Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie

Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie

FFN_g_51022638 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie

39 year-old Heidi Klum and 31 year-old Nicole Richie were proud to show off their upper curves at last night’s Oscar afterparties – here they are in very low-cut dresses with lots (or less) cleavage.

Too much or just right?

FFN_g_510231621 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie

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FFN_g_51022630 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022631 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022638 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022640 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022641 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231601 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231621 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231631 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231641 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231641 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_510231631 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie   FFN_g_510231601 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022641 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022630 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie FFN_g_51022631 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie   FFN_g_51022640 - Cleavagey Afterparty Hotties: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie

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  • kels

    heidi is way too much cleavage going on. she is a mother and past her prime she doesn’t need to be showing herself off so much. yes she is hot but she isn’t presenting herself well here. she should class it up a bit more this screams “i want attention”. nicole looks good i think. she is still young enough and with smaller breasts to pull this look off. and she is more covered up on the rest of her body so it looks classier.

    • Jules

      Great comment I completely agree and I like how you explained the reasons for the classy vs unclassy looks 🙂

    • Robin

      I just wanted to say that, but you already said it!

    • Valeria

      I agree with your comment about her showing too much cleavage. However, I don’t agree that she is past her prime, and that as a mother she necessarily has to tone down the sexiness. One can dress sexy as hell if they have the body and a certain type of charisma. I have seen Halle Berry is some very short and very revealing dresses. Somehow she manages to get away with it.

      • Clarence Beeks

        I agree. Nicole looks fantastic, Heidi looks tacky as hell.

    • JN1976

      @ Kels et al:
      I agree with most but I dont think it`s that Heidi is past her prime OR that she`s a mother. Her boobs are too big and they are seriously going south and it isnt flattering, plus showing too much skin. It`s not an age thing – we`ve all seen Helen Mirren and much older woman showing off their chest-bums before, nor is it about being a mom…Halle, Ale, Miranda could wear as cleave-revealing an outfit and be successfully classy (unless the kids are going to be there, um…ew).
      It`s three things: 1. Boobs too big for that low a cut (Class issue)
      2. Boobs sagging too much for that low a cut (Class issue bc even youngER woman with as saggy or more saggy boobage would look trashy)
      3. Showing too much skin (Class issue)
      YET I think she looks great in the body and skin for her age and number of kids she has.
      NRichie…FAB dress – tres chic and approp-sized fun-bags for the V…(she could ever go sleeveless and bear a tad more skin and it wouldnt be trashy), nice makeup too and great necklace…I wanna see her shoes:( (she ALWAYS wears amazing shoes)

  • Liv

    Wooooh… boobielicious, both of them….

  • Liz

    Nicole Richie looks so classy, I love it, is like the right way to pull off a cleavage…they both have great bodies, and really pretty faces but Heidi is way over the top, that’s A LOT of cleavage and she’s not in her 20’s anymore so she should go for something a little bit more conservative (i think)

    • You are absolutely right! Nicole looks amazing, but i dont like heidi here. Her boobs looks way too squeezed and abnormal.

  • rebecka

    I love their hair and Heidis earings boobs! Nicole Richie have something evil in her eyes Heidi have some kind of mask face.

  • Faidy

    I really don’t agree with people saying Heidi is too old to wear this. What does this mean? That if you are over 30-35 you must not be sexy? She has an amazing body and breasts and this dress sure looks good on her.

    • drag0nf7y

      I agree! Even though she is nearing 40, it doesn’t mean that Heidi has to completely change her style and go to granny wear. And personally, I find it a little offensive to call a woman “past her prime” as if she was a piece of steak cooked for too long. I say if you have the body to pull it off, then wear whatever the heck you want girl!

      • caracara

        Ah 40, someone said here she is like in her 50’s, thought she didn’t look that old.

    • Mia

      To me it has nothing to do with age. She is practically baring her breasts in public, which is really not sexy at ANY age…less is more, ya know? besides, I think the whole look is incredibly unflattering and makes her look top heavy, which she is not.

      • PS

        Agree. To ME (personal opinion ahead) this dress worn by someone with such a body is (I apologize in advance) gross.

  • gsl

    I feel like heidi is trying so hard to prove something to everyone. Youre almost 40 lady, you can still be sexy but take it down a notch or four, you look desperate and trashy

    • cinnamon

      Yep. I totally agree. She tries way to hard with everything.. being young, fun, “hip”, easy-going, sexy… To me she has always been like a milder version of madonna.

      And I hope that no one will bash me, but such a huge cleavage can look tacky very easy..especially with such huge breasts. Nicoles dress covers more of the body and is flowier..so the only sexy part is the cleavage.

