More Celebs at Vanity Fair’s Party: Bar, Katy and Jessica

Here’s a mini red, black and white collection of pretty girls at Vanity Fair’s party last night:

First, we’ve got a flawless in white Bar Refaeli…

… then an equally cleavagey red hot Katy Perry and a classy-in–asymmetric–black Jessica Simpson.

See these girls up close after the jump!

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Hilary Swank’s Low-Cut Look at Vanity Fair’s Party

After a long parade of ruffled dresses that rarely had considerable cleavage at the Oscars, here’s something slightly different:

Hilary Swank was rather brave last night on Vanity Fair’s red carpet, where she wore this mega low-cut dress that showed off a great portion of her bust.

Are you loving the look or is it too revealing?

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Oscars 2010 – Mega Gallery

They came, they partied and they already left: the pretty celebs and their pretty (or less pretty dresses) at the Academy Awards!

In this colorful bunch, we get to see… Carey Mulligan who rocks her short do and whimsical dress (with tiny hanging forks), Queen Latifah who looks really good in a very flattering dusty pink dress that accentuates the curves of her figure, Rachel McAdams in a number that looks like a painting, Sarah Jessica Parker who opted for a non-structured silhouette (quite rare at the Oscars), some ruffles, some prints here and there, lots of updos, lots of pale colors on even paler skins and many many more.

Pick your favorites!

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