Tracy Anderson’s Words, Then & Now


THEN – Tracy on walking as exercise in April 2016:

We are wrapped in bubble wrap. We think that making it through the pain cave is putting our workout gear on and getting to class. Now, I’m not knocking any level of showing up, but I think many people are stuck in preschool with their bodies. Going for a walk is like going to preschool—but you could go to college, you could get your master’s degree.

NOW – Tracy on walking as exercise in September 2016:

I always approve walking as a really great cardiovascular workout to do. It’s something that people think is for the aging crowd or that it’s not really aggressive enough, and I completely disagree with that. It’s a really responsible form of exercise. One of the great things about walking is that it’s something that almost everybody can do. It’s something that is very healthy because it doesn’t have harsh impact on your joints. And even though you are doing the same movement over and over, you can change your speed, you can change your stride, you can change all different things to keep yourself engaged. You burn less calories running than walking if you aren’t able to run for very long or run very well. To really be effective and calorie-burning, you have to be able to work your body to where it’s working up a sweat, where it’s pushing into that zone of actually being optimized to be effective in the calorie-burning range, so it’s much better to go for a long and powerful walk than it is to go for a short run.

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Ashley Graham: “He said, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom'”


On dating men who did not appreciate her body:

“I dated all the wrong men. I thought I could feel appreciated in my body through guys.” Graham speaks openly about being in an abusive relationship during this period. “He never hit me, but he did throw me up against a wall. I didn’t know to get out then because I was so insecure.” When a different boyfriend dumped her, “He said, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom.’ ” The now oft-quoted remark, Graham says, “was the start of how I began to look at my body and relate it to men. Like, Oh, I’m not pretty or skinny enough for men.”

On starting to exercise again in her 20’s:

“So it was like, okay, I’m an athlete. I need to move. I know that working out releases endorphins and makes me feel my best. I’m really excited because I feel like my body’s just going to be, like, de-fi-ni-tion! It helps to shatter these preconceived notions that thin is the only way you can be athletic.”

… says Ashley in Self Magazine.


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