Scarlett Johansson Talks Getting Lean (While Photoshop Ads Curves)

Here’s a little paradox:

1. Above: ultra curvy Scarlett in the movie poster (left half) and authentic Scarlett (right half), with much less boob and much less hip.

2. Below, Scarlett openes up about getting fit and lean for her role as Black Widow in Iron Man (From Parade):

Looking razor sharp and buff.
“I was eating really, really clean. But you can’t deprive yourself. That’s when you really get in trouble because you have like low energy and feel deprived. I was constantly eating, but it was all super clean food, a lot of veggies and protein, that kind of thing. It makes you feel good, especially when you are exercising. I felt really strong, efficient and athletic, all of those things. It helped me to feel confident about my physicality. It was one less thing to worry about.”

As for that uber sexy black suit.
“Playing the Black Widow, I’m so physically active that the suit was the last thing I was thinking about. It was almost an afterthought. I went through months and months of training, so by the time I put on the suit I was ready to go. It was tight, but not too tight. The biggest problem was that it was so hot. I can tell you that being encased in Lycra makes you sweat when you’re doing stunts and wire work.”

We’ve noticed Scarlett’s virtually enhanced curves in the posters before – click here to take a look!

So what did the producers want? A “buff and athletic” Scarlett and mega curves at the same time? No pressure! Because in the process of becomeing buff, Scarlett did lose some of her curves.