Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Sarah Jessica Parker or Kristin Davis?

vs-battle -  Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Sarah Jessica Parker or Kristin Davis?

Sarah Jessica Parker has been skinny all her career long and she is not about to disappoint the skinny lovers any time soon. Kristin Davis has always been curvier, especially in the lower half, to be more exact. In fact, her character on the super-popular Sex and the City admitted in one of the first episodes that she was too self-conscious about her thighs (at the same time, Carrie was mentioning her, umm, nose).

So, there you go: two ladies, one on the skinny side, one on the curvier side. One has some pin thin legs, the other has shapely legs and thicker thighs. One shows more bones all around, the other shows more curves. One has a leaner figure and a gaunter face and the other has a rounder face and a fuller figure. The question is: which one do you prefer? The skinny or the curvy?

Kate Bosworth, Stay Away from the Sea Breeze!

kate-bosworth - Kate Bosworth, Stay Away from the Sea Breeze!

Take a look at the above picture. Now I’m not even gonna say that Kate Bosworth is skinny. I’m not even gonna say “emaciated”. I’m thinking it, though. I mean, why bother? It’s like the wind could take her away. And I don’t mean a tornado, but a light sea breeze.

Two things I wonder though: One: Is that food she is carrying in those bags? Like actual food? I place my bet on diet drinks, green tea and diet bars. And two: How on Earth can she carry the bags in the first place?

Is there anybody out there who thinks this is a healthy look?

Jessica Biel Forgot Make-up and Sleeping

Jessica-Biel - Jessica Biel Forgot Make-up and Sleeping

Many say that Jessica Biel has one of the fittest bodies in Hollywood and we’re not about to argue with that… Some say that she’s got the best booty ever, that even embarrasses JLo and Kim Kardashian – yeah, she might. Others say that she’s got one hot boyfriend – uh huh. A somewhat decent career in Hollywood, blah blah. So yes, everything seems OK, but we know something that Jessica Biel certainly doesn’t have: a fresh face! Well, maybe she might, after spending 4 hours in the beauty salon, 2 hours in make-up and 3 hours of hair styling, plus, well 7 hours in Photoshop. But without all these, Jessica looks like the above, meaning like a super tired face attached to a hot (too bad we can’t see it) body.

Audrina Patridge – Not Playboy Material

audrina - Audrina Patridge - Not Playboy Material

Audrina Patridge and her body above wanted to appear in Playboy. She failed. Now at a first glance, Audrina doesn’t strike as a Playboy model, most likely because well, she lacks some meat in the right places. Or curves. Or both. With such skinny legs, Audrina plays (yes, I said “plays”, as in “acts”) the role of, well, Audrina in The Hills and well, she can brag that she is the skinny one on the Lauren side. Not sure how she would qualify on Heidi’s side, however.

What do you have to say?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Wearing Not Her Kind of Dress

Jennifer_Love_Hewitt-TV_Guide - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Wearing Not Her Kind of Dress

You might all recall that just a few (4, to be exact) days Jennifer aka “the one with the huge size 2 debate” looked pretty curvy or, better said, pretty and curvy in a dress that showed her best assets, as in boobs, waist and hips. Refresh my memory!

Not the case now. What this sparkly, shiny and glossy dress does is, besides shining and sparkling, it looks like a sack on what we know to be a “very hourglass body”. Now if you want a shiny, flashy sack, this is the way to go.

How do you all find Jennifer’s choice of clothes?

Versus’s expert advice: What are Jen’s best assets again? Boobs – ofh, can’t see them. Waist – what, where? Curvy hips – assuming they exist under all the fish scales.