Model Off Duty: Gigi Hadid

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Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid was spotted out doing some shopping on a cold day in New York City, while wearing tight jeans and a black coat, paired with funky shades.

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Meghan Trainor: “I never thought I’d be a pop star. I don’t look like Rihanna”

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On learning to love the way she looks:

‘You have to speak it out loud. You have to look in the mirror and say, “Damn, I look great today”. When I saw photos of myself, I would think, I look awful. There’s a double chin! I never thought I’d be a pop star. I don’t look like Rihanna. After the video for All About That Bass came out…when I was signing autographs, this girl came up to me bawling and said, “You make me feel pretty again. Thank you.” It really resonated with me that this girl was so gorgeous, and she didn’t even know it. It’s a mental thing. Just recently I was thinking, I’m confident now, and I look good, and that’s because I’ve started saying those words out loud more. So now when I see pictures, I’m like, “Oh my God, why would I hate myself at all? I look incredible in that picture!”‘

… says Meghan in Seventeen Magazine.


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Robyn Lawley in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

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Robyn Lawley, first ‘plus-size’ model that appeared in Sports Illustrated, on accepting her body:

My agent Chelsea Bonner was the only agent to put me on contract upon meeting me 6 years ago. When she met me, the first thing she told me after years of having to diet too extremes, having to go to castings and not fit a thing to being embarrassingly sent home constantly, and hating my naturally sized Aus 14-16 body “You don’t need to lose any weight, you just need to be you, you’re perfect just as you are”
You have no idea how happy and amazing that was to hear as a teenage girl. ACCEPTANCE. She promised me work and travel and for the first time in years I believed it. I know people can get outraged at times that my body constantly gets referred to as plus size but I think you should check out what she’s written @bellamodelmanagement It’s time we started to embrace #sizediversity EVERYWHERE
I will tell you a secret, the first time you give up diets, or terrible fat free, sugar free toxic whatever foods and embrace real food the happier you will ever be. I will NEVER diet again and I made that pact to myself 6years ago #loveyournaturalsize #changeiscoming #realfoodftw #robynlawleyeats


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Knock, Knock! Who WAS There?

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Mila Kunis arrives at the mtvICON: Aerosmith held at Sony Studio

Knock, Knock! Who WAS There… back in 2002?

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Gwen Stefani: “I won’t be doing any topless photo shoots anytime soon”

February 10, 2015 in Gwen Stefani by Versus11 Comments »


On how she never used her looks and sexuality to be successful:

‘It’s important to evolve outside of your sexuality to entertain people. It was never a card that I played or will play – ever. Sexuality is something I’ve never felt comfortable with. We have this sexual side to us that is alluring and powerful. It’s a gift. When you discover it when you are around 14, it feels amazing. But you learn it’s fleeting. I won’t be doing any topless photo shoots anytime soon. It’s not my thing. I don’t judge people for it, but I didn’t even wear high heels until I was 30.’

… says Gwen.


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