Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole-Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole Scherzinger is featured in Fabulous Magazine this month, where she rocks edgy and cropped black leather outfits, an ultra-long ponytail and rock chic accessories.

How are you liking this shoot?

In case you’re curious, Nicole is 32 years old.

Nicole-Scherzinger-2 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

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Nicole-Scherzinger-3 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole-Scherzinger-4 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole-Scherzinger-5 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole-Scherzinger-6 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

Nicole-Scherzinger-8 - Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Fabulous Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • hey ! i am the first !
    anyway ! great photo shoot ! i love the clothes!

  • tee


  • Sofia

    I don’t particularly like her face, esp in the third photo, but she’s got a really toned healthy looking body. Her body would be perfect if she had a better waist to hip ratio.

    • NIKKI101

      You don’t like her face? What’s not to like? She’s gorgeous.

      • Sofia

        I think her face doesn’t photograph well from some angles. It can look a little harsh.

        Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but I think it’s her body that’s really special, not her face.

    • honeyv

      i was going to say the same thing! 🙂 i like the photo shoot but she always looks the same. black leather clothes, long ponytail..she has a great body but she should’ve tried something new

  • flossy

    Love her body it’s insane but she looks like she’s selling the car or posing at an car show. I’m no sure which! She’s done these type of photo’s before I think she needs to come out of her comfort zone and do something edgier or just different to show versatility.

  • gray

    Ahhh Nicole…… Fell in love with her the very first time I saw her 🙂
    She’s basically perfect: stunning face, hot body, flawless skin, gorgeous hair, immaculate teeth.
    She looks much much better than many lingerie models who are supposedly “sex bombs”.

    • Ida

      i knoow right 😀 she’s pretty perfect.

  • federica

    She sometimes reminds me of Kim Kardashian, but nicer.

  • Denisse

    I never found her like “woahhhhh” or her face particularly beautiful, but she’s got interesting features, and got a good toned healthy body and knows how to rock it well ! She’s a pretty girl

  • Polly

    I see Ciara and JLO, not really Kim K when I look at Nicole. I can’t believe she’s in her 30s now! .

  • cat39

    I don’t really know why, but I like her. She isn’t so plastic looking like some celebrities.

  • Annie

    For some odd reason she reminds me of Michael Jackson here. But she is still very pretty. Don’t know how that works…lol

  • Karen

    Agreed! Just like MJ in the 3rd picture

  • ali

    Her body is sick!It’s perfect, kind of like Candice perfect lol

    • NG

      it is perfect….doesn’t remind me of candice though…i find candice’s waist/hit ratio freaky!

  • asha

    In the fifth photo her face ‘wows’ me.

  • Stephers

    She doesn’t blow me away, but I will admit this girl is gorgeous. Perfect everything… execeeept, I saw her do an interview once and when I heard her talk, she sounded very dumb. So you may have the looks Miss Scherzinger, but having a good mind is a way to go too. Looks aren’t everything.

    • Janelle

      She’s not dumb at all. In many magazine interviews and live bits, she always has well-thought responses. Maybe you caught her on a bad day.

  • Kimberly

    I love Nicole’s body. She has one of the better bodies in the business, along with Kelly Brook and Bar Rafaeli.

  • Faith

    Her boobs are so photoshopped, I don’t like her myself she always appears really snotty. She is really pretty though.

  • Hazal

    This lady is a real stunner! I noticed that people with a mixed ethinic background often look very pretty. At least those who I know 🙂

    • CurvesRule

      @Hazai. Totally agree. Halle Berry and Alicia Keys are other mixed women that are simply gorgeous.

  • siennagold

    She has a great body! I like her looks too!

  • Issa

    extremely good body! very jealous 🙂

  • lola

    she definitely has a great body,she’s thin but curvy and her hair is to die for…altough I always found something a little off about her face(the nose)…Anyways,I just wish they would have given her something more original to wear in this shoot…she’s basically wearing her usual pussycat doll getups here

  • Mimi

    typical boob job…most people have failed to realise that in her pussycat dolls day she was flat chested and wore padded bras…

    still, she has a bangin’ bod, although she admits to having an exercise obsession…

  • For some reason I find this whole thing really boring. Maybe cause I’m watching something about Karlie Kloss in another tab and she’s so much more interesting. 😛

    In interviews and such I find Nicole kinda conceited. I’m over her.

  • lulu

    you guys should stop overcriticizing, I mean, I bet you guys hav crappy untoned (tho mayb thin) bods and enjoy seeing photoshop bcuzu revel in OTHER people’s so-called perfection. God.
    Anyways, if you like listening to meaningless (and uber random) criticism on even more meaningless subjects, check out :

  • Her body looks nice! Her face is a little too masculine looking though.

  • ladyb0sss

    Nice to know people like her face too 🙂 because i looove her because shes my body inspiration but i never thought she was that pretty.

    but i love her altogether just because she maintains her body and seems to be doing it the good way. working hard for it. and plus shes an awesome dancer ! 🙂

  • Inanna

    The first outfit is sooooooo trashy.

  • she is beautiful and has one beautiful body that isn’t fake for a change.

  • Princess

    I think it`s every girl dream to have a body like Nichole

  • artemis

    she’s so pretty <3 always loved her!!!

  • gabrielle

    i’m not a huge fan of her face, but her body and skin are definitely perfect!!!!! a body to kill for!!! simply perfectly defined, designed to be showed off!!!!

  • Anca

    I’ve always wondered if her hair is fake or not.

  • imo: perfection.