Britney Spears Takes Her Plumpness to the Gym

britney-spears2 - Britney Spears Takes Her Plumpness to the Gym

People say Britney Spears is losing weight. I’m not seeing it. Yet. What I do see is that there are no more stains on her clothes and this alone thrills me enough. However, she has been spotted in the gym (this shows improvement) in the past weeks – sometimes wearing clothes, sometimes wrapped in a towel (this doesn’t show improvement). Now while I can spot some muscles under that plumpness, she still has to run many miles on the treadmill (hopefully, in clothes) in order to re-become the epitome of the ultimate enviable body.

How do you guys see Britney’s weight loss / getting into shape evolution? Has she lost? Has she gained? Has she stayed the same? Comment!

Somebody (Called Mandy Moore) Lost Weight!

mandy-moore - Somebody (Called Mandy Moore) Lost Weight!

Mandy Moore hasn’t been near 100 lbs for a while and neither should she, considering that she is not near 4’9” either. But she was definitely in a sort of celebrity weight gossip spotlight for a while, guilty of not being skinny – yes, that’s how it works, let’s deal with it. But long story short, ta-daa! Mandy lost some weight, as we can see thanks to the fitted black pants that exhibit the results, together with the slimmer and longer face and neck that lack the ex puffiness.

Now the only thing I would lose more if i was Mandy in the above picture would be that bag, which maybe, just maybe, is not coordinating so well with the sport shoes. Or keep the bag and lose the rest of the outfit all-together, grab the animal print extravaganza you got there in the plastic bag and now you’re making some serious fashion and weight loss-flaunting statements, how about that?

Elisha Cuthbert Is Matchy-Matchy

Elisha_Cuthbert - Elisha Cuthbert Is Matchy-Matchy

Elisa Cuthbert was the “Girl Next Door” and she still is, only like 15 lbs heavier. Which is no big problem, considering that she still looks fit’n drunk, I mean hot. The jeans look right’n tight, there’s some relevant cleavage going on and yes, the hair is all fixed up and tidy, as it was meant to be.

What do you guys have to say?


Ashley Olsen Shows Off Legs and Shoes

ashley.olsen-1 - Ashley Olsen Shows Off Legs and Shoes

Here we have the less skinny Olsen twin, together with some really, really trendy shoes that look really, really hideous. This is a body gossip and not a fashion one? Okey… then let’s observe the fact that, for once, Ashley Olsen is, shockingly, smiling and not doing the uber-popular duck lips. Yes, back to weight now. Ashley seems to be in good (great?) shape, definitely not as skinny as she used to be not long time ago, yet nowhere in the vicinity of flab.

How do you all like Ashley’s trendy shoes body?

Curvy Scale Time! Rate Alicia Keys!

alicia-keys-pants - Curvy Scale Time! Rate Alicia Keys!

Alicia Keys has got, besides an un-debatable sack of talent, some true curves that we can intuit through the fitting jeans. Now these surely are discussable, so let’s debate upon them!

What do you all think? How would you rate Alicia’s curviness on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 represents “you call these sticks thighs?” and 10 stands for “booty is an understatement. more like booooty”.

Versus’s expert rating: Can I use the arithmetical average formula? Ok then, 5 for the upper half and umm, 9 for the bottom half. 5, 899, right? No? Really? How do you calculate it? Hey, I’m a celebrity body expert, ok?