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Olivia Wilde Is “So saddened and grossed out” by Young Women with Plastic Surgery

FFN_g_51174676 - Olivia Wilde Is "So saddened and grossed out" by Young Women with Plastic Surgery

Her advice to young women:

DON’T cut your face: “I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips. Is that a smile or a grimace? Did you melt hot wax on your face, or is that your skin? A better approach: Take care of yourself now that you’re old enough to know how. Drink water, sleep eight hours (I wish), and don’t go within 400 feet of a tanning booth or I’ll slap you. Hard.”

… writes 29 year-old Olivia in Glamour Magazine.

Read her entire piece here!

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FFN_g_51137073 - Olivia Wilde Is "So saddened and grossed out" by Young Women with Plastic Surgery FFN_g_51170515 - Olivia Wilde Is "So saddened and grossed out" by Young Women with Plastic Surgery  FFN_g_51176228 - Olivia Wilde Is "So saddened and grossed out" by Young Women with Plastic Surgery

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  • clea

    Kind of overstating things, but I get it. Obviously moderation is the golden rule, especially when it come to plastic surgery.

    That being said, no amount of ‘taking care of yourself’ will fix your nose if you don’t like it, or your boobs, or whatever. taking care of yourself may help preserve your skin/hair/etc., but it won’t magically shape you into whatever you want to look like. No one is obligated to love themselves as they are (though it makes many aspects of life a bit easier…) Why don’t we all stop policing each other’s bodies for a second? live and let live.

    • Iana

      I totally agree with you. I was one of the few people who was defending Heidi Montag on her extensive plastic surgeries because people were acting like she was killing kittens or whatever. If someone wants to change themselves through surgery than what the hell do you care? Did they personally owe you money or something and instead spent it on plastic? Unless that’s the case than MYOFB!
      That being said, Olivia Wilde is to me personally one of the most facially perfect women I’ve ever seen so I just can’t give much credit to any advice from her on how to love your flaws when she has virtually none (to me at least)

      • Alyssa

        Agreed! I love Olivia, but come on, it’s easy to say “love your own face” when you’re is pretty much on par with popular beauty ideal.

        Its reminds me when Emmy Rossum was saying the same thing about Heidi? I think it was her.

        I was like “yup, well i can see your point about a natural look, but geez, Emmy, you’re beautiful by nature”

        • Haily

          It’s none of her freaking business. Some people actually look way better after they have work done and feel way better about themselves. Too bad there’s nothing they can do about her cro-mag jaw.

          • Jen

            Name one person who looks better with plastic surgery.

    • Casey

      I agree.

      I kind of get where she is coming from. People like Shauna Sand do indeed look “gross.” The plastic surgery she had done, rather than improving her looks, made her look deformed.

      But overall I think plastic surgery is over-stigmatized.

      Regardless of personal opinions on it, plastic surgery can be a life changer for many people. It may sadden people to think that others have to undergo surgery to feel good about themselves, kind of like a “sad our society is like that,” but for most people, it’s not about society. If you ask most (sane) people getting surgery why they are getting it done, it’s very rarely about what others think and more about how the people don’t feel like their insides and outsides match…it’s a personal thing.

      I don’t feel like the person who got a nose job for their crooked nose or cheek implants for their flat face should be stigmatized.

      That being said, I think people do need to really be more objective when considering plastic surgery, as sometimes they tend to think they need certain things that they don’t. Just because your nose isn’t perfect doesn’t mean your normal-looking nose needs to be altered.

      • Julianne

        If one chooses plastic surgery, that’s their choice and their business. However, when a friend once asked me for advice regarding whether she should “correct” her crooked nose in order for her to regain confidence, I told her she shouldn’t as I’d say the same thing to practically anyone if they ask for my advice. Because if one needs to undergo something as drastic as a freaking surgical procedure to feel better about themselves then they are shallow and should refocus their energy on more important causes.

