Tara Lynn and Crystal Renn Share “Plus-Size” Thoughts and Pose in Bikinis (Video)

d-magazine-plus-model-tara-lynn - Tara Lynn and Crystal Renn Share "Plus-Size" Thoughts and Pose in Bikinis (Video)

Times Online has this long, descriptive story on plus-size models and the man who made them famous – read it here entirely!… and the ladies in the spotlight are no other than Crystal Renn and Tara Lynn. Here are some interesting parts of this article:

Lynn (size 18 UK), a curvaceous yet surprisingly dainty woman, is here today, teetering on high-heeled sandals, looking fabulous in a pink one-piece. On her modelling card her measurements are 38-34-46in. A male make-up artist rubs body lotion into her ample thighs. She dwarfs him.

What Gary Dakin (the man who runs the plus-size division of Ford Models) says:

In one shoot in the same magazine Crystal Renn was photographed opposite the size 4 model Jacquelyn Jablonski in exactly the same clothes. “Renn wiped the floor with her,” says Dakin.

… hmm… remember that shoot?

What Tara says:

“I would like to say that I like my body as much as I ever did. But all the publicity has made it easier. I’m being celebrated now.”
“I spend half my life walking around in clothes with my bottom hanging out. All these gorgeous clothes and nothing fits me. No wonder they always shoot me naked.”

What Crystal says:

“We are all models. Beautiful girls are beautiful girls. Size should not matter. Look in the street and there are all kinds of shapes and sizes. Why are we here? To get people to shop and feel good about themselves. Somehow that has been forgotten. Just because a girl is bigger, she can’t be inspiring? What kind of message is that? And it’s not even true.”

Tara does look plus-sized, but once again, Crystal’s weight loss is quite visible… and they both look beautiful!

Check out the video and share your thoughts!

Lo Bosworth: “I Have Cellulite”

FP_4912119_Pratt_Bosworth_VAH_042810 - Lo Bosworth: "I Have Cellulite"

The Hills’ Lo has a little bit of something to share:

“I’m not afraid to tell the world that I have cellulite – most women do. It’s more common than people think,” said Bosworth. “I am so excited that with the help of NIVEA and the ‘Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge,’ I can take control of my body and feel even more confident on the beach this summer.”

… a little bit of advertising there at the end,  but OK.

Pictured: Stephanie & Lo on a shopping spree.