Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera – AMA Beauties in White

Untitled-14 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White

Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera chose very similar dresses for the awards last night – here they are in floor-length white gowns with cut-outs. Who rocks this look?

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451799479_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451799621_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451799923_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451805307_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451805435_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451809093_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451809125_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451809163_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451809185_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451815617_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451815621_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451825853_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826037_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826057_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826067_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826131_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826155_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826157_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451826161_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White 451858061_10 - Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera - AMA Beauties in White

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  • MJay

    They both look good.
    Xtina really got her act together…she looks really good here.

  • Hazal

    When I look at these pictures of Christina Aguilera, I ask myself: does she REALLY think that her hair colour looks good? It’s awful!
    Nicole Richie seems to be proud of her recent weight loss. She accentuates every part of her body with that dress. Not a fan! Skinniness suits some people but Nicole just looks fragile and sick.

  • Leighton

    First, can’t believe how christina looks now, in addition to earlier this year, congrats to her!

    I think both of the dresses are pretty on both woman. They are both very beautiful women in my opinion.
    But my favorite would be Nicole 🙂

    Although maybe her dress was cut out a little too low in the back…

  • jess

    Both have fake boobs that look too big for their petite frames.

    • Jennifer

      Exactly what I was thinking!
      Also, if Nicole didn’t have the fake boobs, then we’d all be saying how scary skinny she is. Same with Angelina Jolie. She is scary skinny but I think people don’t see it because the big fake boobs give the illusion of being curvy.

    • Daisy


  • retrobanana

    nicle richies bodyis so tinyit not fairhow much does shewy 2 piounds 2 ounces (that’s how much I weighed at birth) lol shes so cute abnd petite

  • retrobanana

    I don’t know Christina yoyos so I don’t trust her weight loss

  • pet peeve

    From the front, Nicole looks flawless, but the back looks like a sports bra, and the tattoo cheapens the whole look. Amazed at Christina’s weightloss, and her ability to go from pudgy to looking slender in white in a meer few months. The material and slit of Christina’s dress makes it look cheap though.

  • Juju

    I don’t like their makeup. Aguilera always overdoes it (or rather her makeup artist) and I don’t like the eye makeup of Richie.
    Aguilera’s roots are paler than her lengths, makes me think it must be hard work for a brunette to keep a platinum blonde hair looking clean (for a regular person I mean).
    Richie’s dress is kinda unflattering in the back.

  • cloud9

    it was all good till Nicole turned around and I saw alien butt…or no butt, jesus i’m scared

  • Roxy Lowe

    They both look good. Nicole looks amazing in that dress!! Christina’s hair color is awful though :(.

  • Winnie

    wow, Christina hasn’t looked this good in years…

  • Poires Poires

    Nicole Richie is too thin for my taste…it usually suits her really well, but it’s too much in that dress. Especially from the back.

    And Christina basically looks like a completely different person inside of…what–3 months? 4 months? She looks good here… as good as she’ll ever look as long as she holds to bleached out/super made up/tacky clothes aesthetic. And yes, the material does look cheap. But her body looks great. I can only wonder how long it will last though…

  • Tonyee

    Skinny frames, Fake breast implants…and dressed in white.
    That’s all i see.
    Not impressed.

  • lc

    Nicole looks gorgeous and chic. Christina looks meh imo, as always.

  • iana

    Christina’s her usual tacky self. Her new(ish) thin figure’s an improvement, this is a good weight for her and she should stay about here.
    Nicole is thin to the point that I find it unpleasant to look at. When my aunt was in the early stages of cancer she had a similar level of bones and muscles with almost no fat. I’m not going to try and guess Nicole’s health, every woman’s going to be at a different healthy weight, but just for me personally looking at her jutting bones brings back some unpleasant memories 🙁

  • Polly

    After seeing almost all the women at vmas , i think it’s safe to announce that bony is back. For a while, it was love your curves (i.e. weight gain) not anymore it seems. . .

  • Sheri

    Christina looks better than she has looked in a long time.

    Nicole looks too skinny. And the back of her dress is too low, you can see the top of her ass crack and it makes her ass look really flat

  • Claud

    Seems a lot of folks wore a side cutout dress of some sort. Flattering but semi slutty via 90s.

    Xstina is gorgeous as always but I’m sure she will be a cow within the year.

    Nicole is glamorous as hell. She’s looking way thin again but I honestly like her that way.mhope she doesn’t lose more though because it takes a toll on her face.

  • Alexanna Ben-Zvi

    Nicole doens’t look good at this weight. She’s definitely underweight and she just looks fragile and sick. It’s a shame, because otherwise she is such a beautiful lady.

  • Christina looks good, I’m really impressed! Nicole is super beautiful aswell, tho the back of her dress is not very nice looking. She could do some squats, a cute little bum is just what she is missing 😛

  • solaxia

    Love Nicoles look from the front…the back is a little low for me, it just doesn’t suit her. but gorgeous from the front! Christina is looking good weight wise, but I dont find her attractive. I just think she is starting to look a little rough now.

    • MerryHappy

      Yeah her body looks good but her face looks really weird. Her nose looks wider and the tan and yellow hair are horrible.

  • georgi

    I’ll be dammed…Christina’s thumb looks interesting in the second picture..
    Weight wise she’s looking fantastic but I can’t get over how deluded she’s about her hair and make-up. She really has no friends, does she?