        Besides, I honestly believe that confidence comes from within. There are people who are not classically good looking who are still attractive because they don’t focus on their “flaws” but are confident. Then there is someone like Megan Fox who was at one point considered to be among Hollywood’s hottest and what did she do? She messed with her face despite her measuring up to Hollywood’s standards!

    • jenp

      Olivia should take her own advice and stop smoking.

  • 98 lbs

    Even though I’m sincerely against plastic surgery for myself, I don’t think that Olivia’s comment is justified in any sense. Well, she is saddened, ok. But grossed out? That’s just taking it too far. It’s simply being judgmental about a person based on something which they did, and now consider a mistake. Also, if someone wants to do it, we can advice them against it, but no one, and absolutely no one, should tell them that they would be hated more than hitler for TANNING or PLASTIC SURGERY.

    • Julianne

      Saying she is “grossed out” is rather insensitive, especially considering that those who seek plastic surgery likely have issues with body image. Personally, I find it concerning, particularly that it is is so socially acceptable to undergo an elective surgical procedure purely for cosmetic purposes. As a society, I feel we should be encouraging other solutions for one’s body image issues such as therapy and counseling.

  • samra

    She looks like a man.

    • Alyssa

      She looks liek a man?
      be careful then.
      Your boyfriend may actually be a woman if you think she looks manly. You might have gender confusion …

      • Bo

        hahahaha that one was good

    • lc

      I think she is kind of manly too. Not cool, sexy androgynous…just kind of manly. That jaw of hers looks too big or something.

  • Winnie

    well, excuuuuse me! she sounds super judgmental and insensitive here. first of, not all plastic surgery end up making you look like an alien. not everyone who gets so work done is going to end up looking like Pete Burns. botched plastic surgery is clearly not in the norm since such a big percentage of Hollywood has undergone rhynoplasty.

    • Amanda

      She lives in a place where people over do it when it comes to plastic surgery (LA and Miami are big plastic surgery hubs in the USA). I live in New York. People are beautiful, and you would never know if someone has had plastic surgery. When I travel, I notice women with tons of scar tissue in their lips due to injections…not pretty. If you want plastic surgery, okay, do it. I think Olivia was talking about the extremes. Bruce Jenner for one…yuck! He could have been a handsome older man if he didn’t go under the knife.

  • Jui

    Good advice. Also important is proper diet and exercise. She looks nice here.

  • Polly

    Perfect cheekbones: check
    Striking eyes: check
    Perfectly arched eyebrows: check
    Nice clear skin: check
    Proportional nose: check
    Great figure: check
    NOW lets speak about how everyone should love themselves and not want to change one thing. Yeah, really easy for her to say.
    But I agree about tanning like smoking– which I think she does and is just as harmful. So, great advice Olivia, really.

  • sofie kittie

    When she says “young women”, how young are these women she’s talking about? Is she talking about girls who get boob jobs and rhinoplasty as presents for their sweet 16? Cuz that’s pretty weird.

    I think if you’re an adult, then there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally wouldn’t get it, but I wouldn’t judge someone who did, no matter what they ended up looking like.

  • Mary

    she lives in Hollywood i bet she sees more narcissism than a person who lives in Alabama and has friend who occasionally tans or a friend who had a nose job due to bad genetics
    give her a break i find her comments reasonable don’t be ready to attack a celeb for speaking up

    • snoops

      Agree, I know people who have cosmetic surgery but they got one thing done, like a nose job to change a very large/crooked nose to something that just blends in more with their features and just looks normal – you would never guess! Or a boob job because they felt life long insecurity over their breast size or symmetry. None of it is noticeable really. But Olivia lives in a different place, where there actually is loads of young people who looked fine anyway but get lots of stuff done, and end up looking disfigured, but to them it is a way of life! In that case I agree with Olivia.

  • Isa


  • callie

    you guys should go read the whole article. it wasn’t an interview it was a piece she wrote for glamour about turning 30 and the whole tone was funny and slightly sarcastic. So the over the top vibe your getting was a part of the way she wrote the article, not an off the cuff interview remark.

