Knock, Knock! Who WAS There?

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Knock, Knock! Who WAS There… back in 2007?

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Lauren Cohan Is in Shape

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On the importance of exercise:

“When I don’t exercise in the morning, it’s a completely different day than when I do. Working out gives me endorphins and makes me happy.”

On her troubled eating habits in the past:

“Eating became a way of not getting attention for looking skinny, but it was also self-sabotage. In the last few years, I’ve gotten back on track with exercising for fun and eating right, and now I’m in a happy place with myself.”

… says 33 year-old Walking Dead actress Lauren.


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Jillian Michaels: “I’m so relatable because I hate to workout”

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On the fact that she is successful because she hates working out:

If I had to think about finding something in the gym that doesn’t make me wish I was dead in the moment, I really love body-weight training and being very creative with my physicality. Whether it’s free running, or any type of calisthenics exercise, that peaks my curiosity…. The interesting thing about me is that I…people always ask ‘Why YOU? Why are you so successful?’ and they would always find so much fault with any aspect of my fitness pedigree or my physique and yet ask why have I been so successful in the field of fitness? And I think there are a host of reasons—from authenticity, passion, etc. But another reason I think that I’m so relatable is because I hate to workout. So when you ask me, ‘What do love about the gym? What do you hate about it?’ what I love is that I feel empowered. What I love is I feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone my own skinny jeans, and that’s a big deal for me. Fitness is transcendent. When you feel strong physically, you feel strong in every other facet of your life…

… says Jillian.

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Bikini Treat: Rita Ora

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Rita Ora showed off her slim figure in a very low-cut bathing suit as she had fun in the water while on vacation in Miami this weekend.

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Bethenny Frankel Is Also in a Bikini

December 29, 2015 in General by Versus22 Comments »


45 year-old Bethenny Frankel looked thin as always as she enjoyed a swim at the beach during her vacation in Miami, Florida over the Christmas Holidays.

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