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Star: Nicole Richie Is 88 Pounds

nicole-star - Star: Nicole Richie Is 88 Pounds

All the details from Daily Mail:

Nicole Richie is back to skinny. The reality star turned designer has dropped down to 88 pounds, according to Star magazine, which was her weight in 2006 when she memorably showed off a bony frame as she jogged on a beach in a bikini.

And there’s proof in pictures: On Tuesday the 32-year-old showed off a gaunt face with a heavily defined jaw bone as she attended Antonio Berardi’s dinner in Beverly Hills. Star claimed the daughter of Lionel Richie is ‘anorexic again.’

She has reportedly been living on a diet of sunflower seeds, celery and juices. The LA native also allegedly uses chewing gum to stave off hunger pains.

Part of the problem Star explained, might be that husband Joel Madden is often away for work. The musician has been a coach on The Voice in Australia.

‘Joel has always tried to keep tight tabs on her diet,’ the source added. ‘But since he’s gone so often, no one’s ever really sure how much she’s eating anymore. He is extremely worried about her. He tells her that she needs to focus on her health for the sake of the children, because they need their mother. When Joel confronts her on how she needs to ingest more nutrients, she says the juices give her all she needs.’

But a friend tells MailOnline the Fashion Star judge is ‘healthy.’ The source added: ‘This is completely false, she is not anorexic.’

See Nicole at a recent event next and more pictures here!


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  • Terae

    Well she DOES look much much thinner than the pic of her in a bikini from April shown on the linked website… I don’t know what she deals with but I personally think she may battle with some sort of ED.

  • Jackie

    She definitley looks like she lost a lot of weight recently. But since she is short (isn’t she like 5 feet tall?) 88 pounds is not ANOREXIC. She’s a bit underweight but I think that weight can be attained in a healthy way.

    Anorexia is a mental disorder. Only Nicole Richie herself knows whether she has that disease or not. It’s not fair of that magazine to use such dramatic headlines in order to increase sales!!

    Other than that, I think that calling very thin celebrities anorexic, glamourizes eating disorders. It’s not good to associate anorexia with celebs, rich people, good looking peple, etc… Anorexia is not a good thing!!!
    (Hope this made sense.. English is not my first language, sorry!)

    • Juju

      ” I think that calling very thin celebrities anorexic, glamourizes eating disorders. ”
      Exactly! Impressionable young girls might think, as silly as it is, that anorexia will make them look as good as said celebrity. So many people don’t realize the seriousness of anorexia. I read once a girl who wished she was anorexic in order to lose weight!

    • Jenny

      Her BMI is 16.6.. That is NOT normal for anyone who is healthy!

      • sillycomnentbut…

        I’m 5’7″ with that same bmi and I don’t look underweight. I’ve always been slender. I feel like bmi isn’t an accurate depiction of health all the time.

        • Lana

          but she wasnt “always” slender and petit, thats the difference…

          • Jenny


          • Lærke

            As she explained before:
            No one looks badly upon someone gaining 10-20 pounds due to stress or a bad period in their life but if you lose that weight when you’re not feeling good, people automatically assume you’re anorexic.

      • Jackie

        Yeah maybe you’re right that she’s too thin. But we don’t even know she really weighs 88 pounds… (did star magazine put her on a scale??) Plus even if that’s what she weighs, it still doesn’t mean she’s anorexic.

      • Jenna

        How do you even know her bmi? Not sure how reliable that is…

        • Jenny

          If you know her height and weight.. That’s all you need to know someone BMI.

      • Mischa

        My BMI is 16.4 at 5’7″ and I’m perfectly healthy. I eat 2000-2500 calories a day and have plenty of energy. I do weight training, Pilates and yoga 5x a week and my body is fit and toned. I actually lose a few lb if I stop working out. No one but those very close to Nicole or a medical professional can say if she’s healthy or suffering from an ED but please don’t assume everyone with a low BMI is not healthy!!

        • Jenny

          Then you have a small body naturally. And I bet you don’t look as sickly thin as Nicole does. Someone who is think naturally, as my bf is too, you look normal that way. Nicole doesn’t.

    • kateuk

      I don’t know the status of her mental health, but 88lb for an adult woman of 5ft1, I beleive, is abou 10lb underweight, which really shows when you are short and already thin to begin with.

  • Poor woman. I can’t even imagine having my photo on a magazine cover with that headline… must be so humiliating, whether its true or not.

  • Magda

    I love her skin!
    Now her weight: she is too thin for my liking and she should not have lost all the weight. She looked way better in the bikini pic featured in the article’s link. I just hope she is ok. We don’t know what is happening in her life, she could be totally fine.
    Concerning the alleged weight, I would not trust “star” judging by the cringe-worthy headline of the mag.

  • roxy lowe

    She doesn’t look anorexic to me. Her legs look fine on the cover. Star is a gossip rag, they snap a bad pic and build a bullshit story around it.

  • lc

    She goes back and forth between really thin and just thin, I don’t know why.

  • Ajla R

    How can these stupid tabloids just assume that someone has anorexia?!

    • MerryHappy

      Exactly! When I was younger-and coincidentally gas and an ed-i would have eaten this up, but as an adult this seems exploitative and cruel.

  • MerryHappy

    God it makes me feel guilty just reading that headline. No one should have to be put through the ringer like that publicly. She’s thin but she has never publicly said she has an eating disorder, it’s not my place to speculate. I always really liked her.

    • lc

      Right, to put it up on the front page like that as if it were a straight-up fact? I would be so angry if I were her.

