Singer JoJo Used to Eat 500 Calories / Day to Lose Weight


On how the media affected her confidence:

I was around 17. My mom really kept me in a bubble, she was managing me. I wanted to separate our relationship. If people had an opinion about me and were coming to her about it [and saying they wanted me to lose weight] she never let me know about it. There just wasn’t as many places to be nasty in 2004, 2005 as there are now.

On going to extreme measures to lose weight:

Here’s something that I agreed to do that really ended up messing with me psychologically. I was under a lot of pressure from a company I was working with and they wanted me to lose weight fast. So they got me with a nutritionist and had me, like, on all these supplements, and I was injecting myself – this like is a common thing that girls do by the way. So it makes your body only need certain calories, so I ate 500 calories a day. This was the most unhealthy thing I had ever done. Then I gained all the weight back. I felt terrible about myself… I felt like ‘if I don’t do this, my album won’t come out’ and it didn’t. So it’s not like it even worked.

… says 25 year-old JoJo.

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Ashley Graham Reveals Her Daily Menu

On her daily diet:

First thing in the morning, I have hot water and lemon because it alkalizes my body and gets things moving.

Once a day, I have a green juice with kale, lemon, apple, ginger, spinach and beets.

A little bit later in the morning, I’ll have fruit that I can grab and eat on the train with me, a banana or an apple. I like to eat lightest to heaviest throughout the day. Fruit digests faster than anything so I want that in my body first. I try not eat meat until night.

For lunch, I’ll have a huge green salad with quinoa, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, any green leafy vegetable and pesto sauce as the dressing.

Around 3 p.m., I like to have an 80 percent dark chocolate bar — about 4 squares — that gives me the boost I need when I’m having an energy crash.

For dinner, I will have a sweet potato and vegetables lightly sautéed with olive oil or chicken with Brussel sprouts, that’s my favorite, and often a glass of red wine.

I’ll also have splurges every once in a while, like mashed potatoes and mac-and-cheese. Nothing about me is perfect in the way that I eat, but I always try to manage it. I always try to say, ‘Tomorrow is a new day. If you mess up today, don’t feel guilty about it.’ I’ve done every yo-yo diet you can imagine and none work for me. I’m at a comfortable weight and I know that I look good and, more importantly, I feel good so why am I dieting? I now know what works for me.

… says size 14 Ashley, who’s been criticized lately on social media for losing weight.

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Ellen Pompeo: “Watching myself age on TV is miserable”


On being on Grey’s Anatomy for 11 years:

“At 33, I was wise enough to know my clock was already ticking in Hollywood. Watching myself age on TV is miserable. To be honest, it’s the toughest part of my job. But as uncomfortable as watching myself age is, I don’t think focusing on physical beauty is necessarily the best thing for your mind. It’s a natural thing that we all do, but I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing. The older you get, the more you realize life isn’t about your looks. Everyone ages, and it’s okay.”

… says 46 year-old Ellen.

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