  • claud

    Agree with her. She’s lovely.

    Case in point: Megan fox. Toooo much plastic !

    • Neri

      Yeah me too…! I don’t find it judgemental what she’s saying. The more people are having their noses and whatever changed, the more it will provoke other people to think they also need to change them selves. I’m not ok with that. You are born the way you are. Imperfectly perfect, and vice versa.

    • Jessica

      I bet her comment is somewhat about Megan Fox. They both have the same kind of look. I can imagine her being really pissed back when Megan was at her peak. She stole some of her thunder. Although, I think Megan is naturally MUCH more beautiful than she is, Olivia is the prettier one now.

  • J

    While I believe the intent of her message was good, her delivery was terrible. It just sounds too insensitive and downright ignorant. If you’re in the public eye, stating very public opinions, be smart about it.

  • Carla

    While she may not have the body of a supermodel I think it’s cute and her face is stunning. I think her statement is referring not just to a a one off nose job but to those young women that start getting every part of their face done and end up looking worse like the example of Megan Fox that Claud above mentioned.

  • SA girl

    I adore this woman. Could she be any more likeable?? No, don’t think so. I love her “slap you hard” quote. Like something I would say to get some sense into younger women

  • Camelia

    I totally agree with her. I’m 34 and in my 20s I was really obsessed with having my lips/ boobs done. I have medium lips and big boobs (I wanted implants so they looked perkier). Thank God I didn’t have the money to do it!!
    Now, while I work on my looks; exercise, eye cream, clean, very healthy eating, I just have more peace with how I look. I’m okay my boobs don’t sit-up. I’ll never have long legs like my younger sisters. But I work with what I’ve got and I play up my strengths. I aspire to look and feel the best I can- but I’m not holding out for perfection.

    • Soph

      That’s great it sounds like you have a healthy attitude, I aspire to have an attitude like that too!

  • snugglepup

    Well yes and no, but it’s not all that black and white. Cutting your face to the point that you look like a completely different person, not very clever, or otherwise “plastic” look. I’m not completely against cosmic surgery, esp. kinds of like boob job or nose job, but wouldn’t do it myself. But as far as I know, we all are free individuals to do what we see to be best considering our looks. If one aspires to look like “old alien with melted skin”, be my guest. She sounds so harsh on this quote…

  • Pixie

    Lol. Ooook Olivia, take it down a notch!!

  • lc

    Omfg way to tell people how to live. I get it too, I don’t like plastic surgery or its outcomes many times either; and I also usually think it’s unnecessary, but she sounds waaay preachy and judgmental here. Omg.

  • wonderwoman21

    I’ve seen some plastic surgery work out really well, i think the key is to keep it realistic and aim for a better version of yourself rather than looking like someone else. My SIL had a nose job in her early 20’s, but you wont look at her and immediately think nose job.

  • Soph

    She sounds a little judgey but I still think she is giving good advice… a comment like this is probably what some girls need to hear, and we need a little balance of opinion sometimes to balance out the surgery obsession that is sadly becoming a normal part of society (well some societies depends where you live).

    It makes me sad that so many girls want surgery, but I don’t really judge them because I know it’s tough when you don’t look the way you want. I myself have entertained the idea of a boob job, but ultimately I decided not to go ahead with it even though I saved enough money because I really believe one of the few things we have in this world are our values, and my values are that as women we are made to feel like we need to be perfect and fit into some exact mold of beauty and I am against that, so I would feel yucky with a boob job.

  • Katya

    She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s lucky to be so naturally pretty. But I don’t agree with her view of plastic surgery. If you are unhappy with something on your body, it’s okay to change it. Just don’t go overboard.

  • Alias

    No need to be grossed out … I think plastic surgery is just another way people change themselves to be happy like weight loss/gain, haircuts, makeup etc. Wouldn’t get plastic surgery myself, but if you really hate something about yourself that you’re willing to go though that type of pain, well I don’t see how it’s anyone’s place to judge.

