Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

Olivia-Wilde-Does-Vanity-Fair - Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

Olivia Wilde looks pretty and polished in Vanity Fair this month, where she’s wearing glamorous make-up with red hot lips and fancy red, white and turquoise outfits by the pool.

Are you fans of this shoot?

Olivia-Wilde-Does-Vanity-Fair-2 - Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

Click here to see yet another interesting photo-shoot featuring Olivia!

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Olivia-Wilde-Does-Vanity-Fair-3 - Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

Olivia-Wilde-Does-Vanity-Fair-4 - Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

Olivia-Wilde-Does-Vanity-Fair-5 - Olivia Wilde Does Vanity Fair

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  • dweep

    love her!! looks a bit megan fox in this shoot.. and that’s not remotely a bad thing..

    • Mary

      In the 4th picture she actually looks like Angelina Jolie!

  • she is a babe

  • Zhenya

    She looks fantastic, very glamourous with the exception of the last shot.
    I really hope she gets more roles in movies and avoids rom-coms.
    She’s talented and beautiful, I think she will go far.

  • Julchen

    I love the 2nd pic, she’s so beautiful

    • Leah

      same, the 2nd one is gorgeous

  • fukujama

    She has short and fat legs. And masculine jaws.

    • goldfish

      she is such an unique beauty! tall and lean, with a very special model-type photogenic face 🙂

    • Jack

      You are such a loser

    • alyssa

      Her legs aren’t her best feature, I agree, and her ankles are like mine, a bit wider, but the rest of her, OMG…

      I’ve noticed they shop her bottom half a lot; candids show her proportions a lot better. She has a body type like Kristen Bell, very toned and fit on top, beautiful face with strong defined jaw and crystal blue eyes, only Olivia stands out more because of her hair colour choice 🙂

    • Julchen

      I would love to know what you look like…

  • Ellia

    Her eyes are beautiful. She reminds me of Paulina Porizkova in the second picture.

  • Yanyan

    banging beautiful face!!! I like her in photoshoots but not in the movies..

  • yay!! finally I have the old layout back!! Olivia is breath-taking!!

  • Faith

    Oh get over yourself no one has the perfect body her legs arent fat anyway :P. I think she looks amazing soo jelous.

  • Eve

    I have seen it before because a good friend of mine (guy 🙂 of course) sent it to me and saying how gorgeous she was looking. Cannot agree more she is breath taking!

    • snoops

      a guy friend sent you a link to pics of hot girl and saying to you how hot she is? lol…if my friend did that I’d be totally confused.

      Agree of course though she is gorgeous in every way.

  • Lola

    She’s just gorgeous. And we can see that even with some photoshop, she still looks the same in tv! She’s really gorgeous!

  • tina

    She looks awesome! I love Olivia Wilde so, so much. I really like how she is an interesting model, unlike all the other typical actors-turning-up-for-photoshoots hollywood celebs.

  • siennagold

    She’s a classic beauty!

  • anne

    I’ll never understand the appeal of this girl. Her face is boxy looking and she’s gaunt. I just don’t see the “beauty”. *shrug

  • maddie

    she might have a masculine jaw and she might be slightly bottom heavy BECAUSE she’s a pear but nevertheless she is beautiful …why not look at her positives like her cat eyes of nice small waist

    • alyssa

      I’m glad she has a slightly imperfect bottom – too much perfection otherwise :P!!

      Her legs are fine the way they are – not everyone has sticks

  • machmalow

    I’ve always thought she was not that attractive, regarding her face anyway, but I must say this 2nd pic is really stunning. Overall the shoot is cool ^^

  • Kimberly

    She has such a gorgeous face and those eyes are breathtaking. Her head is a little big for her body but with a face like that, who cares?!

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous girl in general, and those eyes, simply captivating.

  • Chrissy

    I just wish the lips weren’t so dark, it’s just too stark for me. otherwise I love the shoot

  • I LOVE this shoot. amazing. and she’s beautfile

  • How could any woman be this beautiful. Her beauty is so over powering it practically puts me in a vegetative state.

    Body is gorgeous too… God must have spent a little more time making her over the rest of us. She’s just a masterpiece.

    • hahahaha i agree 😛 she’s just ridiculously stunning

  • jnny

    she has such classic good looks!! absolutely gorgeous.

  • Love, love, love.
    I really have to disagree with the people saying she’s a classic beauty – her face is far too angular and unusual to be “classic” by any means. She’s actually very edgy and different, which IMO is far better than the “classic” look!
    Worthless celebutantes of the world, take note – THIS is the woman you should strive to be.

  • nannou

    can’t wait to see her in Tron Legacy! ♥♥♥

  • woopidoo

    how weird… i find her pretty but nothing exceptionnal…

  • padme

    I wish my makeup looked that perfect coming out of the pool lol. Don’t like that last awkward pose.

  • Serafiina

    Second photo is stunning,looks like a make-up add.

  • ladyb0sss

    she is pretty in these photos and she is really pretty sometimes but i have to say her jaw does bother me. she has a wide face which can be unattractive – actually no she still is attractive but not as attractive. because in these photos you cant tell and she looks stunning.

  • ciillss

    I actually think her eyebrows emphasize the fact that her jaw is really sharp… I never really got her appeal facewise. I think she kinda looks like a disney movie witch. But her body is really nice! And many of you may disagree but I actually think her legs are her best feature.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a pretty girl. But wow… those photo have been photo shopped a little too much. She doesn’t need that much photo-shop, especially in that close up image of her face.