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Nicole Richie – Day and Night

FP_6923828_ANG_Givenchy_AfterShow_Party_030611 - Nicole Richie - Day and Night

Nicole Richie was a busy girl last week – on the left: walking around Paris and on the right, at the Givenchy Ready To Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show, where she rocked a leather dress.

How do you like these outfits on Nicole?

See 2 more shots next!


FP_6902426_ANG_Richie_Nicole_EXCL_030311 - Nicole Richie - Day and Night

FP_6924169_ANG_GIVENCHY_Celebs_07_24a - Nicole Richie - Day and Night

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  • Lucy

    Not a fan of either outfits. The sloppy hippster not so well put together look doesn’t really work for anyone. At least she isn’t scarily thin anymore though.

    Also, LOVE the shoes.

  • I like her day look. her evening makeup just doesn’t suit her

    • monkey

      exactly what I thought

  • Emily

    Is that Sting in drag behind her in the first pic? HAHAHA!!

    • vale

      ahuauhhuahua yu are great! :°°)

    • kateuk


  • Mia

    not a huge fan of either look. her body looks about a million times better than it did when she was super skinny. It’s good to see she started taking care of herself.

  • honeyv

    i don’t like her but i love her day outfit and her day make-up. i didn’t even recognize her in the first pic, she looks amazing. her evening look..meh.. i don’t like it at all, actually. doesn’t fits her.

  • If I had to chose Id pick the day outfit. BUT I hate leggings and her skirt is crumpled… The night outfit is terrible, everything is ugly : her hair, the make up, and the dress doesn’t suit her AT ALL and by the way I think I would’nt suit anyone.

  • Issa

    she makes really weird choices lately. I mean, the leggings, the sunglasses, the size of the jacket (look at the shoulders), the leather dress with the sleeves cut off at a really unflattering lenght. And it’s so weird, cause her style choices used to be flawless. She needs some Rachel Zoe 🙁

  • Night time is the winner for me!


  • amazon

    the second outfit i won’t touch cause everything about it just isn’t my style at all. the first- i sorta like. i can see where she was going and it could be really cute, but she just didn’t finish it right. the glasses look odd and the leggings and shiny and wrinkling over the knees- hard to avoid but the shininess makes it more obvious.
    plus I really don’t like those chanel chain bags tho apparantly you’re not famous until you have one.

  • Inanna

    She looked sooo much better when she was skinnier.

    • kateuk

      : /

    • Amanda

      wow all i can say to this is ur sick. not only does it look disgusting being all bones but she was very underweight and its gross tht u condone mental illness.

  • kateuk

    She looks cute and petite.

  • Priscila

    She looks great. love her glasses.

  • xo

    love nicole richie, but is she dressing herself now? i see why she hired rachel. these outfits are off.

  • I love her eye colour so much. I wouldn’t wear either outfits but if I had to choose, I’d choose the first outfit.

  • mokona

    the outfits are not horrible, but the first one needs to be ironed.

    The real problem is the hair and make up, she used to look fab even in the simplest outfits- a tank top and jeans- because she had great hair-makeup. Now she seems, well kinda off. But since she is a mother of two now, she doesn’t have all the time on her hands like she used to. so she gets a free pass from me:)

  • flossy

    Night look is amazing but the day look is a mess!