Alanis Morisette Shed 20 Lbs + The Pics That Prove It

alanis-morisette-shed-20-lbs-the-pics-that-prove-it - Alanis Morisette Shed 20 Lbs + The Pics That Prove It

On the left, Alanis in May 2008 during a concert and on the right, Alanis in December 2008. Looks like more than 20 lbs to me, but the second pic (and the ones after the jump) are in a magazine, and we all know what that could mean.

Here are the details of the weight loss story:

“I feel like a 12-year-old!” Alanis Morisette tells OK! of losing 20 pounds on her vegan diet, inspired by Eat to Liveby Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “I’m back to what I was born to be, at my best. I used to get out of bed in the morning and things were aching, and I just thought, this is what happens when you get into your 30s. But now I jump out of bed and have so much energy; I feel very alive.”

“I wasn’t interested in some fad diet that was unsustainable, like ‘lose 10 pounds in two weeks,’ ” she says of why she chose to go the vegan route. “I don’t believe in diets; I think they’re short-term and a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.”

“When I’m out on tour, my shows are so physical that that really takes care of it,” Alanis explains of her exercising regimen. “When I’m not on tour, I do between a half hour to an hour of light weights, running, biking, swimming, probably five times a week. I also love to kickbox and dance.”

As for her boyfriend, attorney Tom Ballanco, he’s always been there for the svelte rocker. “He just cares about my well-being. He thought I was sexy at whatever weight that I’ve been. I’ve never felt loved in that way before.”

Source: OK! Magazine

More pictures of the slimmer Alanis after the jump!

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Super Skinny Lindsay Lohan Could Use a Bra

super-skinny-lindsay-lohan-could-use-a-bra1 - Super Skinny Lindsay Lohan Could Use a Bra

Losing weight might give you that flat stomach you’ve been dreaming (hoping / praying) about, but it might also metamorphose your once luscious, full bust (that was occasionally topping the “Best B~~~~ in Hollywood” charts) into… Lindsay’s current bust. A bust that would positively look better in a bra.

2 more pictures of Lindsay’s skinny figure and her once-fuller, perkier bust after the jump!

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Kate Winslet Says She’s Got “A Rumply Tummy”, Among Others

kate-winslet-says-shes-got-a-rumply-butt-among-others - Kate Winslet Says She's Got "A Rumply Tummy", Among Others

Here’s  part of Elle Magazine’s interview with Kate Winslet that you might find interesting:

Forget trainers and two-hour gym workouts. Kate Winslet has another secret to her movie-star figure: 20 minutes and a DVD. Winslet, who at 33 is a slim size 6 (UK size 10), tells the UK edition of Elle that “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home.”

And, Winslet says, she’s been the same since she had her second child, Joe, five years ago. “I still don’t believe this craziness for being skinny, but I eat sensibly and I don’t stuff down chocolate biscuits,” she tells the magazine in its February edition.

Despite a set of stunning, sexy shots in Elle that show off her body, she is modest about her shape, calling herself “pretty average.” She adds, “I have cellulite, I have a rumply tummy and my b~~~~ have dropped. I did think that post-kids, my sex scenes days were over.”

Far from it. Both her current movies – Revolutionary Road, directed by her second husband Sam Mendes, 43, and costarring Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Reader – contain sex scenes.


Versace Ads Featuring Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss

versace-ads-featuring-gisele-bundchen-and-kate-moss - Versace Ads Featuring Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss

Gisele: Hmm… gorgeous woman, but the butt / hip area doesn’t look right to me. I get high-fashion aesthetics, but I would have tried to make the most out of Gisele’s (small, perky, tight) curves and shapes.

Kate: I love it that Kate isn’t looking skinny in her ads, just healthy-thin. And I love more the fact that they didn’t feel the need to digitally melt her pounds away.

versace-ads-featuring-gisele-bundchen-and-kate-moss-2 - Versace Ads Featuring Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss

See one more of Kate’s ads after the jump!


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