Nicole Scherzinger: “I Dropped a Couple of Pant Sizes”

March 21, 2009 in Nicole Scherzinger by Versus


In an interview with Life and Style, Nicole talks about her recent weight loss:

“The preparations for my European tour in January kind of reshaped my body a little bit,” says Nicole. “I did drop a couple of pants sizes, but I was shaving off that extra layer of love that I got when I wasn’t so active. I toned up more. It kind of happened on its own.”

And countering reports that she’s dropped about 15 pounds and become too thin, Nicole says she’s actually filled out a bit since opening for Britney Spears’ Circus extravaganza. “I have to be careful because I was eating so many goodies on my European tour,” says Nicole, who would then burn it all off during her 100 minutes onstage.

“Now on Britney’s tour, it’s only a 45-minute show. But I think it’s okay.”

Source: Life and Style

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