Lily Allen Shows Off (Only) Legs (This Time)

lily-allen-shows-off-only-legs-this-time - Lily Allen Shows Off (Only) Legs (This Time)

Lily Allen doesn’t appear to be one of those girls who would diet their way till a size 0, just like she is not one of those girls who would always wear the slimming spandex and black combo. Lily Allen doesn’t seem like she cares if we all see her topless, so why are we surprised.

I mean, pairing big & white sport shoes with a mini skirt, without worrying that her legs don’t look like Giselle’s definitely sustains this fact. No heels, no black, no leg coverage – one one hand, she is basically welcoming criticism from the ones that love to throw “she’s fat” comments simply because she is not looking like Posh, but on the other hand, good for her for not caring.

Angleina Jolie – Big Baby Bump & Skinny Legs Combo

angleina-jolie-big-baby-bump-skinny-legs-combo - Angleina Jolie - Big Baby Bump & Skinny Legs Combo

Now I know why Angelina was wearing all those long and large dresses that didn’t even let us guess her figure – ok, I admit, purse speculation, but still a possible reason – to avoid being targeted with comments such as: “Oh my God look how thin her legs are and she is about to pop!”. And since she is wearing pants this time, we can actually see and not just intuit that her legs are, indeed still very skinny, just like we said about her arms some days ago.

Cameron Diaz Shows Us Muscles

cameron-diaz-shows-us-muscles - Cameron Diaz Shows Us Muscles

Cameron Diaz is known for her long, lean, fit, slim, great, etc, etc, in one word flawless legs. And since Cameron is definitely athletic and obviously works out for fun and not to shed (non-existent) extra pounds, her legs are not the only body parts that are fit and toned – just take a look at her arm, or, more specifically, arm muscles in the above candid.

How do you all like Cameron’s lean and toned body? Do you like muscles on a girl or do you prefer a softer figure? Let’s talk!

Who Is Hotter? Liv Tyler or Kylie Minogue?

who-is-hotter-liv-tyler-or-kylie-minogue - Who Is Hotter? Liv Tyler or Kylie Minogue?

These two girls couldn’t be more different: one is tall, the other is short, one is brunette, the other is blonde. And if you are stuck on the height difference in the picture, it’s only because Liv is 5’10” and Kylie is 5’0”. While body-wise they both look desirable, Liv appears to have bonier and more muscular legs than Kylie, who is sporting a softer look.

In case some of you are stuck on Liv’s tiny belly bulge, the explanation is that while she’s got pretty slim arms and legs, she tends to keep her weight more in the middle area (and my guess is that if she gained a lot of weight, she would qualify as an apple shape). And yes, I just randomly found pictures of both of them with their hands in the air, wearing middle-length black dresses.

So, let’s debate! Who is hotter? Liv Tyler or Kylie Minogue?

Bikini Body Battle! Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon?

bikini-body-battle-kate-hudson-or-reese-witherspoon - Bikini Body Battle! Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon?

You guessed, it’s another bikini body battle and this time it is between Hollywood’s sweethearts, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. OK, so Kate Hudson’s picture was not taken exactly yesterday, but it is definitely worthy of a bikini competition! Plus, I’ve specifically chosen a profile view of Kate – can you guess why? OK, I tell you: because in this way, you can see exactly which ones her goods are. Granted, Reese has a minor disadvantage here: firstly because she ‘s got 3 extra years than Kate and one extra kid.

So, let’s hear your verdict: which one of these ladies looks hotter in a bikini? Who takes home the queen of bikini crown? Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon?

Versus’s expert opinion: Ideally, I’d like to crop Kate’s butt and add it to Reese’s b~~~~, plus Giselle’s abdomen – oh, she’s not competing. But may I?