  • Jenny

    She IS anorexic.. or at least she has an eating disorder!!
    Her BMI is 16.6 and that is way too low! She should seek help!

    • Ajla R

      We don’t know that. Having a low BMI and weighing 88 lbs doesn’t necessarily mean anorexia. It’s like saying that Victoria Beckham is depressed because she never smiles.

    • kia

      I would agree with you but see..most women in showbiz and ALL regular models have a bmi under 18(the health edge)..around 16 usually

      • Jenny

        yes, but Nicole looks sick. a lot of thin people don’t.

  • k

    I don’t believe that gum-seed diet, but I do believe she could be as light as 90 lbs at 5’1″.

    Many years ago her team said she was suffering from something in the realm of anorexia and I hope that is not the case now. She seems like a happy business lady, mom and wife. I hope that’s the case.

  • emilia

    And i remember the post were she was at the beach and most commenters sai how great she looked”some people are naturally skinny” and “dont judge skinny an suggest they have problems with food” and all that!!!.sad because i think most are not naturally skinny,its an illusion,womens bodys are not made., in most cases to look super skinny,.,but yeah they look sooo great,but for a high price

  • whether she is anorexic or not isn’t really that important, the mental aspect is not what people die from, it’s the low body mass

    I doubt her skin with no photo-editing or make up tricks looks like that,, it’s the skin that is the most obvious area when starving into bmi levels typically only found among anorexics, same with the hair

    • Claud

      Actually the high death rate associated with eds is due to suicide.
      2nd: heart failure.

      I’m the same size as her and I’m terrified for my life every day.
      I got help, but it was short lived.
      I hope she gets help for herself and ESP for the sake of her children. I think she’s a wonderful lady with impeccable style, but she can’t possibly be healthy at this weight. I know I’m not.

      • Ajla R

        I hope YOU get help, too!
        *Virtual hug*

  • Tonyee

    This chick WILL NEVER weigh more than 90lbs! It’s NICOLE RICHIE.
    People need to come to terms with this and just let this go!
    No body cares anymore.

  • tequilla

    well..she obviously find “her thing” in keeping the fame in whatever she doas soo.. good for her!…

  • menta

    thanks to the internet you can easily google she wasn’t always this skinny, she is not ‘natural thin’ and i guess she must be on a really strict diet to look like this. but she doen’t look anorexic to me on these pictures. i don’t know i just hate these stupid magazines writing bullshit about everyone. they cite their so called scourca but i bet this scourca doesn’t even exist they just simply create ineresting stories. so sad that people give money these kind of magazines.

    • JN1976

      When she was heavy she was a heroin addict who ate tones of junk food…that wasn’t her normal weight either. You won’t see much/many pics before then accept when she was a little kid bc she wasn’t famous her dad was/is, thus the weight we all first got to know her at, when she was reallllllly unwell, is what you are comparing her current weight to. She is very small boned and growing up was lean, even skinny at times as well as slightly chubby at times, achem…like a lot of us when growing up from growth spurts to hormone changes…then she got interested in drugs and Paris became verrrrry interested in being a celeb, she didn’t care so much but was always pictured in photos with Paris…with captions labelling her as Paris’ chubby friend, Lionel Richie’s daughter…that can’t be easy. I don’t know if she has an ED, disease, gland or hormone issue or none at all and it’s just the media circus and we’re the audience.
      The truth is btw N and her dr. Speculation is crap…let’s not guys, ok?
      I don’t think she’s under 95 (I’m 5’2 and 107…she really does look much less than 10 lbs less than me and I’m fully considering ages a tad shorter tho I am petite too)

      • lc

        Good post, JN1976. I agree.

      • Benedetta

        Nicole is not naturally this thin. During The simple life days she was overweight because the rehab but then, after the super skinny years 2005/2006, she has always been slim and healthy, at least 10 lbs heavier than now. This doesn’ t mean she’ s anorexic but surely this is not her normal weight.

  • menta

    *scourcE sorry i can’t write

  • JN1976

    Wow…great bod! Those are near-perfect breasts I must say (having little “girls” myself)…near bc after checking some other pics of her they seem to be “assisted” (implants or a padded bra…but either way they are nice).
    Ps…shocking to read the comments of the link above…it truly shocks me how people pick people apart (comments like she’s got a think neck and candles…relic!)

    • Juju

      “ truly shocks me how people pick people apart ”
      well…in a way it’s what we are doing here.

      • JN1976

        HOW is the word to focus on
        I’m aware of what we r doing
        How others do it sometimes is inhumane…IMO

  • hanan

    i don’t know why someone will starve & torture them self to have unhealthy body weight which doesn’t look good either !

  • Lucy

    People’s weight fluctuates for all kinds of reasons. Before semi-admitting to having eating troubles, Nicole talked a lot about struggling to eat when she was under stress and pressure. As her career/popularity rises and wanes, it’s not surprising that her weight does too, and this doesn’t necessarily mean she has disordered thoughts about food. If she does actually struggle with an eating disorder, I hope she seeks treatment before it takes a real toll on her mental and physical health.

  • Annoyed

    She is actually that thin in person. She’s about my height (5’3) and she’s so thin. I saw her in person recently out and about and she looked closer to 70 lbs in my opinion. She has a very pre-pubescent body, thin, short and no curves. She looked too thin and it’s obvious that it’s not normal for a woman over the age of 11 to be 88 lbs unless you’re 4’10 or shorter.