      • JaneParker

        I agree, maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve never really liked Heidi Klum, but she always look like she’s trying too hard. She has a nice body but the cleavage is too much, not because of her age, because it just is. If her boobs were smaller maybe she would have gotten away with it. It might be a bit unfair, but these huge cleavages on big breasts often look trashy. I have big boobs as well and I know I wouldn’t feel confortable wearing something like this. Nicole on the other hand looks great, she seems to be at a healthy weight and has come a long way since her reality show days.

    • lc

      I agree SO much, gsl.

      • Heather

        I agree!!! Heidi has a good body but she tries too hard…she looks desperate most of the time. Too short skirts, low cut tops. It just looks tacky.

    • Valeria

      Is forty old? I don’t think so. And I think that she is dressed age appropriately. But I think the cut of the neckline is a little too plunging for her figure. She doesn’t have the rack too pull it off. But there other women her age or older who could get away with this cut.

  • caracara

    Heidi is a beautiful older version of what she was when she was younger, great height, features, smile and overall looks great. But she’s quite commercial looking and the bleached highlights just add to that. And she’s put on weight. Nicole is meh always, face, body, short girl. Hair is obviously colored and kind of dry, but the color looks fab on her.

  • deppfan

    Heidi is like in her 50’s. Even my grandma don’t have wrinkles as her. It is weird considering that she is probasbly health conscious, active person because of her job. And the dress is ick

    • JJ

      She’s 39. It’s the very first word of the article. Sheesh.

  • Valeria

    No, no. Heidi’s boobs are too droopy for that cut. On the other hand someone like Katie Perry with her firmer higher boobs could get away with it or Halle Berry with her (what I think are) fake boobs.

    • Bellerina

      I think she just has too large a chest for this look, the fashion tape flattens them too much. I think Katy Perry would also be too heavy breasted for this look. It’s not the age that is the problem, its that the cut is better suited for smaller cup sizes.

      • Nataleigh

        Yeah, that’s a great observation. It’s tight, in order to prevent a possible nip slip, but it winds up flattening her ladies and that’s what makes it kind of…enh?

        I also agree with Jessica Simpson (I can’t believe I’m saying that…) but if you show a lot of skin in one place, you don’t want to show too much elsewhere…some sort of sleeves on that gown would help it look less shocking, imo.

      • artemis

        agree :))

  • Heidi looks embarrassing – it’s just wrong for her age and body type. I don’t think you can have big boobs and wear a plunge like this – it just looks tacky. She doesn’t have much of a waist either and the combo of big, low-ish boobs and no waist is not flattering in this dress at all. Unfortunately she just sort of looks like one of those trashy real housewives – a bit desperate and past it. And she’s not past it at all – she’s beautiful – she just doesn’t need to try so hard.

    Nicole has the right figure to pull the plunge off and look classy. She looks really good. I don’t know what she does now (or has ever done, tbh) to stay in the public eye, but her style is great!

    • lol

      “She doesn’t have much of a waist either”

      Change the record.

      • Shal

        Every time I see Erica’s comment on a post, I just KNOW ‘lol’ is right behind her.

        Erica- For the most part I agree with you comment. I believe Nicole has her own brand ‘House of Harlow 1960’ and I (think?) she is a judge on a show called ‘Fashion Star’.

        I think that even though both ladies have chosen similar styles of gowns, Nicole comes off as classy and understated, while Heidi’s sort of made my eyes bulge.

        • artemis

          Every time I see Erica’s comment on a post, I just KNOW ‘lol’ is right behind her.

          True :))

  • caracara

    Even though Heidi’s got the height, Nicole has the better body, more streamlined, slimmer. Heidi’s big boobs, any big boobs really tend to add the appearance of weight, and do tend to give a more mature motherly look to a woman. Heidi’s dress is gorgeous, even though it would look gorgeous on a slim woman. Nicole’s dress is elegant too. If you could take Heidi’s height and Nicole’s body lol.

  • lc

    Nicole looks so good! Classy and stylish as always. Heidi tries sooo hard, and I have never found her face or body attractive at all. She looks bad imo.

    • jenna

      It’s so rare to hear someone say they don’t find Heidi’s face attractive, yet that’s how I’ve always felt! I remember the first time I ever saw her in Victoria’s Secret catalog, I thought her face was so mannish.
      Seeing these pics of her, she looks pretty haggard & way older than she is. I guess she’s not aging well, or this is just a horrible look (makeup/hair).

      Nicole looks pretty. The dress with cleavage works on her.

