Kim Kardashian: “My butt was huge. I would walk backwards so Kanye couldn’t see”


On how she hated being ‘too big’ after giving birth to her second child:

“I love curves, but I don’t love my butt and my hips being so big. I totally have insecurities. There was a moment after [the birth] when my body was mush. I felt like Gumby. There was definitely a moment when I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘I am never going to be the same.’ My butt was huge. I would walk backwards so he couldn’t see. And I would be so insecure about changing in a fitting like, ‘Babe, you can’t look at me!’ ”

On how her husband Kanye is a motivator:

“I’d know when I was starting to look better because my husband would be like, ‘Babe, you look so good!’ he would never make me feel insecure. But I would always know when he was seeing a difference….He loves that my ass is bigger. And he loves when my boobs get bigger. When I was breast feeding, they were bigger than my babies’ heads!”

On being 132 lbs now:

“I want to get back down to 120. My butt and my hips are the last to go, but I’m not stopping! Anyone who has had kids knows your body changes and it’s hard to get your body back in shape. It takes so much determination and mental and physical power and energy. After having two kids, and being able to get in shape and still feel good about myself, I’ve never felt better. I worked my ass off, I’ve altered my life and I’m proud of that.”

… says Kim.

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