Glamour Model Turned Fitness Fanatic Gemma Atkinson: “People say to me “Real women have curves”



31 year-old glamour-model-turned-fitness fanatic Gemma Atkinson transformed her body from slim and super busty to ultra fit and toned. And her transformation didn’t go unnoticed.

Her message to her haters:

‘People say to me “Real women have curves.” Well I don’t – I am straight up and down. It’s mostly men actually, they say women shouldn’t have muscles. But that’s like me saying to a man that unless they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’re not a man, which isn’t right. I just ignore all the trolls. I have changed my body and they clearly want to as well. Sadly, they don’t have the same drive and willpower so they put me down. It’s so petty. For a stranger to have such a negative opinion on YOUR body means they are 1000% unhappy with their own.’

On her change:

‘Over the years I have grown to love the way I look,’ she explained. ‘And my figure has become a lot more muscular as a result of regular gym workouts and yoga. I have increased my muscle mass and reduced my body fat so I look bigger now than before. I’m certainly heavier, but I love it – I feel strong.’

Don't be scared to lift ladies 😏👊🏻

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JCPenny’s New Body-Positive Campaign: “Fat girls can do whatever they want”

National retailer JCPenney launched a new body-positive video featuring different plus-size women on behalf of the brand’s line for size 12+ ladies. Some of the faces you may recognize in this video: singer Mary Lambert, Project Runway winner (and JCPenney designer) Ashley Nell Tipton, blogger and designer Gabi Fresh, Instagram star Valerie Sagun, blogger and designer Gabi Fresh, and writer Jes Baker.

Some of the notable quotes in the video:

“As the fifth-grader called hippo… I was spending my entire life trying to change.”

“In high school I was one of those girls who was like, I would be so much prettier if I were thin.”

And on a positive note:

“Fat girls can do whatever they want… Fat girls can run, fat girls can dance, fat girls can have amazing jobs. We can walk runways. We can be on the covers of magazines. Wear stripes. Bright colors. I am beautiful; I am sexy. There’s no ignoring this when it walks in the door. My size isn’t an indicator of my worth.”



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