Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Does Cosmopolitan

olivia-wilde-cosmo-0411-2 - Olivia Wilde Does Cosmopolitan

Olivia Wilde is on the front of the April 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan, as well as in a brief spread inside the magazine, where she rocks daisy dukes, deep cleavages and luscious wavy locks.

How do you like Olivia in this shoot?

See two more!


olivia-wilde-cosmo-0411-1 - Olivia Wilde Does Cosmopolitan

olivia-wilde-cosmo-0411-3 - Olivia Wilde Does Cosmopolitan



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  • El

    So pretty! 🙂

  • Kate

    She is sooo pretty!! One of my faves! Loved her on House!!

  • i love everything she is wearing here…i also want to steal that makeup/hair/everything look haha

    a side note…i’m pretty sure cosmo has already written articles on everything they mention on the front page.. i still love them but i always get deja vu when i read cosmo

    • Ellen

      Haha same here! Deja vu to the max. The March issue has been the worst offender so far… but I still can never get enough of that magazine! 😛

  • really, really pretty here 🙂

  • Nataleigh

    Great body, beautiful face and hair. Her jaw is the only thing that makes me go eh :\ but even that doesn’t take away from what a stunner she is. She is also vegan 🙂 YAY!

    • lol agreed shed be pretty stunning in my eyes. except for that jaw too. love the first pic. shes working the barely there tank top.

  • karriey

    love her! beautiful and classic.

  • st

    she is a goddess, so pretty…. so attractive, so earthly beautiful

  • natalie

    I always hate when they airbrush an insanely beautiful woman! I mean come on… Olivia Wilde does not need airbrushing. That woman is HOT.

    • Chrissy

      that third picture is a little disturbing

  • She’s beautiful and interesting looking. Usually it’s one or the other haha. Also, she looks almost identical to the actress who plays Casey Cartwright on Greek.

    • Mia

      is that Kelsey Grammar’s daughter that you are talking about? I can see the resemblance, it’s the cat eyes.

    • Ellen

      Love Greek. I remember the first few times I watched it, I didn’t think Spencer Grammar (the actress who plays Casey Cartwright) was anything special. Now I think she’s drop dead GORGEOUS. And Olivia does sort of look like her in these photos!

      • I love Greek! And yeah, they do look similar, it’s not just the eyes, but I think Olivia is waay hotter.

    • I didn’t find her very pretty to start with either but she grew on me. I don’t usually like big eyes because they tend to make a lot of women look as though they are permanently bewildered and lost but there’s something about these two ladies’ eyes that are intriguing and extraordinary.

      • mel

        Lol at permanently bewildered and lost. I agree, I sometimes don’t like big eyes, but I like them on Olivia! And unrelated, but Mila Kunis too.

  • Stephers

    The photoshopping makes her look like Denise Richards in the 2nd photo. I think Wilde is just so beautiful. She needs no phtoshopping whatsoever!

  • Nessa

    she has such a specific look. You wouldn’t be able to find a look-a-like. Very pretty.

  • MAry

    She looks beautiful but too photoshopped to me. We don’t recognize her, in my opinion.

  • Anne

    i wish i looked like her photoshop self!
    (not her body thought her face)

  • babycakes

    she is so gorgeous and what a body!!

    • babycakes

      Love the first top on her and the second outfit! so cute

  • mia

    She looks so gorgeous!

  • Jamie

    I wasn’t too impressed to begin with, but she’s really growing on me. I like her as a person, and now I really do find her beautiful. Indeed.

  • IHeartCurvyWomn

    Love that 1st pic, but she just doesn’t have an appeal to me’ sorry =\ she’s too skinny to me’ and she always a blank stare, all my opinion though; my boat is not rocked.

  • She can honestly not look bad…I’m jealous!

