Lena Dunham: “I AM a model. I am Rihanna to myself…”

LAG-010905 - Lena Dunham: "I AM a model. I am Rihanna to myself…"

On having high self esteem:

I really thought I never cared what I looked like… the basics of bodily self-consciousness — being hyper-critical about my undulating belly, my wide ass, my off-white buck teeth, my whatever being too whatever — have mostly passed me by. I laughed when I read [mean] comments… Because they didn’t know my secret: I AM a model. As Jenni so elegantly puts it, I am Rihanna to myself…

On her skin condition called rosacea:

A few weeks ago, a course of steroids to treat a massive flare of joint pain and instability led to rosacea’s [sic] appearing overnight… Then, after a long, sweaty night shoot in which I was covered in strange makeup, I washed my face to reveal that the rosacea had become hundreds of tiny pimple-blisters that covered me from forehead to neck…I got used to having good skin over the years. Showing up to photo shoots and being told, “You barely need any makeup at all!” My skin remained dreamy, even through hormone fluctuations, new medications, and daily, sweaty on-set makeup wear…

On how getting rosacea made her realize she was vain:

Seven years of being treated in the public eye like a punch line about female imperfection may not have felt like it was wearing me down, but it had actually forced me to rely emotionally on my one area of fully conventional beauty: my perfect f-ng skin. But I have been forced to finally mourn the long, slow hit on my self-image. I thought my adolescent attitude, the take-no-prisoners approach to my own look and form, could carry me through the onslaught of critical attention. I thought I could intellectualize it away. But I can’t.

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