Mariah Carey Does It Again

mariah-carey-does-it-again - Mariah Carey Does It Again

In case you haven’t figured out what Mariah has done yet again, it’s the outfit, the outfit and its repetitive skimpy character.

Now I’m not trying to be harsh here – and to soften things up, I’ll start by saying that Mariah’s body is pretty enviable – but, and there’s a big BUT: didn’t that outfit, particularly the tied up shirt that reveals the belly button and the ultra mini skirt in fading colors like run out of fashion (for good reasosn) in the 90’s? Correct me if I’m wrong, please do. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got one piece of belly chain to match the early 90’s trend.

I’ll repeat it: Mariah’s body is enviable, that’s right, but if I’d still follow the rule that says: “Show either the legs or the cleavage (or the belly), not all at the same time.”

Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

Nicole Kidman Looking Rail Thin

nicole-kidman-looking-rail-thin - Nicole Kidman Looking Rail Thin

We’ve all seen what pregnancy did to Nicole Kidman, at least body wise. And the conclusion was that it did… nothing, since Nicole is looking as rail thin as ever.

But now that we take a second and longer look, we can notice that, as it was natural, the upper curves have increased their volume. How nice it must be to gain just 2 pounds when pregnant – but instead of 2 pounds of flabs or rolls, 2 pound of fuller and rounder b~~~~.

Photo credit: Fame

Audrina Patridge Puts Her Bikini On Again

audrina-patridge-puts-her-bikini-on-again - Audrina Patridge Puts Her Bikini On Again

Wow, these Audrina bikini pictures are almost as spontaneous and as natural as Heidi’s. Heidi, the champion of unplanned photo shoots, you know the one. I mean, there is no posing going on and of course Audrina isn’t wearing makeup in the pool, you are imagining things.

audrina-patridge-puts-her-bikini-on-again-1 - Audrina Patridge Puts Her Bikini On Again

What else? Teeny tiny bikini, a tad too small, b~~~~ with a debatable provenience and a substantial gap between them, bony shoulders and skinny chest – and yes, the rest seems just right. Read more

Kim Kardashian – Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big? Part 4

kim-kardashian-do-these-pants-make-my-butt-look-big-part-4 - Kim Kardashian - Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big? Part 4

When it comes to Kim, it is vital that we get to see her from multiple perspectives – because in her case, we all know that the back and the side value more than the front.

So, here she is walking around in her tight, tight pants just after a workout. Yes, she works out – probably because her boyfriend Reggie Bush expressed her desire for… a smaller butt (according to New York Post). Now I agree that Kim’s butt is gigantic, but on the other hand, so many males out there would love to charish it, admire it and sleep next to it every night – such a pity that Kim’s boyfriend isn’t as thrilled to do so.  

kim-kardashian-do-these-pants-make-my-butt-look-big-part-4-1 - Kim Kardashian - Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big? Part 4

On another note, Kim’s booty from the side is sporting some unusual and debatable bump on the left cheek. Ideas?

Photo source: A Class Celebs