      • lc

        I have always wondered why Heidi is hailed as this gorgeous creature. She is bland at best, but completely unattractive to me. Like, she does absolutely nothing for me. Her face shape/facial features come together weirdly to me; wide jaw, squinty eyes, thin lips, freakishly tiny nose. And she is NOT aging well imo.

  • Trishana

    I love Heidi’s dress. Her boobs are not saggy. Just because you’re a mother of a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t dress really sexy. She’s still got it and probably looks better than a lot of women almost half her age. Nicole looks great as well. All this talk that you can’t show off your body because you’re not 20 years old is ridiculous. If you’ve got it show it off while you still can.

  • Casey

    I like Heidi’s dress but I don’t think it suits her frame. I think it would look better on someone with more waist definition. I don’t mind the extra cleavage…she has great breasts and she is still a model. Her having a mother should have little to do with it; mothers shouldn’t be shamed into giving up their sexuality. And it is not like she is starring in porn.

    • Casey

      being a mother*, not having a mother… derp

    • D

      It has nothing to do with Heidi giving up her sexuality and everything to do with the fact that the dress if unflattering and not age-appropriate, she can look sexy and show skin while looking appropriate and wearing something flattering for her figure.

      • Casey

        Well I agree with you that it’s unflattering, because of her body shape as I said earlier, but I disagree that it’s not age appropriate.

        If she had a smaller waist/body type more suited for this dres, I don’t see why she shouldn’t wear it, regardless of age. I understand how others have a problem with that, but for me personally, it is not a problem.

        • solaxia

          Completely agreed Casey!

      • Ana

        Agreed! No one is saying that she can’t dress up sexy. Nicole has done that too but in a more decent way. Heidi just looks bizarre.

  • D

    Heidi : trashy, try-hard, too young for her age and not flattering on her figure. Her boobs look like saggy flap jacks, the dress is almost squishing them down it appears.
    Nicole : This is how you pull off a plunge neck line, it fits her perfectly and her body looks great in this dress. Its age appropriate and I love her hair/over all look.

    • lc

      Great post, ITA.

  • Chelsea

    Thank goodness Kate Upton wasn’t there lol

  • caracara

    Some are saying Heidi’s still got it, but not really, she looks good only compared to most 50 year olds, compared to the slim type of small breasted woman that should be wearing that dress, she looks too wide in the hips and heavy in the stomach. But overall, she still looks good, she’s just not in her prime anymore.

  • tala

    ew heidi’s look disgusts me! I actually would of have like the dress but this has too much cleavage her boobs and whole body seem to sag. Her hair looks like she just pour the whole pot of jell slicked it back

  • CK

    nice boobies, Heidi, but you’re not doing them any favors by showing sooo much of them, and i hate that tan and make up, she looks like a statue of gold. As for Nicole nice dress and though her neckline is not as open as H’s still bit much cleavage for me, or don’t know maybe she just doesn’t pull it off, and no offense to Nicole but her boobies are not really aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

  • Ana

    Nicole looks great but Heidi: absolutely disgusting. Her boobs are literally down to her waist, they look saggy as hell. Not age appropriate at all. Infant the dress would be too much on anyone. She looks 50 + and that dress just shows all the sagging.

  • Heather

    Heidi’s too busty for this. Smaller breasts can pull off this look better like Nicole’s.

  • Avelyn

    Heidi makes me think of the big bang theory quote: “you’re displaying enough of your bosom to attract a new mate, or a hungry infant”

    • Annee

      Haha! I’ve to remember this one! Awesome 😉

  • Liv

    The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw Heidi was that she is someone past her prime modelling days and now she is desperately trying to look just as good/sexy. In reality she just looks tacky.
    I think it would be a hard adjustment having been such a world wide phenomenon for so long because and now becoming more and more irrelevant. Especially because her fame was solely based on her beauty.

  • Isabel

    Heidi has great chest, but the whole style with golden dress and a way deep cleavage doesn’t look as classy. She I’ve seen worse but the combo makes her look like a trophy wife: beautiful but desperate. I believe that even if her chest was smaller she wouldn’t look good. Nicole on the other hand looks good. She’s been making many appereances lately, what is she doing?

  • KC


  • lol

    While I don’t like Heidi’s look here. Nobody says anything when large women like Christina Hendricks have their tits out. Hendricks seems to get away with it because she’s overweight.

    • ramona

      I would say it depends on “how you get your boobs out”
      Heidi often wears daring clothes AND looks good, but this is totally unflattering + her hair is horrible
      Christina has often classy make-up and quite elegant dresses. But I’d say she’s still overdoing it sometimes and when she does, she looks tacky aswell

    • Strawberry fields

      What are u talking about? The thing ch gets criticized for most is her boobs and how she dresses them!?
      I’d actually say its the other way around. Small breasted women can get away with baring a lot of cleavage while big boobed women get called trashy for wearing the same. And though it might me double standards I feel the same. When someone with small breasts has a deep cleavage it can look classy and sexy while it quickly looks trashy when you have big boobs.