  • tequilla

    wow christina looks stunning here! great dress, make up, not much tan as she used to.., thicker eyebrows..very nice! now i would just pick a slightly darker honey blond or something, just to make her hair look healthier.. what an improvement, go girl!
    Nicole almost always looks the best she can! and i like this hair color on her much better.

  • Mia

    Nicole is pretty but that dress brings attention to her lack of booty. Christina is pretty too but she needs a new hair color.

    • Fabeuless

      Yup, It’s time for Nicole to do some squats and deadlifts. She look beautiful though-I even love the super bronzed look.

  • lichinka

    i wonder how much Xtina paid for removing the cellulite, stretch marks and the loose skin from her body. Overall she looks good now.

  • nicole would look great if it weren’t for the extremely low back on her dress. and that tattoo.. yuck.
    Christina’s body looks AMAZING here, she is so hot. Not a fan of the face or hair though.

  • clea

    I think both dresses are pretty bad– Nicole’s dress would look better on someone shapelier; she really looks like her but is concave in these pictures. Christina’s looks a costume rather than a dress you’d wear to an event, and it makes her boobs look weird. She’s also carrying herself awkwardly; the “sucking it in” face and posture are hard to miss.

    Weight loss definitely suits Christina, since she’s so petite…her hair and makeup is definitely better than what she’s been doing recently, but it’s still too much. It seemed like she wasn’t wearing that much makeup during her performance, and she looked fine. Why pile on so much makeup if you don’t have bad skin?

    That said, I would love to see her in a deeper and darker hair color…I think it would look striking on her.

  • liss

    I´m a bit shocked over how skinny Nicole is these times. Did´nt she have an eating distorter at some point?

    Christina looks comfy in her new body. Good for her

  • Debbs

    Both dresses look tacky and cheap but both have nice figures.

  • I don’t think either of them look that good – I don’t like these cut out dresses very much.

    Christina looks better since she lost weight (especially her face), but her boobs actually look like they are made of foam or something under that dress – completely fake! She looks way over the top for my taste and although the dress is more tasteful than Nicole’s, Christina just never looks classy because of that hair, heavy makeup and too-big-too-hard fake boobs.

    Nicole is just a bit too thin for me and I think this dress is too revealing and it’s just not flattering on her (especially from behind). The dress would be fine if she were on a beach or lounging by a pool or something, but it looks out of place here for me. I like her hair and makeup though – way better than Christina’s!

  • Rosa

    Nicole has absolutely no ass. It looks like her back just connects with her legs. Christina looks tacky as usual. She has really poor tastes.

    • kia

      but she’s a showwoman, she’s so brightly tacky that it’s not tacky like miley cyrus or gaga to me…she is a star!
      the hair color looks like her natural color even though it can’t be

      • Rosa

        Really you think so? I think the tan and the hair color age her. She looks like tacky Hollywood wannabe, IMO.

  • kia

    This is a very skinny vs curvy battle with not an inch of fat involved! this is slim category but the skinny and curvy types are well defined…and I prefeeeer….cuuurvy!!!! (in this case)

  • Layla

    In my opinion Nicole Richie looks really really awful!! She just is too thin and it doesn’t look good!! I can’t understand how everyone says she looks good!! She doesn’t look good. I remember when Hilary Duff was with Joel Madden, she was also really really skinny. I wonder if that man has something to do with it… I am in awe!!

  • Kia

    Uhm. What is the tape-thing-something-idontknow on Christinas neck right under her hair? Just…what?

    • Charlotte

      I wonder how much they weight?? Both are about 5`2 right? So 97-97 lbs Nicole and about 112-115 lbs Christina?

      • me

        Actually here’s the weird part Christina Aguilera says she’s 5’3 and Nicole Ritchie says she’s 5’1 but you look up in the web under pictures of Christina Aguilera and Nicole Ritchie and with or without shoes or heels Nicole clearly towers over Christina by 4 or 5 inches so how can Christina be 5’3.Go see the pictures and the conclusion is Christina is really 4’7 if Nicole Ritchie really is 5’1 because Nicole is clearly taller.

    • Splenda

      That’s the zipper. If you look closely you will see the “bare” parts of the dress are actually sheer netting (like you often see in figure skating costumes); the zipper goes beyond the white fabric to hold together the sheer part as well.

  • hui

    I’ll never understand what people find pretty or beautiful about christina. i don’t think her face is pretty, she has no attractive features for me. oh wait, yes, her voice is really beautiful.

  • selina

    they both look awful. nicole’s back looks hideous…what was she thinking? christina has a strange body, she messed up with it a lot. i think the “back to basics”-period was the last time she looked pretty.

  • Carla

    Christina’s face looks so pretty at this lower weight I hope she’s healthy and can maintain it, her stye is however is as tacky as usual. I like Nicole at a slimmer weight too though this might be too thin for her as her face suffers for it, maybe a couple of kilos and she’d look radiant as well as giving her some much needed bum back.

  • siennagold

    Christina looks fabulous. I want to know what she did to lose all the excess weight because she looks fresh. She doesn’t look emaciated,

  • dontdoit

    back on the drug/anorexia train i see, sad.

  • me

    Christina Aguilera Marilyn Monroe wannabe still kept the booty implants after all that weight loss or she would be Looking like Nicole Ritchie from the back.Christina Needs to come up with a new look because that over tired fixation she has with Marilyn Monroe everything is just getting tired and old.No Originality whats so ever.

  • Ellen

    Where is Nicole Richie’s butt crack?

  • M

    Tiniest butt !!

  • rayz

    Good job, Christina. Last year at this time you were a stand in for an Orca. Now you’re hot again.