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Olivia Wilde Ate 33 Pancakes in 20 Minutes

#6031558 Celebrities attend "The Next Three Days" special screening at the Ziegfeld Theater, in New York City, New York on November 9, 2010. Pictured here is Olivia Wilde  Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

… and won the pancake eating contest with such an incredible (!?) result:

“I entered the contest only because they said a woman could never win, and that’s a surefire way to get me to do something.

“I’ve always had a huge appetite and don’t get full easily, so I guess I was meant to be a competitive eater… But I’d never do it again.”

… says Olivia.

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  • Ryan

    Olivia Wilde just got more awesome.

    • Leah

      haha agreed

      • neonilla

        my exact thoughts !

  • lady

    I love her even more now… She is just amazing. Pure beauty!!! I really admire her.

  • Erica

    That’s pretty cool – good on her for proving a woman could do it – and a slim one at that! I don’t think I could eat 33 pancakes in 20 mins and I’m a few sizes bigger than Olivia – but then size doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with appetite.
    I can’t help but be just a tiny bit envious of someone who looks as slim as her and has a huge appetite! She must be good at controlling it, because she doesn’t look like she eats a lot!

    • b

      I entered a mustache grow-off competition at my school…and won. Granted, I made a mustache and glued it to my face, but who says guys get to have all the fun?

    • DEE

      you guys are just making a big deal out of nothing. i can guarantee you she does usually watch what she eats and just did this competition as a once in a life time thing and her motives where probably 90% about showing off and making people talk about her and say things like “oo this girl is skinny even though she eats alot”. cmon guys!

  • maria

    I think she just has a similiar bodytype/metabolism whatever like the actress who plays Debra Morgan on Dexter.
    You think they have to be controlling and all that,but they look actually right.Several friends of me can eat a LOT but do stay pretty slim.The weight gain starts when they re older and so it s harder to kinda control that.

    • Erica

      Yes, I guess you are right, she might be one of the lucky few with the gene that makes it almost impossible to gain much weight. It’s so unfair that some people are so genetically blessed that they can basically eat as much as they like and they don’t gain!

      • artemis

        yay im so lucky 😀

        • lei

          Wow lol

  • riotgrrrrl12

    this was probably a one-time-only thing for her and she just did it to prove that she could & show off. that was probably all she ate for the whole day. she obviously doesn’t eat like that all the time or she wouldn’t look the way she does.

    • ginger

      Well I have to disagree with you.. My sister’s 25 and she’s a tiny US 2, even tho she eats everything she wants.. She can eat french fries and ice cream and a hamburger if she wants, that she wont get fat. I bet Olivia’s just the same, she can eat anything and still remain slim.. The only thing she’s gotta do is exercise to maintein her muscle and not become a skinnyfat..

      • Yes but she’d be very unhealthy on the inside

        • Ellen

          Not only that, but her eating habits will catch up to her when she gets older!

    • Leah

      i agree she probably doesn’t eat like that every day. very few people eat like that every day, because let’s be honest that’s sort of disgusting, and i’m sure i couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day if i did that, lol. but she looks healthy, so i doubt she’s the “constant restriction” type

    • ladyb0ss

      i agree that she probably does not eat that much (33 pancakes) regularly but i bet that she does it alot. because for someone to eat that much means they have a big appetite. because appetite gets trained too. the more you eat the bigger appetite you get. and for some lucky people they dont gain weight (high metabolism).. and i know that for some food diet, it is even advisable to eat more measl like 5 meals a day so you get a higher appetite and higher metabolism (just not bad food though).

      i would know because im kinda similar to her although my weight would fluctuate often because of this. i go out for wing nights and can out eat lots of guys 🙂

  • Cecil

    i could probably do that and i am around the same size as olivia (skinnier on bottom though)… i watch what i eat to stay slim though… i just am capable of eating everything

  • Hahaha I like the reason why she did it. And wow, such an appetite! I don’t think I could ever beat her! =S It’s not that I’m afraid of gaining weight, I just don’t think I could eat that much at once.

  • mel

    Haha I love her for doing that!

  • TeeTee

    I love her dress, she looks stunning as usual.

  • Cleo

    Im not estonished. And I think its cool.
    Remember she is a Vegan which is much more healthy and also restictive. She eats a lot of veggies grains and whole foods so its not a surprise she can eat a lot and stay slim and gorgeous.

    • ay0x

      Yup! It’s not too hard to stay thin if you don’t eat dairy.

      • solaxi

        o i didnt realise she was vegan! <3

    • apricotmuffins

      being a vegan is not more healthy. A lot of vegans are malnourished because you have to supplement a vegan diet carefully.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about.
        A lot of vegans are malnourished because they think, hey, these potato chips are cooked in vegetable oil so they’re vegan! And these cookies are vegan so I can eat the whole package!
        A vegan diet with any amount of thought put into it is vastly healthier than your typical ridiculous meat- and animal-product-heavy Western diet. Nearly every single piece of research comparing vegetarian/vegan diets to meat-containing diets, controlling for all other variables, has found that meat-free diets are healthier.
        Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

        • leslie

          oh. wow. soooo incorrect.