  • veeeeev

    I don’t even think it has anything to do with age. Like some of the other comments, I agree with how it’s to do with how flattering the dress is for your body and boob size. Heidi was a great lingerie model because of her boobs, but this dress is not flattering for the ladies at all! Nicole on the other hand, extremely classy!

    • veeeeev

      Does anyone know what designer Nicole is wearing!?

      • happygolucky

        roberto cavalli. This is not typical for him, more understated than usual.

  • Tally

    Nicole looks F’n FAB

  • retrobanana

    i think heidis boobs look good…i just dont need to see that much of them…nicole looks better..heidi might as well have worn kate uptons swimsuit cover..

  • 22franzs

    Nicole is wearing a dress that is almost as low cut as Heidi’s, but I don’t see any comments on how trashy or embarrasing she looks. Why? The larger a woman’s breasts, the trashier the woman apparently. Sad.

    • Tonia

      Rather, the trashier she APPEARS.

  • solaxia

    Nicole looks really pretty! Heidi…meh. Too gold. too harsh. too tan. too blonde. It just doesn’t work imo.

    I saw Alessandra in a gorgeous gold dress at this event (or maybe a different event) and she looked sooo stunning! Breathtakingly beautiful imo.

  • annemarie

    Nicole looks great. She usually does when her eyemakeup isn’t too heavy and dark.

    Heidi doesn’t look good. Not because of her age but because her dress looks trashy and wouldn’t look better on anybody in their 20s either.

  • Tea

    Nothing against Heidi’s boobs, they’re great, but they’re of a size and distribution that just looks much better with adequate support. I don’t know how she could walk around like that the whole night and have conversations with people without feeling uncomfortable. I guess maybe she’s used to it, being a model and all. I agree that Nicole pulls off the look better, but tbh I just don’t find the area of the abdomen beneath the breasts a very attractive area full stop. To me it’s one of those awkward spots that should be covered, more for reasons to do with aesthetics than modesty. If you’re very lean in that area, awkward looking bones/musculature can be seen, or if you’re large busted you might get the awkward looking underboob thing like Heidi, there’s no winning.

  • artemis

    I don’t like heidi’s face and that dress is too much for her boobs.
    nicole’s just a tiny bit much but it’s ok. the dress isn’t that flattering cause it’s a bit loose on the waist(idk why cause she has a nice abdomen) but it’s ok other than that. her make-up is nice.

  • Sofia

    We saw your boobs

    • Annee

      Haha LOL

      That was an awesome song btw!!!! :):) Loved it!

  • Fielding

    I love boobs, just sayin’.

  • mary

    Heidi needs more support in the bust..gravity is catching up to those tatas. Nicole looks cute, i absolutely LOVE her skin tone.

  • SophiaAthene

    My God Heidi, put those vile udders away asap! It’s putting me off my dinner. I’ve seen classier looking street walkers. When you have boobs that big and pendulous you need to dress in a certain way to look nice. Nicole looks lovely. I’m not a fan of uber low cut and booby dresses but on nicole it actually looks quite good. Love the hair and make-up too.

  • mishya

    I love Heidi but when I see her in this dress, her boobs seem to stand out more than her beautiful face. However, she is an older model and a mom too, so I am glad she still feels sexy enough to show off her rockin’ bod. Nicole looks really awesome too. Her dress is a little revealing but she still manages to look classy and grown up!

  • Lolllllll

    There is nothing saggy about Heidi’s breasts, I’m less then half Heidi’s age and my breasts are 32F’s and I’m here to tell you hers are VERY perky for there size, it’s just the allusion of the unflattering dress.

  • ludivine

    I think Heidi looks great but too much cleavage. Her dress is still appropriate or her age. She can still wear everything she wants. She is not like 50 or 60.
    I do think she does look too old for her age. 39 is still young, you can still look young. Her skin isn’t really good. She doesn’t look healthy to me.

  • Natalia

    Heidi is very pretty as a woman, but she has the hair that has looks like stripes? I guess she tried to put highlights, I agree with others, the fake blonde just always looks bad, she was more pretty with natural color. Also, while she still looks better than most woman her age, she has a little bit of a gut, and no waist, and wide hips.

    Nicole is forgettable face and short, but a slim girl with great proportions and dress taste.

  • ellentjie

    Team Nicole all the way! Always loved her.