Lily Aldridge: “I don’t care if I have a six-pack any more”

zljE_sxWL00 - Lily Aldridge: "I don't care if I have a six-pack any more"

On having cellulite and stretch marks:

It’s been a while now since I had that moment of having to get back in shape [after giving birth], but there should be no judgement, everybody’s journey is different. Of course, as I get older my body is changing, I’m a woman, but I love it. I love working out and I love being healthy but I don’t judge myself so much; I don’t care if I have a six-pack any more. I am inspired by all these amazing women who have fuller bodies and don’t care about cellulite. I have cellulite, too, and I have stretch marks. When I was younger I would be like, “Oh, my abs need to be firmer”; now I look back and I’m like, “You were crazy! Your abs were gorgeous!”

On being a commercial model:

My career has been such an evolution, it felt like such slow progress. In the beginning, I was sad that people in fashion didn’t think I was “cool” and that was tough. We all have so many different sides to us, different dimensions, so I was typecast as ‘commercial’ and therefore not fashion or edgy. For a long time, no one would book me for those jobs and I wanted it so bad, because I love fashion – I wanted to be part of those sets and where the magic happened.

… says Lily.

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Jane Seymour’s Beauty Secrets: Wigs and Neck Taping

4AA369DB00000578-0-image-m-12_1522266833073 - Jane Seymour's Beauty Secrets: Wigs and Neck Taping

On her tricks to looking younger – she is 67:

First of all, we all get crepey everywhere. There is a cream that has my name attached to it that is the number one best-selling cream in America called Crepe Erase. Sometimes if I am on telly, I will sometimes tape my neck. The other trick if I want to look younger, I wear a wig.

On never getting plastic surgery or Botox:

A lot of people think when you are in Hollywood you have to have everything done, Botox and whatever. It’s not as I am against anyone doing it, I think it is fantastic and when it is done well, great. I am an actress and I believe I need my mouth, my face and my thrown, everything has to move. If it doesn’t move I can’t play the characters, the emotions. I just feel that I am pretty comfortable in my owns skin.

… says Jane.

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