Star Magazine: ‘Emma Stone is 105 pounds – dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her’

161739930_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her'

Yesterday it was Radar that called Jennier Connely too skinny and today, we have Star Magazine and their verdicts on another star’s figure:

While promoting Gangster Squad, Emma Stone has looked shockingly gaunt – and boyfriend Andrew Garfield, 29, is worried.

“Andrew is freaked out,” says a source. “He thinks that if she drops any more weight she’ll be skeletal.”

Body expert Alicia Hunter agrees: “Emma appears to have gone from about 116 lbs. to roughly 105 – dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her.”
Emma, 24, has acknowledged that she’s size-obsessed: “You won’t hear me saying I have no body issues… I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting… I feel so fat.’”

What do you all think? Check out many pictures of thin Emma next!


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Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Her Bikini Body in Shape Magazine

JLH - Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Her Bikini Body in Shape Magazine

From Shape:

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks strong and confident on the cover of the March issue of Shape magazine, donning an electric pink and white bikini and her adorable girl-next-door smile. Some might shy away from baring their bodies in front of millions, but the 34-year-old actress isn’t phased, especially after taking on the racy role as a massage therapist on Lifetime’s The Client List, which requires her to strut her stuff on national TV every week.

While Jennifer looks and feels better than ever, it hasn’t always been an easy road. In 2007 she was blasted by the media after some not-so-flattering photos surfaced of the newly engaged Texas native vacationing in Hawaii. Many women may have wanted to avoid the spotlight after undergoing the widely publicized scrutiny, but Hewitt took the opportunity to speak out and embrace her body in a whole new way. A size 2 at the time, she defended her physique in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. In 2009, she flaunted her body in an itsy-bitsy white bikini on the October SHAPE issue—and look at her now on our March cover!

So where does she derive her motivation and confidence? Being a role model inspires her to look her best, she says. She’ll read tweets from fans and finds encouragement knowing that she’s being looked up to.

“I know they’re counting on me to feel powerful,” she says in the March issue.

Taking care of herself is not just about feeling great and looking dynamite in a swimsuit. A healthy life has much more meaning to the actress after her mother, Patricia, passed away last June. Completely devastated, Hewitt wanted to crawl into a hole, but her friends urged her to get active. And she did.

“When life hits you so hard—whether someone you care for dies or your lover leaves you—working out can save your life. It certainly saved mine.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of our March issue to see how the star incorporates a healthy lifestyle into her sometimes 16-hour days on set! She also shares her five favorite body-sculpting moves, courtesy of Buti, a class created by L.A.-based pro Bizzie Gold that combines yoga, dance, and plyometrics.

How do you like Jennifer’s (photoshopped?) bikini body? And how about her lighter haircolor?


Blake Lively Talks Style, Beauty & Hair

FFN_GG_121212_Concert_121212_50969487 - Blake Lively Talks Style, Beauty & Hair

On her sense of style:

You look at Katherine Hepburn and her pant suits or you look at Grace Kelly and her incredibly feminine gowns that look like a princess – very fittingly. I look to women like that because I always look for style and not trends. There are two very different things. One can be iconic in any time period. I always want to wear things that my kids can look back on and say ‘mom, you look amazing.’ Not like ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’

Her haircare tips:

I’m actually a pretty shy person by nature so it’s very much a safety net for me. I love to have my hair down and I love to have it full. I always like it to look really relaxed. [Structured hair] just makes me feel stiff and uncomfortable. If I have my hair down, there’s something romantic about it. I feel like it looks lived it… it has a story. When I wash and dry my hair I have naturally wavy hair so I’ll dry it where it’s still a little bit wet and then I’ll put it just in a ballerina bun and then when I take it out it has a really nice natural deep wave… If you have any sort of natural bend in your hair, if you let it dry in that bun… make sure the bun is really tight then it will come out with really pretty waves.

Her beauty tips – improvise:

It’s always about ‘are there any accidents that are going to happen… let’s use eyelash glue’ [to glue down a dress so it doesn’t ride up]. My mom is very clever that way… always thinking of odd things in a pinch. My mom used Advil as blush once… she didn’t have blush, so she licked the Advil and took the pink off of it.

… says Blake.

Radar: “Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all”

FFN_g_50991574 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all"

Before you read the article, check out these pictures of a very skinny Jennifer running!

From Radar:

Beautiful actress Jennifer Connelly has always boasted a slim figure, but new photos of her looking shockingly skinny have prompted speculation that the avid exerciser has been going overboard in the gym to the detriment of her health.

“She looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all,” nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

At 5’6 1/2″, Ali estimates that the Reservation Road actress, “Can’t be more than 100 pounds. It appears that she over-trains.”

Dressed in dark workout clothes, trainers and wearing headphones and a very intense expression on her face, the New Yorker’s face appeared gaunt and sunken, with her legs and arms noticeably thinner than ever before.

Jackie Keller, CEO of meal delivery service NutriFit agrees that 41-year-old Jennifer looks too thin.

“The legs remind me of some of the recent Olympian runners that I watched on TV,” she exclusively told Radar.

“Many things go into what is considered to be a healthy weight — including previous weight levels, body shape and of course, muscle tone,” she explained. “It is possible that as a regular runner, she has very thin but powerful legs and a long, lean frame. Many runners do and we saw a wide range of body types and sizes at the Olympics.”

See more pictures of Jennifer on set of her latest movie plus a shot of her from 2003 next!


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