Whitney Port, Skinny Legs, New Man

whitney-port-skinny-legs-new-man - Whitney Port, Skinny Legs, New Man

Here is the girl that deserves a crown with the inscription “Congratulations for keeping the lowest profile out of all the girls that live in The Hills”. No exposed fake b~~~~ (like some) and no staged bikini shoots (like others).

Moving on, there are two news about our low-profile queen: one, she’s got super long and skinny legs and two, that’s the new man in her life.

Let’s hear it!

Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

The Desperate Housewives Are Back!

the-desperate-housewives-are-back - The Desperate Housewives Are Back!

Yes, that right. And in case you need to hear their names in order to believe it, here are Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman and Dana Delany promoting the new and fifth season of their popular show.

the-desperate-housewives-are-back-2 - The Desperate Housewives Are Back!

So, since they’re all here, all hot, fresh and glammed up, feel free to comment and debate on:

1. Which housewife is hottest?

2. Who’s got the best body type? Who’s skinniest? Who’s curviest?

3. Which housewife was in the Photoshop specialists’ hands the longest?

4. Where have Eva’s gained-for-the-role-pounds gone? And how do those b~~~~ look?

And once you’ve decided all that, a girlie-girlie question: Whose dress is prettiest?

Blake Lively’s Booty in Tight Jeans

blake-livelys-booty-in-tight-jeans - Blake Lively's Booty in Tight Jeans

Since nobody can get enough of Blake Lively these days and everybody is willing to see and admire Blake even in the most boring and uneventful picture, here is Blake doing nothing much but parading for us in a pair of skin-tight jeans. Young, healthy, slim, lean, tight – feel free to continue the list.

Oh wait, not that uneventful occasion after all, since Blake just turned 21.

Photo source: Gecce

Kirsten Dunst Did It Again

kirsten-dunst-did-it-again - Kirsten Dunst Did It Again

In case you haven’t figured it out by now and still wondering what exactly is the thing that Kirsten is doing repeatedly is…

Nice version: exhibiting her unique sense of style.

Ugly version: looking like a homeless person.

Kirsten also has the tendency of forgetting certain clothing items when getting dressed – in most cases, the bra is the missing (and highly needed) piece. In this case, the pants seem to be undercover.

Photo credit: Wire Image

Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

Heidi Montag hasn’t given up on her drowning musical career. The proof? Here she is shooting a new video -and this time, she’s not in a bikini running on the beach, but in sparkly, shiny and tight aerobics costumes that mandatory come with a big and curly pile of Barbie-like hair.

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor-2 - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

P. S.: This is definitely one girl that can afford to wear white stockings.

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor-3 - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

Let’s hear your comments!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News Online