Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Who Can Pull It Off?

Who Looks Better in This Outfit? Nicole Richie VS Lauren Conrad!

who-looks-better-in-this-outfit-nicole-richie-vs-lauren-conrad - Who Looks Better in This Outfit? Nicole Richie VS Lauren Conrad!

Obvious fact: Not identical outfits, but close.

Obvious question: Who looks better in this outfit?

Skinny mom Nicole or slim, yet shapelier Lauren?

Is this look more flattering on tiny Nicole or on slender Lauren?

Nicole Richie VS Lauren Conrad!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • kristi

    They Both Have Good Figures But Im Gunna Have To Go With Nicole…

  • Bebe

    Lauren. She has a great and healthy body

  • raluca


  • D33D33


  • anya

    Lauren looks like a trapped baby in that outfit. And she need to have longer skirts as she is heavier on the bottom half.

  • Minnie

    Lauren… she looks great!


    Def Nicole.She is so pretty and she rocks all the time.She is so cute.I love her.:X:X:X

  • Dani

    100% Nicole. She is Perfect!!!
    Lauren tries to hard

  • Lexi

    Nicole Richie hands down….can’t even compare to the blair waldorf wannabe

  • Amanda


  • claudia

    but i do love lauren’s dress, the prob is the hair bow and the tights…. its too much

  • lauren – so much cuter outfit and more glow on her .. plus she is shapelier

  • runner_girl

    Lauren but she needs to ditch the “shiny tights” generally not a good look for anyone.

  • jjj

    Nicole certainly looks better. She looks great.

  • stef

    lauren isnt even 25, and no, she doenst have pin thin legs, but theyre quite slim.
    “cover them up with longer skirts”?
    are you kidding me?
    just becuse she is “bottom heavy” compared to the rest of her body, perhaps, does NOT mean that a young and slim woman like her needs to therefore cover up her perfectly sexy legs as a result.

    some strange comments on this website.

  • Barbie

    sooo right, stef

  • zoe

    i dont like lauren’s top or the hair bow, it just ruins it for me, so im saying nicole. and ia with above, it makes me so annoyed when people comment on other peoples bodies like that. she has a slim, healthy body, and her legs are not what i would define as ‘bottom heavy’ either. i hate girls on the site who chuck around comments on the bodies of these women without taking a look in the mirror themselves.

  • Sarah

    They both look fabulous! I can’t decide for this one.

  • Mirabela

    in this case Nicole Richie
    because those stocking are matte, and it was a good choise

  • susan

    Now this is a tough one…..they both look so good, omg I cant decide.

  • musko

    Nicole. She has the perfect set of legs.

  • Elizabeth

    Nicole. She looks so cute here!
    Lauren is okay, normally I like her look, but as mentionned above, she should have chosen more opaque tights. Oh and I hate the gray nail polish.

  • ilovesugar

    what a good comparison to do! both these girls are so hot right now

    nicole is so god damn tiny, lauren looks better simply cause she has more shape and healthy glow to her

  • Kat

    Both girls look good, but I prefer Lauren. And her tights are not shiny, its just the light and angle in this picture compared with nicoles picture. all tights have that little shine in them. Finally, Lauren has a real beautiful body….hmm i even wonder if Nicole eats at all, shes so skinny. How unattractive, a girl who doesnt eat.


    Lauren, for sure.

  • PKunkel

    Lauren is much prettier and has a really nice body!

  • jose julian

    lauren of course

  • Rellie

    Lauren looks amazing in this outfit!
    Nicole = 12 year old girl who hasn’t quite hit puberty yet?? haha

  • Ariel

    NICOLE hands down, she looks petite and lovely

  • Jean Luis Liranzo


  • Louisa

    Lauren of course. Nicole looks like a midget

  • Lauren- she likes food, and

    &mighty puddy

  • Bella

    Well…Nicole maybe…Although her legs look scary skinny here.
    Lauren is sweet and i love the headband.