Crystal Renn on Being “Plus-size” and Size Trends

Popular “plus-size” model Crystal Renn (who will share a cover with fellow hotties Brooklyn Decker and Alessandra Ambrosio) talked with StyleList about the current weight trends in fashion and on being viewed as a “plus-size” model (at US size 10) – let’s see what she has to say:

SL: Calling you “plus-size,” which is what your agency considers you, baffles much of the public. Do you think the “plus-size” terminology is justified?
CR: Well, [in modeling] there is the standard, which is a 34-inch hip and then there is “plus” that. Unfortunately, I think when people think of “plus” they think of only size 18, but the great thing about what I do, is that they have been more inclusive of size 8’s and all the way up to bigger sizes like 20.

Personally, I wish there wasn’t this huge separation. I think it’s about being the size that you are, eating a healthy diet and doing moderate exercise — your body will settle where it’s supposed to be, whether that’s a 2 or a 16/18.

SL: With Mark Fast’s show, V magazine’s “Size Issue,” which you were in, and New York Magazine hailing “The Return of Voluptuous,” do you think the acceptance of different body types is the way things will stay, or is it a trend?
CR: I like the hype, because I think it’s bringing awareness and it’s getting the public used to it. If it happens at a gradual pace it won’t be a trend. And this should not be a trend, this is how we should do things from now on.

Every decade has a body type, but what if we just keep it like this, where everyone is accepted? There’s definitely a lot of other things happening, whether it’s Mark Fast or Glamour making a pledge [to include all sized models]. I think a lot of people that have power are stepping up and it’s incredible.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: “I’m quite a broad girl”

Alessandra Ambrosio is a “curvy girl”, Amanda Seyfried is not “a beautiful prom-girl type” and Catherine Zeta Jones is “quite a broad girl” (OK, so she does have slightly broader shoulders because she is a goblet, but she is quite skinny). Catherine talks beauty image, weight, size, chocolate and cakes in this interview – From OK! Magazine:

“I find this wave of super-skinny women scary. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve got to drag myself down to the gym like everybody else. But I look at the red carpet sometimes and it’s like a pageant. I’m quite a broad girl, not at all delicate. I watch what I eat to stay in shape, but I’m against diets. I eat when I’m hungry, three meals a day.”

“I ate for Wales when I was pregnant! I had this thing for pies and pastries. And I ate so much bread, I was like ‘bread woman’. I enjoyed it, but by the end I wanted to get back to normal. I love chocolate, ice cream and cakes. The only thing better than sex is sex with chocolate on top! I love pasta and the occasional avocado with prawns. My tip is to allow yourself a little of what you fancy, but don’t get carried away.”

And despite her beauty, the 40-year-old says she still has hang-ups about her looks – even revealing she doesn’t like her world-famous eyes! She told us: “[I don’t like] my eyes. They look like peeholes in the sand. Hair, make-up, I make the most of myself. You should see me first thing in the morning! Taking my kids to school I have a baseball cap on and I’m like: ‘Why am I hiding? Nobody’s going to recognise me.’”

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Chelsea Handler Does the Bikini Pose on Shape’s Cover

Comedian Chelsea Handler Does the Bikini Pose on Shape’s (orange, much?) Cover… and she confesses that her diet used to consist of vodka and Doritos. From Monsters and Critics:

The stand-up comedian and TV personality shows off her slimline body on the cover of the US fitness magazine, wearing a tiny red bikini and a big smile. The Chelsea Lately host revealed that she hired a nutritionist once she decided to get serious about being healthy, after years of yo-yo dieting.

‘I was born with a French-fry in my mouth,” she said and admitted that she grew up munching on Doritos in between meals. Now the late-night chat-show host has swapped junk food for healthier options and is feeling better for it. But despite all her efforts to shape up, Handler revealed that her family thought she had actually packed on the pounds when they tuned into her chat show.

She said: ‘I went home to visit my family after my show first started and my sister said to me, ‘Oh, you look good. We were going to say something about your weight because you look so big on TV’.

‘And then I looked at their TV and I realised they had it on wide-screen. I’m like, ‘Of course I look big. Take it off wide-screen you losers!”

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