  • Liz

    It’s really to cast judgment on people who get plastic surgery when you’re one of the most conventionally attractive people on the planet.

  • Liz

    Now time for Kelly Brook to say women who get breast implants are insecure and grotesque and my life will be complete.

  • serena

    I 100% agree with her and yet I would never say so out loud (or in an interview if I was famous) because our society is made up of plastic artificial people who get upset when you call them out on it.

    And yeah the idea of having your body cut open so that silicone bits can be stuck in is frankly disgusting. Would I say that to a woman who had breast implants? No but I can’t help my visceral reaction which is Ughhh that sounds painful.

  • jklmnop

    I think she’s “grossed out” fr the fact that girls are cutting their face, injecting their lips, stuffing their cheeks,etc.bc they feel they have to live up to some standards. I know girls who are already beautiful but bc of this sick society we live in..they feel that they aren’t good enough..I think she’s more of “f those who thinks you’re not good enough and love yourself” bc its “sickening” and “gross” how girls are made to feel not good enough by whatever standard it is being put on them and they feel the need to go out and do such things. It’s “sickening” I think.

  • D

    Not everyone is born with ideal features – it is easy for someone who looks nice naturally to bash plastic surgery. She has nice features, she is conventionally attractive.

  • B.

    Yeah I would say that too if my face was as perfect as hers.

  • Colpnipz

    She’s beautiful, but no perfect, no one is perfect. I have had one rhinoplasty And feel 95% perfect. At best.
    But I see how it could be addictive. My nose looks great now but when I am feeling low I look in the mirror on different angles and picture what it would look like with ‘ just a little off here, or thus pushed up here’ . I won’t do another one coz I know that would be silly but I can def see how one change can make u want more…and more..and more.
    I would like to change everything and nothing.

    That makes no sense I know…

  • Lisa

    She’s pretty, so she will likely never need it. The rest of us poor saps dream about it nightly.

  • I like it when celebs are non-pc and opinionated – even if it’s a bit too much! Too often they tiptoe around trying not to offend anyone.

    Basically I agree with her, but, in the end it’s down to the individual to do what they want. I still find it sad that people would spend lots of money on something that does often seem to me to be shallow (and also often makes them look weird) – but we all have different sources of self confidence. Seeing women (young or not) obsess over their looks and *need* plastic surgery in order to boost their confidence is never not going to be sad to me and I personally can think of many different things I’d rather spend that kind of money on than painful, risky surgery – but, in the end, to each her own!

    Also, the fact that she is pretty doesn’t make her any less qualified to have an opinion on plastic surgery – so the people saying ‘yeah, but look at *her*, of course she doesn’t understand’ are just incorrect. Megan Fox was objectively very pretty (not so much to me now), but she obviously had problems with herself – I’m sure Olivia doesn’t like everything about herself either – it’s just down to the individual to decide how important those ‘problems’ are and whether they’re worth going to a surgeon to ‘fix’.

    • Justine

      I totally agree with everything you (Erica) just said. I think she is getting crap for her statement because some/most people see as an attractive female who couldn’t possible understand why anyone would need/want plastic surgery since she doesn’t need it. That makes her insensitive and therefore her opinion is invalid. Even “pretty” people have insecurities, i.e. Megan Fox, who was so hot before she had work done…but hey, maybe she’s happy with how she looks now. Basically, plastic surgery is case by case. Some people probably do need it to fix a bad nose (Blake Lively, Tyra Banks) or some people go to far with it (Heidi Montag and all those Real Housewives women). If I had an effd up nose, you better believe I’d fix it, but I’m lucky my nose fits my face and I’m secure with overall appearance, although a lil lipo wouldn’t hurt cuz I’m lazy sometimes and sweet stuff, haha!

  • opal

    easy to say when you’re naturally gorgeous

  • Ruth

    I just love her sense of humor lmbo