Emily Ratajkowski on How to Be as Body-Confident as She Is: “Go to Europe. Travel.”

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On how to be as body-confident as she is:

Go to Europe. Travel. If you spend any time there you notice it right away — their comfort level is different. You see more women being openly sexual like it’s not a big deal, without them having to be oversexualized. They are celebrated. You see it on the beaches, daughters with their mothers. It’s not a big deal to see your mom naked. It’s actually quite normal.

On whether Americans are more frigid and uptight:

I don’t know if it’s about being frigid. It’s more about the constant sexualizing [of] women without actually celebrating women. I think it’s more a misdirection of values and femininity rather than the country being frigid.

… says Emily in New York Magazine.



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Jennifer Lawrence – Vision in Plum

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Jennifer Lawrence was a vision in a low-cut plum-purple Dior dress as she attended the world premiere of the film ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part .

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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

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Rosie O’Donnell Lost 64 Lbs. in 2 Years: “It’s not easy to be obese in America and have everyone feel free to ridicule you”

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On weighing 240 lbs 2 years ago:

It’s like the Green Bay Packers’ front line, know what I mean? But it’s hard. I used to buy stretch pants size 11, 12. I’d stretch them into a 20. It didn’t matter, because the tag said 12 and that’s what counts.

On opting for vertical gastric sleeve surgery:

Believe it or not, that surgery changed my life. It doesn’t reroute your intestines. You have no issue with going to the bathroom in public. But your relationship with food ends. For me, it’s been two years. It used to be on Halloween, the week before, I would start sweating until Christmas, because I had huge problems not going and stealing their candy. I couldn’t be in bed and go downstairs … there would be four bags of candy. I couldn’t help myself. And now? This year, the whole trick-or-treat, I had one lollipop. I don’t feel that same pull for it. They told me the part of the stomach they remove have hunger hormones in it, called ghrelins. And that changes the way you think and feel about food. I feel so much freer now in terms of needing to move and play with my kids.

On the benefits of her weight loss:

I don’t have sleep apnea anymore. I’m able to run and play with the kids or get a bathing suit. … It’s not easy to be obese in America and have everyone feel free to ridicule you. When I was in the midst of some of my spat wars with some Republican candidates, that was always one of the first things that was said. And now it’s like a different reality. We’ll see how long it lasts.

On why she was determined to lose the weight:

I had a heart attack at 50. When I woke up, they said, ‘You should have died. We need you to lose 50 lbs. in the next year, but you can’t have surgery or anything in the next year because you’ve had a heart attack. So for the year I tried, and I’ve been trying my whole life. When I was 35 I got on my show, and that’s when I got over 200 lbs. Before that I was about 175, on League of Their Own, or 170. When I got my show I was over 200. It was a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. And then one year after my heart attack I had the vertical sleeve surgery because my doctors said if I didn’t, I would have another heart attack. And there was a very good chance I would not survive.

… says 53 year-old Rosie.


Blanca Padilla: “Models actually work with their body and physical appearance – that’s added pressure”

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On how models shouldn’t be criticized for being too thin:

Sometimes people don’t understand that it’s as offensive to criticize someone for being underweight as it is for being overweight, especially when your job revolves around your image. I always think that one of the most important things you have to learn in this society is to accept yourself, and that’s very hard. Normal people have a lot of issues with this, and it’s the same for models because we actually work with our body and physical appearance. That’s added pressure, because this job isn’t about liking yourself, it’s about being like your clients want. People at home probably think I’m being dramatic, but the only way to truly understand this is if you work in the industry.

… says Blanca, who had many things to share this week.


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