Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks in Jeans

August 18, 2009 in Christina Hendricks by Versus33 Comments »


We NEVER got to see curvy Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks in random candid pictures (papparazzi, take notice!), we always get to see her in evening gowns, looking perfectly voluptuous. Well, here’s a first: Christina wearing a casual outfit & running errands.

Too bad we can’t see her figure completely and perfectly, but oh well, we’ll take what we get.Her hair and skin look beautiful as always!


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Heather Locklear in Denim Shorts

August 18, 2009 in Body Type and Clothes by Versus10 Comments »


Here’s someone new for a change: Heather Locklear, who’s showing us her figure in a pair of short shorts and a short & tight white top.

In case you’re wondering, she’s 47.

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Did Tara Reid Do Something to Her Booty?

August 18, 2009 in Tara Reid, Then and Now by Versus36 Comments »


One of our readers mentioned that Tara Reid’s little booty looks slight different these days. OK then, let’s compare!

First pic: Tara in 2007

Second pic: Tara in 2008

Third pic: Tara in July 2009

I know that the cellulite effect in the second pic is mostly given by her movement, but it is clear that Tara’s little behind looks the plumpest and roundest now, in 2009 (even though she is the skinniest now).

What do you say? Did Tara work hard and toned her booty or is it something else?

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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

August 18, 2009 in Take a Guess! by Versus20 Comments »


Who’s looking thin in jeans?

Who’s wearing a golden shirt?

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

Turn the page to find out!

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Mischa Barton All Natural

August 18, 2009 in Celebrities Without Make-up, Mischa Barton by Versus27 Comments »


Mischa Barton wears a lot of eye make-up sometimes (… like this one) and sometimes she prefers to go all-natural.

Here she is doing the latter, while walking her dog in a casual outfit.


How do you like makup-less Mischa?

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