Diane Kruger in Elle Magazine

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Diane Kruger in Elle Magazine

33 year old actress Diane Kruger looks beautiful and graceful in Elle Magazine, so how about a little stylish Sunday treat (since this weekend lack bikini delights)?

Enjoy the pictures of Diane after the jump!

Source: Elle Magazine

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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

September 27, 2009 in Take a Guess! by Versus10 Comments »

Knock, Knock! Who's There

Sunday mini-challenge: who’s hiding under the pink bubble?

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

Turn the page to find out!

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A Pretty Naked Kelly Brook for Ralph Lauren in Her Early Modelling Days

September 27, 2009 in Kelly Brook, Photoshop Job by Versus22 Comments »

A Pretty Naked Kelly Brook for Ralph Lauren in Her Early Modelling Days

These old shots of Kelly are weird. First, Kelly is MUCH prettier in reality. Secondly, we’re looking at a baaaad, baaad case of Photoshop – The signs:

1. Check out the black door behind Kelly in picture number 1: those thighs have been liguified and since the job was done completely unprofessionally, they basically deformed the squares on the door right in the thigh area. Ridiculous.

2. Check out how flat her hips look in pic 2 – again, the door is deformed. Oh yes, and Kelly’s hips are anything but flat.

3. One of the reasons why Kelly’s face looks 100 times worse here than in reality is the fact that they completely removed its natural shadows , especially the ones under the eyes.

And I’m wondering how some of these pics were meant to sell clothes / lingerie, when there are flowers instead of garments?

There’s more after the jump!

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Kim Kardashian’s Booty in Leggings

September 26, 2009 in Kim Kardashian by Versus63 Comments »

kim's booty

We’ve been seeing Kim’s famous booty in tight dresses recently, so in case you missed it’s plump shape in leggings, this one is for you! You’re welcome!

How do you all like Kim’s look on this occasion?

Kelly Osbourne Looks Slimmer

September 26, 2009 in Kelly Osbourne by Versus35 Comments »

Kelly Osbourne Looks Slimmer

… indeed, she does.

Here she is at Teen Vogue’s party in a short, shiny and figure-hugging black number, showing off her shapely legs and her slimmer body.

Her wasit looks quite small!

There is one more Kelly after the jump!

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