Gigi Hadid Talks About Becoming a Supermodel


On becoming an ‘Instagram supermodel’:

‘It’s weird, because it happened so naturally for me. I think Instagram started when I was a junior in high school. If you scroll to the bottom of my account, I still have pictures with 500 likes. And then it just happened to be the theme of our generation of models: the “social-media supermodel” or whatever they call it.’

… says Gigi.


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Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn: “Do I need to lose weight?”


On feeling the pressure to look skinny:

“The more time I spent at these events, the more I began to feel that I didn’t quite fit in. It seemed like everyone was model-thin, with tiny waists and long willowy legs . . . I thought: ‘Should I not wear this dress? Do I need to lose weight if I want to stay socially relevant as an athlete?’”

… writes the professional athlete in her new book.

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