Hayden Panettiere Is Partially in a Bikini

hayden-panettiere-is-partially-in-a-bikini - Hayden Panettiere Is Partially in a Bikini

It would have been great to see admire, love, criticise, envy, dislike, comment on some “Hayden Is Completely in a Bikini” pictures, but oh well, we get half, we take half. So, let’s all focus on Hayden’s curvy thighs and healthy legs, perky little booty and shirtless boyfriend.

On the next page, 2 more “Hayden is partially in a bikini” pics and a “Hayden in daisy dukes” pic!

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Hilary Duff, Day and Night

hilary-duff-day-and-night - Hilary Duff, Day and Night

Here’s slim & healthy Hilary Duff the other day, looking a little “I just rolled out of bed” on the left and all styled up and leggy on the right.

She has said in the past that her highest weight was 130 lbs (59 kg) and her lowest was 100 lbs (45 kg) – at 5’2” (158.5 cm). Looks like she’s somewhere in the middle now and she’s been maintaining her weight for a while, so good for her! And another plus: she says “No, thanks!” to fake tan!

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Kim Kardashian, Curvy from the Back

kim-kardashian-curvy-from-the-back - Kim Kardashian, Curvy from the Back

I don’t know if you noticed, but Kim hasn’t been showing off her curvy curves lately – and I especially mean the back curves – she herself declared that it gets pretty lame to keep turning with the booty to the camera on the red carpet, at the photographers’ requests.

Well, this isn’t the red carpet, it’s just Kim running errands in her tight pants – good enough!

How do you like it?

P.S. She doesn’t look bad, but this isn’t the most flattering outfit Kim could wear. I’d go for longer and looser pants (because they will make her look taller and leaner), and for tops that show off her small waist.