Christina Aguilera – The Pounds Went, the Make-up Persists

christina-aguilera-the-pounds-gone-the-make-up-persists - Christina Aguilera - The Pounds Went, the Make-up Persists

OK, it will be very hard not to mention the fact that Christina’s face is vivid orange and her legs are white, or that the clown make-up is back in its full glory, only the thick layer of red lipstick was traded for this “so pink, not even Barbie would wear it” color. See, didn’t say anything.

The good part is that Christina perseveres with her weight loss, but not shedding the pounds too fast and too dangerously – and proudly exhibits the results at nights in different clubs, several times per week. What do you say?

Yo-To Dieter Mariah Carey Maintains Her Slimmer Figure

yo-to-dieter-mariah-carey-maintains-her-slimmer-figure - Yo-To Dieter Mariah Carey Maintains Her Slimmer Figure

Here is a picture of the recently married and slimmed down Mariah Carey. Now we all know that Mariah is a classical yo-yo dieter, since her weight has been up and down and up and down again and she probably holds the record of the most tabloid stories saying “How Celebrity X Got Her New Body”. But this time it looks like Mariah is enjoying and maintaining her new thinner figure.

The only thing I still find very curious is why Mariah is so incredibly attached to clothes that are too small. And when I say clothes, I mean jacket, dress and now that I took another look at the picture, I also mean shoes.

Jaslene Gonzales Showing Unexpected Cleavage

jaslene-gonzales-showing-unexpected-cleavage - Jaslene Gonzales Showing Unexpected Cleavage

Here is  Jaslene Gonzales, also known as “the uber-skinny girls that won America’s Next top Model Cycle 8″ attending a birthday party for Molly Sims. Now Jaslene may not be an “it” girl or an A-lister that captures humongous amounts of attention wherever she goes, but I had to post this because err…. where did those come from? Because, you know, Jaslene is known for looking like this. And now she is looking like the above.

If I am not wrong (and I know I am not), Jaslene’s uber-gaunt face is gone, as well, just like her skinny chest and lack of cleavage hit the road in exchange for this upgraded version. Now of course there are, as always, certain scientific explanations, such as: the make-up, the push-up bra, the angle, the clothes (slimming black by the way) or certain unusual jewelries covering the collar bones that are usually breaking through the skin, but facts are that Jaslene is looking way fuller and healthier on this occasion.

Summary on Lauren Conrad

summary-on-lauren-conrad - Summary on Lauren Conrad

Let’s summarize this one:

1. Lauren is still hooked on those loose and short dresses, which show legs, yet not so much curves.

2. Lauren’s nail polish is as blue as the dress – not interesting? not relevant, you say? Oh well.

3. With both friends (Audrina) and enemies (Heidi) that have embraced the enhancing opportunities, let’s applaud Lauren for sticking with her natural looks.

Feel free to add more relevant or irrelevant comments.