fashion and posed on the cover of French Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar: Lucky Blue Smith!

Name: Lucky Blue Smith

Age: 18

Started modeling at age: 12

Nationality: American

Height: 6’2” / 189 cm

Title: ‘2015 male model of the year’, Teen Vogue’s Model of the Moment

22aa47e0-29b2-48d4-9d51-4514693614dd - Male Mondays: Lucky Blue Smith

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kia

    I LOVE his platinum hair and wide set of eyes…I’m so jealous of those!!
    Body wise he probably is as skinny as a twig and look unnecessarily odd in person(I mean the picture in the desert is quite scary), but face-wise I cannot but love the look!!
    its slaying!
    Not into it as a partner, I’m into it for myself…
    He would be a gorgeous woman too.
    The jackass stare though, lfmao, bearable only in the modelling world.

    • ule

      Why do they have to look “tough”? It looks incredibly stupid. Couldn’t they just look bored instead, if they aren’t allowed to look pleasant?

      He’s cute, very feminine and a bit DiCaprio-like. But I also dislike too skinny men. To me looks best when he’s smiling.

      • Kia

        Oh no…I lose it when I see a tough guy (or tough look if it’s a picture and not a real life scenario). This look is more a douchy one,which I don’t like and makes me laugh. A tough look is more relaxed, is like strong but not bellicose. I don’t know how to explain. Mostly is nothing but a tiny tension in the eyebrows,a direct shameless stare and contracting jaw muscles?
        I don’t know, I onlu know that a couple of dudes I liked did that and I was like awwmygwaad

  • Antonella

    love the eyes, I really hate the scrawny leg look they push on male models, would look so much better with a set of footballer legs.

  • cheeze.wiz

    a little too Hitler youth for me. But he’s pretty

  • Agatha

    Not a fan, no… he’s doing that fish gape thing that I dislike. And his hair looks fried.

  • Kik

    I don’t know a thing about him and becouse he is so boring looking, I don’t want to look up his information. And he looks [email protected] to me.

    • zldn

      Is looking gay to you a negative?

      • Sun

        Well, part of Male Mondays is “get our own back by objectifying how hot the males are to us” so…

        • zldn

          Gay celebrities can still be objectified by straight people. I would’ve thought that either someone finds someone hot or not, rather than judging by their orientation. Objectification is in large part fantasy. That’s why I asked whether you think ‘looking gay’ is a negative. I’m merely interested in the reasoning so I hope it’s not coming across as argumentative. I find a lot of gay celebs attractive and their orientation doesn’t factor into it. P.S. He appears to have a girlfriend, btw

          • Sun

            IDK, I’m a straight woman and I find lesbians less sexy to me than straight men. I think that what the OP meant. I would describe this model as “handsome” -ish, kind of weird looking. Def. not sexy to me.

      • Kia

        Oh stop it! Stop it!!! Here comes the “let’s find a way to be offended” one. Stop itttt!! You are not even a guy man and your comment is silly
        Let people speak, she said nothing of what you accuse her of

    • Agatha

      @disqus_DFkjAIJ9mC:disqus @Sun
      People are allowed to have their tastes, but when you comment it like that it comes across as hateful. Like if being gay was a bad thing. It’s just the phrasing.

      • Sun

        ??? I don’t see anything even remotely hateful with what I said. At all. i was defending the OP since her/his comment seemed fine to me too. Perhaps its a problem with writing in text because everything can seem offensive without the context of in person.

        • Agatha

          Man, I shouldn’t have tag you in that case. I was referring to the initial comment. Just wanted to bring my 2 cents to the conversation.

      • zldn

        It’s a tricky thing to phrase because it draws equivalency between finding someone unattractive and their orientation hence my comment downthread about wanting to understand the reasoning behind a comment like that. For example, I find Catherine McNeil attractive. Not because of or in spite of her sexuality (or mine for that matter), I just think she’s attractive. I don’t find Ricky Martin attractive for the same reasoning.

  • Sun

    He reminds me a lot of Draco Malfoy. Not my type at all (though i’m probably not his either ;). Pretty eyes, though.

    • ebby

      Yes! I see it. It gives him an ethereal quality. Would love to see him with dark hair. anyway he’s gorgeous. beautiful bone structure. i love his look. i wish i was pretty as him.

  • ar

    I love the crooked smile, there’s a small resemblance to James McAvoy, somewhere around the eyes/smile/expression.

  • Terae

    His face has perfect symmetry, which is beautiful right? I don’t know enough about high fashion modeling. Anyway, I’m jealous of his eyebrows!

  • Naomi

    Beautiful eyes and smile!!

  • Ophelia821

    He looks like he could be Geert Wilder’s child. (Not into the platinum hair trend)

  • angry_bird

    No… He’s only 18 but looks older (quite deep forehead wrinkles, dry skin). That platinum hair doesn’t do him any favors either Imo. I prefer dark haired men.
    And I don’t like skinny men. He’s too androgynous looking to me.

    • Geraaaa

      wow imagine if I guy wrote this comment about an 18 year old girl. 😀 that would be so creepy

  • Deborah G.

    Not a fan of the first pic, but he’s so pretty!

  • chris

    way better looking than male celebs.

  • a

    Eh, too skinny, face looks like a boy, hair is stupid.. the second picture really looks like a woman to me. I guess he is “pretty” as people say but not attractive to me in the least. THe only thing I like are his eyes/eyebrows