Gabrielle Union: “I’m never going to turn down a burger. Ever.”

3CC3A59800000578-4184816-Stunning_She_showcased_her_toned_physique_in_a_skimpy_white_swim-a-1_1486058057655 - Gabrielle Union: "I’m never going to turn down a burger. Ever."

On how being selfish is her best anti-aging tip:

My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no, and hell, no. We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses, or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles.

On looking young for her age – she’s 44:

I get asked all the time how I look so young. I don’t like needles. I’m not going to rule out Botox, but the idea of putting a needle in my face – I’m not there yet. I have pretty oily skin, I drink a lot of water, I don’t smoke, and I don’t have a hard life. Of course, as I’ve aged, everything on my body hurts! My hips, back, shoulders – lots of aches and pains. I dye my hair and people say, “You look young,” but my gray hairs are saying: “She’s old as f-ck!”

Her approach on ‘everything in moderation’:

It’s not even like “I’m not going to work out, and I’m going to watch what I eat. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like it. I’m going to have a margarita. I’m not going to get the skinny one. I’m going to get the one with all of the freaking calories. I’m going to have a cheeseburger, I’m going to have a pound of bacon. And then maybe the next day, I’ll try to pull it together, but I try not to be too crazy with it. I’m never going to turn down a burger. Ever. Especially if there’s bacon and cheese on it.

On her haters:

Mean girls become mean women, and mean guys. This is not gender specific…it’s just mean people. We live in this age of where everyone is trying to “out-snark” everyone…but the reality is, mean people have low self-esteem. I always say, “I’ve never met a hater whose life I wish I had.” The biggest, easiest way to broadcast to the world that you’re insecure, and that somebody has power over you, is to be a mean girl towards that person.

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Chrissy Metz Brings the Quote of the Day

chrissy-metz1 - Chrissy Metz Brings the Quote of the Day

On her dating life and how her weight has never been an issue:

No matter what size I’ve been, I’ve never had issues dating. I’ve found really wonderful men, and I do believe that like attracts like. It’s one of those things where if you’re secure and you’re happy mostly, you find really wonderful people who come into your life.

… says 36 year-old Chrissy.

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Kendall Jenner Painted Her Room Pink to Suppress Her Appetite

diet-color - Kendall Jenner Painted Her Room Pink to Suppress Her Appetite

On opting for a special shade of pink for her room in order to maintain her figure:

‘I decided to paint [my room] pink because while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the room, I went to dinner with friends and they had just gone to the Human Condition exhibition at a former hospital in LA. They were telling me there’s a pink room at the exhibit that had an explanation of the colour choice: Baker-Miller Pink is the only colour scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite. I was like, ‘I NEED this colour in my house!’

… says Kendall.

Pregnant-with-Twins Beyonce Shares Baby Bump Photos

beyonce-pregnancy-photos-8 - Pregnant-with-Twins Beyonce Shares Baby Bump Photos

Beyonce broke the Internet last night, when she posed a photo on Instagram, sharing that she is expecting twins – and her photo got no less than 8.7 million likes.

And today, the superstar delighted her fans even more as she shared lots of colorful photos from her pregnancy photo-shoot, complete with a massive amount of flowers, Blue Ivy and barely-there outfits.

Many more Beyonce pregnancy photos inside!


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