Demi Lovato Continues to Prove Her Confidence

January 21, 2016 in Demi Lovato by Versus21 Comments »


‘Posting a #nophotoshop pic because I’m proud to show my body the way it naturally is.. (And there was great lighting…)’

… says Demi, who’s been talking a hole lot lately about how confident she is naked or in minimal clothing.


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Robyn Lawley Does Maxim

January 20, 2016 in Robyn Lawley by Versus40 Comments »


On the biggest misconception about plus-size models:

“I guess it would be that we are overweight, which just isn’t true. Most curve models I know are so fit and healthy but we are also really tall so it’s impossible to be a smaller size.”

… says mom-of-one Robyn (who is 6’0” and a US size 12), while looking quite Taylor Swifty on th Maxim cover.



Models at Work: Lara Stone in a Bikini

January 20, 2016 in Lara Stone by Versus26 Comments »


Models at Work: 32 year-old Dutch model Lara Stone posed on the beach in Australia this week while wearing white bikinis.

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Kim Kardashian: “I’m 30lbs down today but 40 to go!”

January 20, 2016 in Kim Kardashian, Then and Now by Versus16 Comments »


On losing weight, yet again:

This is going to be soooo f***ing hard but I can do it and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy but have been an extra 10 lbs up for the last few years so it’s time to really get to my goal. I’m so excited! I’m 30lbs down today but 40 to go! I’m so focused. I will show u guys my workouts on my app & share my Atkins plan too!

… says 35 year-old Kim, who gave birth to her second child 6 weeks ago.

Step Back in Time – Kim in 2009:



Jennifer Aniston: “I can be the first 80-year-old to go out there successfully in a bikini’

January 20, 2016 in Jennifer Aniston by Versus21 Comments »


On whether she will ever stop wearing bikinis:

If I can be the first 80-year-old to go out there successfully in a bikini, then I’ll take that on. I don’t think anybody needs to rein in anything because of an age. That is absolute BS. To each his own! Everybody needs to stay in his own backyard.

… says Jennifer.



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