Kate Beckinsale – The Skinny, Stylish, Starbucks Trend

kate-beckinsale-the-skinny-stylish-starbucks-trend - Kate Beckinsale - The Skinny, Stylish, Starbucks Trend

Did you miss Kate Bekinsale? If you did, then here she is, looking as stylish as ever. And as skinny as ever, might I add.

Now we know that if you are stylish and, on top of that, you are also skinny, then you must, MUST grab a (large) Starbucks delight, causing us headaches and making us question over and over again: “what is she drinking? she is so skinny!”, following the Mary-Kate and Nicole Richie-style. But judging by the size of Kate’s thighs, we can only assume that she’s got low-fat, no sugar coffee in that cup.

Beyonce, Where’s the Bootylicious Diva?

beyonce-wheres-the-bootylicious-diva - Beyonce, Where's the Bootylicious Diva?

We recently saw Beyonce looking like this. Now we can’t be sure how she looks now, cause the outfit is not giving us anything, no clue, no nothing. This sure is a pretty conservative look for Beyonce – where is the r&b bling, the booty, the curves? No, she is not running for president – this is probably just a “I got married so I became a serious woman” effect. And no, I am not saying Beyonce used to be as flashy-sparkly as Paris or “revealed” as Kim, but she sure looks more like a (hot) secretary of state than of a bootylicious diva.

How do you all like Beyonce’s body is in this outfit?

P.S. I just noticed the green (or is it shine-in-the-dark yellow?) nail polish. Very interesting.

Jennifer Lopez Said Good Bye to Baby Pounds

jennifer-lopez-said-good-bye-to-baby-pounds - Jennifer Lopez Said Good Bye to Baby Pounds

Jennifer Lopez sure sad “good bye” for good to the baby pounds and embraced her former fit & hot figure. The angular jawline and the (what appears to be a) pretty flat stomach definitely say so. OK, ok, on the other side, she is wearing black and there is a very smart wrinkling over the stomach area that might have the role to keep all the possible underneath “wrinkling” under controll. On top, this is the only picture from the set where JLo is not placing the huge bag in front of her (non-existant!?) belly.

What do you guys have to say?