Khloe Kardashian: “I love my shape because I’ve earned every curve’

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On the fact that her new curves are the result of gym sessions:

“I love my shape because I’ve earned every curve. I work hard in the gym to get it. But I also loved my shape before, when I was even curvier. I was always incredibly comfortable in my skin. Everybody else saw me in a different way, but I didn’t see myself that way. I still wore bodycon dresses back then; I didn’t cover up with a muumuu. Today I put in the work to get the curves I have and every bit of firmness. I feel empowered and badass that I was able to accomplish everything I have.”

On the importance of wearing make-up at the gym:

“When I buy a cute outfit, I’m superexcited to go to the gym the next day. And when I look good at the gym, I’m inspired to do an extra squat or an extra lunge. Just because you’re going to work out, you don’t have to look like a slob. I also always wear hoop earrings; they’re like my security blanket. I’m inspired to do an extra squat or an extra lunge. People laugh at me, but why not? They make me feel more dressed up. I also wear makeup when I work out. I put on a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and cherry lip balm, and fill in my eyebrows. If I feel cuter with a little lip color and mascara, why should anybody else care?”

… says Khloe, while showing off her figure in Shape.



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Zooey Deschanel Does Redbook and Talks Post-Baby Figure

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On her post-baby figure:

To expect someone to look like her pre-baby self immediately is odd. Because you just grew a human and then birthed that human—there’s a lot that needs to go back to where it was. All your organs move around, for chrissakes!

… says 36 year-old Zooey in Redbook this month.

See her full spread next!


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Kylie Jenner: “When I post sexy photos, I always regret it. Like, Oh my God!”

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On feeling a huge pressure to look a certain way and how exhausting it is:

‘I feel like people want to see me have a cool hair color and dress a certain way and have pretty makeup and heels. If they were to see me in public, they would expect me to look like that….it’s also exhausting for everyday life.’Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me…It doesn’t really affect me.

On posting sexy photos on social media:

“When I post sexy photos, I always regret it. Like, Oh my God, everyone is seeing my body. I get really weird about it.”

On her influence on fans:

I think it all started with my lips when I would overline them. I didn’t see one other girl wearing nude lipstick — I didn’t even care about the lipstick, I just wanted my lips to be bigger — and then I started seeing a bunch of girls wearing nude lipstick. I was going to MAC and Sephora and I’d try to buy my lipstick and the girls working there would be like, “Kylie, everyone comes in asking what color you use. Everything’s sold out — I’m sorry!” They were like, “These people should be paying you! Everyone comes in and asks for your color.” And then the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials started coming and it became a big thing. I feel like that’s when I really realized.

… says Kylie.



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This Bikini Body Belongs to…

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This Bikini Body Belongs to…

See the girl without the bubble inside!


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Olivia Wilde: “People in the ’70s apparently just didn’t have hips”

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On how she doesn’t fit in the clothes on the set of her new show ‘Vinyl’:

“I’ll walk around with the wardrobe assistant saying, ‘I want that one, I want that one.’ I really have been so inspired by all the wardrobe across the board. I can’t fit into any of the pants because people in the ’70s apparently just didn’t have hips. I guess that’s all the hormones in our food, but I don’t understand it. You pick up the jeans and they’re straight — there’s no butt and there’s no hips. They’re for a straight body.”

On how she can’t follow the ‘boyfriend jeans’ trend either:

“I try to wear the trend, but it always looks terrible, because I have really short legs.”

… says Olivia.


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