Ashlee Simpson Holding Her Baby Bump

ashlee-simpson-holding-her-baby-bump - Ashlee Simpson Holding Her Baby Bump

What I find a little surprising is the fact that Ashlee, who is scheduled to give birth in October (so yes, only a month or so left) didn’t gain extra roundness or puffiness in her face, a face that looks as long and as angular as ever. A little weight did go to her arms, though.

What do you say: Will Ashlee be one of those new moms that melt their baby weight in 10 days after giving birth or will she follow Gwen Stefani’s example and shed the lbs step by step?

Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs

britney-spears-looking-pretty-flawless-at-the-vmas - Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs


And here comes silver dress number two! Classically paired with silver shoes, as well.


And may I say: Wow! Not so much for the dress, but wow, Britney cleans up really well when she is stimulated enough to do so.


britney-spears-looking-pretty-flawless-at-the-vmas-2 - Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs


And in this case, everything seems in order (unlike last year VMAs): the hair, the skin, the smile… and last but not least, Britney’s slim, fit and definitely improved figure.


Photo credit: Getty

Rihanna on the Red Carpet, Front and Back

rihanna-on-the-red-carpet-front-and-back - Rihanna on the Red Carpet, Front and Back


What else can we expect from Rihanna, if not a funky outfit (that is intentionally mismatched on many occasions) with a funky hairstyle and an innovative combination of colors? Here she is on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs last night, looking just as described.


Body-wise? From both perspectives, we get to see a pear shape figure with a pair of strong and healthy-looking legs. How do you all find Rihanna’s red carpet look?


Guess the Legs!

guess-the-legs - Guess the Legs!

In Hollywood, summer is definitely not over yet. How do I know? Simply because the mini-dresses are still everywhere, together with the shortest shorts, daisy dukes and mini skirts. Oh yeah, and the bikinis.

Good for us, cause we get to see, analyze and compare a wide range of celebrity legs!

Take these two pairs above: Who owns them? And which one looks better? Let’s see your guesses and preferences!

The answer will be posted in two days!

UPDATE: Left is Posh, right is Hayden – Click here for the full picture! Impressive job, everyone!