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Male Mondays: Model Sean O’Pry

hottest-male-models-8 - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry

Male Mondays: Model Sean O’Pry!

As one of the most in demand models of the past years, Sean O’Pry represents big companies such as Giorgio Armani, H&M, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Hugo Boss and his piercing blue eyes have been on the covers of every magazine imaginable.

Name: Sean O’Pry

Nationality: American

Age: 27

Height: 6′ 1″ / 185 cm

A quote from Sean:

I guess I’d have to say it’s who I am. Because I have to say I know there are hundreds of other good-looking guys with blue eyes and brown hair. I don’t know what differentiates me with my look as much as my personality. So I’d go with my personality.

Fun Fact: According to Forbes, back in 2014, Sean was the highest earning male model on the list and her made $1.5 million in a year, compared to the highest earning female model Gisele Bundchen, who made a whopping $47 million.

hottest-male-models-10 - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry

Loads more photos of Sean inside!


hottest-male-models - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry

Sean-O-Pry-male-model-31 - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry Sean-O-Pry-male-model-32 - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry Sean-O-Pry-male-model-34 - Male Mondays: Model Sean O'Pry

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • CarrieD

    How weird, I find him super attractive in some of the pics and borderline ugly in others. But since I like the runway shots I guess it’s the photoshopped ones I dislike. And he’s clearly versatile, photoshop aside. This one I like!

    • a

      agree, he looks weird with makeup on too, looks much better natural

    • ggg

      you probably mean the photos where his norwooding is prominent.

  • lyza

    Well, that has to be the only profession where women make more money than men. Also, Sean is dreamy and has such unique good-looking features.

    • ggg

      there are laws against paying wymyn less, so no. if anything, wymyn are always paid more on an individual basis. wymyn are only paid less ON AVERAGE because they don’t go into the high paying/high demand professions as men, and their job market is less diverse. the wage gap is a myth produced by ignorant and petulant under achievers who would rather blame others for their own lack of ability. if wymyn were to suddenly decide to go into stem fields, construction, military, ie all the fields that men predominate, the wage gap would disappear. but they don’t, because of dimorphism and other biological and evolutionary reasons that cannot be changed no matter how loud feminists yell.

      • lyza

        😑 What ?! Your crazy is showing. I’m gonna assume you didn’t take your meds or something and I’m gonna slowly back away from the post. 🙋

  • a

    I think he’s really attractive, I like his look even though it’s a bit skinny/boyish for my taste in general. if only he weren’t a model and were allowed to bulk up a bit haha

  • AnonyChick

    I like. I really like his facial bone structure and his lean body.

  • cheeze.wiz

    Can we get some damn Michael Fassbinder up in here…

    This guy is pretty cute

    • Milla

      Agree, but on the other hand, there are so many….xD

      • cheeze.wiz

        Ugh I know

  • Tara

    He’s ok, I guess, but I seriously can’t take male models seriously. Seems way too effeminate for my liking. Way too Zoolander lol.

  • Calia

    Not attractive.

    • gg

      sour grapes coping

      • Calia


  • chris

    Not my personal type, but gorgeous. Pretty I guess.

  • Veronique

    I find him to be ridiculously good-looking

    • herpderp

      Careful you’re gonna upset Derek..

  • claud

    oh you poor lil boy…making only a fraction of what women make for the same job. see how it feels?

    • ggg

      you fell for the wage gap meme. wymyn make the same money for the same job(or in this case, even more), the “wage gap” is the result of wymyn being in fields that pay less. so no, wymyn don’t make the same as men because they don’t work the same jobs. wymyn dominate nursing, while men dominate brain surgery.

  • ule

    I don’t find him attractive, this seriously dangerous sexy frown is so stupid for both men and women. He looks cuter in runway shots, much better hair and his stubble is a bit longer. Why don’t men have to shave/depilate as smoothly as women!?

  • martasara12

    I’m not usually into his ‘type’, but man, is he hot!

  • Mel

    He is hot, but some of the clothes they put him in are ridiculous

  • herpderp

    How tf does Gisele make so much?