Salma Hayek, This Is the Dress for You

salma-hayek-this-is-the-dress-for-you - Salma Hayek, This Is the Dress for You

Here is a clear example on how clothes, in collaboration with one’s body type, can upgrade or downgrade a look. You might remember that a few days ago, Salma looked less gorgeous than she looks in this green dress at Cannes Festival - and no, her body did not change in a mater of days; her outfit did. Refresh my memory! Now there is no denying that the above dress is totally complimenting Salma’s hourglass shape, thus accentuating the hot spots known as cleavage, waist and hips.

How do you like Salma in this dress?

Audrina Patridge in a Bikini, Front and Back

audrina-patridge-in-a-bikini-front-and-back - Audrina Patridge in a Bikini, Front and Back

It appears that Heidi is not the only girl on the popular The Hills who is not saying “no” to certain aesthetic improvements. But while Heidi seems to be best friends with the less natural beauty techniques, Audrina appears to limiting her adjustments to 1 (or 2, to be more exact). However, Audrina looks pretty hot in the above picture, both from the frontal and from the back perspective: toned, tanned, slim, cellulite-free. If you agree, you’ll be glad to know that you can watch her in a bikini in motion, since she just landed a movie role.

Hayden Panettiere in a Mini Dress

hayden-panettiere-in-a-mini-dress - Hayden Panettiere in a Mini Dress

Hayden Panettiere is one recently exposed celebrity that hasn’t taken a ride towards the scary skinny zone, like so many very young (you know who) celebs have – and that is always a rare and smart thing. Hayden manages to maintain her fresh and natural looks and the little roundness she has got on her figure definitely works in her advantage.

Now while some you there might say that Hayden does not have an ideal body type, since, for once, her arms are slightly thicker than the Hollywood ideal, others see nothing but a healthy and well proportionate girl when looking at the above picture. Question is: How do you like Hayden’s body type and shape?

Photo source: Celebutopia


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Pregnant Angelina Jolie in a Flowy Dress

pregnant-angelina-jolie-in-a-flowy-dress2 - Pregnant Angelina Jolie in a Flowy Dress

Angelina Jolie sure loves those long, large and flowy dresses that she wears both on the red carpet and when walking through the city. Now the dress doesn’t let us guess her exact shape or the number of pounds she has put on since she got pregnant, because it is not exactly tight spandex that explodes on her curves. But looking at Angie’s arms, we can definitely say that she hasn’t gained substantial amounts of weight. In fact, her arms are pretty skinny and we know that she is hiding her trademark skinny legs under the dress, as well.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicky Hilton or Mandy Moore?

skinny-versuss-curvy-battle-time-nicky-hilton-or-mandy-moore - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicky Hilton or Mandy Moore?

Nicky Hilton’s recently slimmed down figure surely deserves a high place of the skinny scale. Mandy has always had o softer look and some curvy shapes, which is why she competes as a representative for the curvy ones. Both girls are 24 years old, showing offtheir legs (more or less) and wearing flats in the above candids.

So, here’s the question: Who’s body is more desirable and attractive?  Which one of these girls do you prefer? The thinner and bonier Nicky or the fuller and shapelier Mandy?