Rachel Bilson Looking Hot in Jeans

rachel-bilson-looking-hot-in-jeans - Rachel Bilson Looking Hot in Jeans

This picture shows that even a skinny girl like Rachel Bilson can brag that she’s got curves in the right places. In this case, the right place represents the hips.

Now I know that “Rachel in jeans” can only mean that she’s looking pretty hot, but you’ve got to agree that on this occasion, thanks to the fact that she matched the nice hips with the smile, the heels and the electric blue, Rachel is looking double hot.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Anna Kournikova Plus Cleavage

anna-kournikova-plus-cleavage - Anna Kournikova Plus Cleavage

Here is Anna Kournikova smiling nicely for the cameras, while being kind enough to show us her somewhat significant cleavage. Anna has bee wearing a lot of classic little outfits recently – except the whole “her b~~~~ are out”, they’re classy (color-wise, at least). Check here and here for more Anna in black and white.

P.S.: Actually, I find the model-looking-guy who had no better business than flaunting his pecs and abs much more entertaining than Anna and facts are that yes, he’s the reason why I posted this.

Photo source: Celebutopia

Jessica Biel: Fit Bod & Fashion Sense

jessica-biel-fit-bod-fashion-sense - Jessica Biel: Fit Bod & Fashion Sense

Jessica’s got a hard and tight body that looks fit in any clothes, no doubt about that. Sadly, I can’t actually enumerate as many nice qualities about her fashion sense, though. Why? Here she is in what some might call a pretty unusual fashion choice.

I’m not quite sure what the white hair band (slightly reminiscent of a neck collar) is doing on Jessica’s neck, but I guess it must have a decorative purpose. Or, Jessica simply felt the need to match the white of the shoes with something, anything.

How do you feel about Jessica’s choice of clothes and accessories?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Adriana Lima in a Little Black Dress – Which Pic Was Photoshopped?

adriana-lima-in-a-little-black-dress-which-pic-was-photoshopped-answer - Adriana Lima in a Little Black Dress - Which Pic Was Photoshopped?

Well, this was definitely a hard one. Adriana actually IS as skinny as in the left picture, even if we might find it hard to believe.

Facts are that she keeps oscilating in weight – and this time, she is probably preparing to look as tiny as possible in her future wedding dress.

Here is another picture of Adriana at the same event:

adriana-lima-in-a-little-black-dress-which-pic-was-photoshopped-21 - Adriana Lima in a Little Black Dress - Which Pic Was Photoshopped?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Note: This picture was edited by skinnyvscurvy.com for enjoyment reasons only and the above is simply meant to be a lighthearted game.

Christina Milian Wears a Bikini and We Get to See It Front and Back

christina-milian-wears-a-bikini-and-we-get-to-see-it-front-and-back - Christina Milian Wears a Bikini and We Get to See It Front and Back

We’ve seen Christina Milian in a bikini before but honestly, this time we get to see her in a better light. I mean, not that she wasn’t looking just fine before, but this time, a big “Wow!” goes for her waist. Her tiny, minuscule waist and flat belly, that is. Next, of course, you could give a “wow” to her perky little butt and another one to her toned legs.

What are your thoughts on Christina’s bikini bod?

Photo source: Celebutopia