Chanel Iman: “My guilty pleasure is chocolate and bread”

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On what she does for exercise and how often:

‘For me I like boxing and going on hikes. Twice a week, let’s be honest. When something major’s coming up I’ll train two weeks before or a month before just to get myself out there.’

On her favorite foods:

‘When I was younger I could eat anything that I wanted. Now that I’m getting older, my metabolism’s slowing down a bit. I really have to watch the breads and the chocolates and stuff.. my guilty pleasure is chocolate and bread.’

… says 24 year-old Chanel.

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Alexa Chung: “I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or body-con, anything sexy”

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On the kid of things she hates to wear:

I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or body-con. Anything sexy, I don’t feel myself in. I don’t know what the psychology behind that is. Maybe I’m constantly fighting for people to listen to what I have to say, so it seems undermining to look too girlie or frivolous.

On how low-maintenance she is:

I’m terrible at looking in the mirror. I just get out of the shower and put moisturiser on and often don’t wear any makeup’.

… says Alexa in Elle.

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Helen Mirren: “Young is beautiful. But the majority of us are something else”

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On whether she feels beautiful:

“I hate that word. Kate Moss is beautiful, so is David Beckham, and I can appreciate a beautiful girl walking down the street. Young is beautiful. But the majority of us are something else, and I wish there was another word for it.”

On whether she looks better now than in her younger years:

“Oh no, I definitely don’t look better now than when I was young. Definitely not. Of course I looked better then. The great thing that happens as you age is that you don’t really give a flying f–ck. I don’t look so good, but I don’t care.”

… says 70 year-old Helen in The Guardian.


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These Legs Belong to…

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These Legs Belong to…

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Monica Bellucci: “Am I sexy? I don’t know”

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On whether she really never goes to the gym, as she claimed:

“For one month I will do Pilates very often and then for the next I do nothing. But I have an elastic [the giant bands used for resistance stretches in Pilates] that I bring with me to hotels so that I can do some elastic sometimes on my own. (After my second child), I got my figure back through work. I have a lot of adrenaline. I have a naturally fast system. But I love to eat and I am not skinny…I’m not regular in anything. For example I don’t smoke, but I can have the odd cigarette. I don’t drink, but I can drink one glass of wine. But this is not an effort for me.’

On her sexiness:

“Am I sexy? I don’t know. I do what I do. If it’s provocative, it’s not something I can control. I am what I am.”

… says Monica.


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