We Finally Get to See Kelly Clarkson

we-finally-get-to-see-kelly-clarkson - We Finally Get to See Kelly Clarkson

Oh how I wished that Kelly’s comeback would be in a bikini, on the beach – but reality check, she’s on the street and she’s covered from head to toe, so there goes my accurate update on Kelly’s figure!

So from what I can tell, the current Kelly is looking a little slimmer than the Kelly we’ve seen 6 months ago – click here to compare! What do you say?

And considering her previous weight fluctuations, how did you expect to see Kelly after such a long absence from the spotlight:  heavier / thinner / more toned / the same?

Check out 4 more pics after the jump!


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Shenae Grimes – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits and a Healthier Figure

shenae-grimes-loves-leggings - Shenae Grimes - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits and a Healthier Figure

So I guess she’s not naturally THAT ultra-skinny after all (as she said in an interview after being bombed with “scary skinny” comments)… Click here to see the former very thin Shenae! Now, we’re looking at a much better, healthier Shenae  – and may I say, the little weight gain also does good to her face!

Hmm… both Shenae and Jessica Stroup lost weight before the show started then maintained their pin thin figures for a couple of months… and then came back to their previous selves (or almost). Coincidence, strategy, stress over the new show, what was it?

Whitney Port: The City in a Bikini

whitney-port-the-city-in-a-bikini - Whitney Port: The City in a Bikini

Here’s Whitney Port filming her new show The City while wearing a tiny bikini. While having fun in the water, Whitney was having trouble with her bikini (both top and bottom), which moved from their original places a bunch of times, thus offering some quality nipple slips and booty previews to the (happy) photographers.

I’m noticing how Whitney is looking less skinny in the water than she does on the ground – the reason? We can only see her skinniest part, her legs, when she’s walking near the pool.

Whitney’s friend on the show, Erin, can also be spotted in the pics after the jump!

How do you like Whitney in a bikini?


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