Dascha Polanko: ‘I love being thick. I love having things to move around′

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Orange Is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco recently opened up about sample sizes and body image – here are her thoughts:

On body image:

“When I saw myself on screen for the first time in Orange, I was like cringing because I looked so big. I didn’t look curvy, I just looked big. And I felt like, ‘That’s not me.’ So I started working out. You know what? I’m never going to be a size zero. And I don’t want to be. I love being thick. I love having things to move around. To twerk with! I just want to keep it together and I want to have it controlled. I want to be able to control it. Not it control me.”

On sample sizes:

“It was very frustrating at the beginning. It was really disappointing, and I was like ‘I’m depressed.’ And [frustrated noise] I want to wear color when I have shoots or …. what am I doing? I like to show a little bit, you know? I want wear color, I like neon colors, I like white. I hate that term ‘sample size.’ We’ve gotta come up with a different term than sample size.”


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Doutzen Kroes – Beach Beauty

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Mega Bikini / Model Treat: Doutzen Kroes showed us just why she is one of the most popular models in the world as she did a photo-shoot on the beach in Miami this week.


Lots and lots more photos after the jump!


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New Mom Blake Lively’s Black & White Look

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Blake Lively (who gave birth to her first child a month and a half ago) posed backstage at the Gabriela Cadena fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall the other day in New York City, while rocking a black and white dress.


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Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

February 14, 2015 in Take a Guess! by Versus7 Comments »


Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

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Keeping It Real: Unretouched Picture of Cindy Crawford

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The details from Daily Mail:

ITV News anchor Charlene White tweeted an unretouched image of a lingerie-clad Cindy Crawford, which went viral on Friday.

Marie Claire confirmed the shot originated from the December 2013 issue of their Mexico/Latin America magazine, and wrote ‘it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.’

Fans applauded the Photoshop-free picture of the supermodel – who was 47 then, and turns 49 next week – precisely for its realness.

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