Gemma Arterton Feels Fat at Size 8-10

A few days ago, Price of Persia’s Gemma Arterton told us that her slender figure “doesn’t come naturally”. Today, Gemma complains about how the industry makes her feel fat sometimes:

“It is ridiculous. I went to a designer the other day – who will remain nameless – and he said to me: “I’m amazed that you’re fitting into these sample sizes. I said, “I’m a size eight to ten! I should be amazed that the largest you’re making these is a size six.’”

‘Occasionally, I come home and say to my fiance [stunt driver Stefano Mioni]: “I feel really fat.”

‘He says: “Will you just listen to yourself? You know you’re being silly.” And I do know that when I’m home, but in the business it’s different.’

“The only way that I could ever be a size six is if I didn’t eat. I’m not naturally meant to be that size, and I just feel like there’s a responsibility to people who aren’t that size to make that known. All I can do, I think, is try to look good. I have things made for me so they fit.”

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