Mischa Barton’s Boobs Are Out

mischa-bartons-b~~~~-are-out - Mischa Barton's Boobs Are Out

Here is Mischa looking pretty hot in Nylon Magazine. Now you all know that since this the result of a photo shoot, the image we are seeing is not 100% accurate. Considering these, I’ll say that Mischa’s b~~~~ are looking close to perfection, as in round, pretty full and in the right place, even though I think that in the whole photoshopping process that probably went on, they must have deleted the right nipple that must have been (at least partially) out of the jacket.

mischa-bartons-b~~~~-are-out-2 - Mischa Barton's Boobs Are Out

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Photo credit: Nylon Magazine

Say Hello to Even Skinnier Lindsay

say-hello-to-even-skinnier-lindsay - Say Hello to Even Skinnier Lindsay

We have been noticing that Lindsay has been shedding pounds for a while now and she appears to have lost the weight under the motto: “Slowly, but efficiently.”

At this point, her arms are downright skinny, as well as her shoulders and neck area, plus her former rounder face is beginning to look angular. Even more, Lindsay has always been famous for her full cleavage – well, not she’s got a reduced, less impressive version of it.

Are you pro or con Lindsay’s weight loss?

Photo credit: Splash

Audrina Patridge Shows Boobs, Side Boobs and Ribs

audrina-patridge-shows-b~~~~-side-b~~~~-and-ribs - Audrina Patridge Shows Boobs, Side Boobs and Ribs

Nice combination, wouldn’t you say? You know, the kind of combination that includes upper curves with a doubtful naturalness paired with a scary skinny appearance (in the upper half, at least). Now that I think about it, this kind of combination is also representative for many other celebs – and Posh is the first one to pop in mind.

Audrina and these other celebs all must think that it’s a sort of recipe for success, where the fake looking b~~~~ and the bones are the main ingredients – because else, they wouldn’t be flaunting this look on permanent basis.

Photo source: Gecce