        • jane

          Alexa, first of all, that was exceedingly harsh for what was a very simple and inoffensive statement.
          It’s a fact that many, if not most, vegans have to supplement with Vitamin B12. Some people can do without it, but that’s just the luck of their biochemistry, and most need to supplement. Also — it IS necessary to eat a lot of specific food in order to avoid malnutrition, b/c a lot of vitamins are much more readily absorbed from animal sources than plant ones (such as iron).
          Also, the epidemiological research comparing vegetarian diets to meat-eating ones studies large populations of people living real lives in real countries, not eating a strictly-controlled diet in the lab. Most of the people in those studies do not go through their entire life never eating any kind of animal products. Most of them are not vegans — they are mainly vegetarians, which means that they may eat eggs, dairy, and other animal-sourced foods. And even many of those vegetarians do eat meat occasionally — just rarely. I have never seen a study that shows that being a vegan is healthier than being a vegetarian who eats animal products but eschews red meat, and I doubt that could ever be the case, since animal products DO contain important nutrients that are hard to get from a plant diet.
          Anyways, I”m guessing that you’re a vegan carrying a huge chip on your shoulder, but I think you should try to be less aggressive and stop reading things into people’s comments that they didn’t say.

          • i’m confused…if she’s vegan, why did she eat pancakes… :S

      • Cleo

        Not always but in her case yes. She talks a lot about her diet to support the vegan mouvement (in alicia silverstone food blog among others) and she eats tones of veggies and whole grains. Shes not one of those who eat only fried potatoes and non dairy white bread with marmelade.

  • I love this woman!

  • alexandra

    Hahah, good job Olivia!

  • solaxi

    absolutely beautiful face. just striking

  • Juanita

    Impressive! Pretty sure I could do this too if I hadn’t eaten all day. Unfortunately I have a massive appetite so have to make sure that I eat healthy foods else I’m pretty sure I’d be obese. Obviously she doesn’t do this all the time (or ever, apart from the competition), and I’m pretty sure she eats healthily. It’s okay to indulge now and then 🙂

    • solaxi

      ha ha im the same!

  • Aria

    This. Is. Awesome. I could never ever do that. My record is one whole large pizza, and I had to work out like crazy for the next couple weeks after. Plus, I’m not as small as she is. I’m a size 6 or so. Kudos, Ms. Wilde.

  • Jamie

    Well, I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the likely conclusion, that she might not of kept the pancakes down. I’m not accusing her of bulimia necessarily, but eating large quantities, quickly, are what those with bulimia are very good at. Her excessively slim physique, eludes that she has an abnormally rapid metabolism, or uses various measures to maintain her body as such. (I have the inclination to lean towards the latter of those two options of belief). Or, perhaps she refrained from food, several days prior and following the competition, to compensate for her pancake intake. Either way, I feel that the inundation of celebrities, claiming to eat loads, and practically make gluttons of themselves, all the while remaining pencil thin, is preposterous. Not only is it unfeasible statistically, but their false dietary claims leads to frustration, guilt, and discontent in normal women and girls. They are inundated with ludicrous claims of feasting uninhibitedly, and become disappointed in themselves, for not being able to maintain celebrity skinniness, themselves, on their own normal diet. When in fact, the majority of ‘stars’ making these claims, in actuality, secretly use drastic, often unhealthy measures to maintain their lithe body composition. Maintaining Hollywoods unattainable illusion of perfection is not only a lie, but it is damaging to many men and women around the world.

    • She isn’t pencil thin though. Maybe she doesn’t succumb to feelings of guilt like other women do because she’s happy with herself and knows that this one time thing isn’t really going to do much damage. Maybe to compensate she just ran on the treadmill for an extra amount of time or something? If she refrained from food prior she’d be an idiot because then she’d DEFINITELY put on weight and I don’t think she did that nor do I think she’s an idiot. She seems level headed.

    • padme

      That was my first thought. I’m bulimic & always thought I should go in an eating contest to make some easy money lol. Seriously, 33 pancakes sounds like nothing to me. I don’t see how a small woman would otherwise have a large enough stomach for that.

  • Charle

    It kinda weirds me out that people think a one time binge (for a contest) is such a disaster! And indicative of a eating disorder to boot! I mean, it’s not like she does this every day.

    With 70 kcals/pancake, she had maybe 2300 kcals, plus maybe _max_ 1000 during the day. That makes about 1 pound, but only if all that food can be absorbed properly… if she continued to eat as she always does the next days and exercised, 1 pound would be no problem to shake off.

    I think she’s stunning.

  • see i believe her when she says she eats a lot and stays pretty much naturally thin because shes slim but not anorexic looking. i know plenty of girls who can eat what they want and stay at a good weight. but its people like alexa chung and others who say they eat normally that i dont belive, because VERY FEW are naturally skinny, even models. (just look at gemma ward)

  • lei

    I think it’s funny when celebrities feel the need to say this kind of thing, as in “I can do whatever I want and still look super skinny.” I just don’t understand what makes them think they have to perpetuate an unrealistic image. Meh.

  • lc

    Sorry but I never thought she was pretty. Don’t see it.

  • Funny if true, true or not I love the LBD!

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