  • well

    I’ve loved how her eyes look like a cat’s eyes since I watched her in House
    but I thought she would be portrayed in a more classy look, but looking at her pics in the media it’s just too over sexualized for such a gorgeous woman I think

  • Ana

    Oh, please. The wonders of photoshop. I’ve seen her in Maui over the Christmas holidays. She has severe acne and a very manly figure. Which is fine, no big deal. She’s still a cute girl. But, what infuriates me is the fact that media and magazines glamorize these women to the point that you can barely recognize them, so a lot of girls get all kinds of insecurities, when in fact most of these celebs look just like any other regular girl at best

    • Meghan

      I agree with you. With the overwhelming amount of photoshop and makeup it is impossible for someone to look bad or even natural on a magazine anymore. I personally have never envied her body and her face is pretty, with makeup on.

    • karriey

      that is very mean…she is cute! :http://ll-media.tmz.com/2010/08/25/0825-olivia-pcn-1-credit.jpg she doesn’t have a ‘manly figure’…men do not have thighs and hips like that. yes, she may be photoshopped, but she is still a natural beauty. i wish you could have phrased your criticisms in a more constructive manner!

      • Ana

        Ya, she DOES have a manly figure, legs especially. And what was mean about my comment? I said she’s still cute. She’s just not stunning like magazines portray her that’s all. If that’s mean i don’t now what isn’t.
        Like I said, I’ve seen her and she looks nothing like she does on here.

        • Ellen

          Erm, dunno what kind of men you’ve been seeing lately…

        • Alexa

          I think your idea of what legs are supposed to look like is just severely warped. It may shock you to learn that women have these things called “muscles,” and they’re not inherently “manly.” Maybe you prefer frail-chic a la the anorexic model elsewhere on the site today, but sensible people don’t.

  • Priscila

    she is so pretty, but those pics are so weird….

  • Bel

    The pictures are definitely photoshopped but she looks amazing, what a lucky girl

  • mel

    Never seen anything so perfect. No, really. That first picture – I still can’t get over how stunningly divine she is. Perfect face, perfect bod (at least in this shoot). This may sound weird, but the size of her chest is absolutely perfect for the top. Not so small that there’s nothing there, but it somehow highlights the delicacy of both her frame and the design. They complement each other.

  • Masa

    Thank god she stopped over plucking her eyebrows… when I first saw her in House i was amazed by how pretty she was, but her thin sharp eyebrows somehow made it look overly fake. Now she just looks plain beautiful.

  • effie

    i’m sorry!!!

    i can appreciate her beauty, but frankly, she is SO DULL to me. TRUST ME… i understand that she is stunning, but no matter how much i look at her, and how many different pictures i see of her, she is nothing but ordinary to me!! i truly have no idea why. by all standards, including my own, she is un-f**kingbelivably gorgeous, but whenever i see a picture of her, its so god-awfuly flat, boring, and simplistic as all get-out, that i can’t help but grimace.. i really, REALLY hate to say it, but girls down the street are more intriguing than she is…

    i know i’ll get slack for this, but i TRULY can’t help it… i just find her dull, no matter how much i want to find her stunning…. truly, i attempt to find it, and can’t… she always looks tired, or something. sorry olivia, i’ve read your interviews and you seem down to earth as all hell (until you broke up with your husband, just cause you wanted to know what single life was like…) but i just don’t find you all that gawgeous.. granted, you’re undeniably attractive, but man are you dull, regardless of how much i want to find you stunning….

    • flossy

      Actually I totally agree with you on screen her personality and acting ability truly shines but to me never translates in photo’s. Truth is some people look better in person than they do in photo’s. Perhaps all the photoshopping steals their soul and extinguishes the light in their eyes!!

    • adry

      same here .she is beautiful,but not stunning. after i found out she was voted the most beautiful some time ago , i really tried to figure out what everyone else sees , but to no avail .I actually thought it is a marketing movement to advertise her as a stunningly beautiful woman and people will follow. But the again , might just be me

  • Alexa

    Love. Her. So. Much. The girl can do no wrong.

  • Not a huge fan of this photo spread, somehow it just is kind of eh to me, she looked better on the womans health mag that was just released imo, but I just love her face. Her eyes are gorgeous and I like her thinner lips, its refreshing and with her square jaw, her face is very interesting. She looks graceful, have never seen her act outside of House but she’s def beautiful

  • Celine

    She is gorgeous but the front cover doesn’t look like her