Lindsay Lohan’s Bust Exposed

lindsay-lohans-bust-exposed - Lindsay Lohan's Bust Exposed

OK, so Lindsay is most likely wearing a plain black top that is NOT see-through. But well, with a little help from excessive lighting (check out Lindsay’s translucent, white skin) we get to see through Lindsay’s top.

lindsay-lohans-bust-exposed-1 - Lindsay Lohan's Bust Exposed

What can we see, exactly? Well, the first thing that pops in mind is the fact that Lindsay dislikes bras, even though she’s quite generous on top.

Photo source: Celebutopia

America Ferrera Is Mismatched Yet Again

america-ferrera-is-mismatched-yet-again - America Ferrera Is Mismatched Yet Again

Yes, I know the correct title would have said “Ugly Betty” instead of America’s name, but you’ve got it that our girl is on set.

My question is: why try as hard as possible to mismatch the outfits that outrageously, when the result doesn’t look realistic at all? Why not go for an outdated, plain, unfashionable outfit, that real people might actually wear instead of this rainbow mixture of different patterns and textures that may give us a headache?

What do you feel about it?

Photo credit: Wenn

Beyonce’s Curves in Tight Jeans

beyonces-curves-in-tight-jeans - Beyonce's Curves in Tight Jeans

They say that curvy girls should stay away from tight or skinny jeans and go for straight and classic cuts instead. Well, Beyonce proves them all wrong, since she’s sporting some super tight jeans that look just right on her (once bigger) hips and thighs.

In fact, tight pants are Beyonce’s favorite lately: whether they come in blue, white or again blue. Say your thoughts!

Photo source: A Class Celebs

Demi Moore Is All Frills and Smiles

demi-moore-is-all-frills-and-smiles - Demi Moore Is All Frills and Smiles

Demi sure has a very specific taste when it comes to her dresses – preferably dark colors and coktail-length(enough to show off the slim legs, yet classy for her age, as in 45, yes, that’s right). For a similar dress choice, check Demi on this occasion!

The smiles, on the other hand, might come from the fact and confidence that she’s looking impeccable on the red (oh waiot, fuchsia) carpet, rubbing her forever-lasting-youth in our face.

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Hilary Duff Shows Us Her Pink Bra

hilary-duff-shows-us-her-pink-bra - Hilary Duff Shows Us Her Pink Bra

OK, ok, she’s not exactly delighting us with a view of her pink bra from the front, but I say that the back perspective still counts, even if it doesn’t bring the cleavage you might have expected after reading the title.

In other unrelated news, Hilary is looking as her usual healthy and well-proportioned self.

How do you feel about Hilary’s choice of clothes (and lingerie)?

Photo source: Celebutopia